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TNBTW-Chapter 37


Daniel, noticing that Frey’s eyes were on his clothes, quickly erased the bloodstain.


No matter how neatly he put it, bloodstains were already left on Frey’s head. Even though he is benevolent and noble, Grand Duke Prause is not a soft person.

Frey didn’t bother to ask what he had done to get a confession.

“Well, it would have been nice if Baron Heinz and Viscount Bart had been cooperative.”

“If we had quietly waited for the confession, the two would have kept it hidden until the end.”

Daniel put a small glass bottle down on the table. Inside was a fine powder that glowed dark purple, giving off a gloomy and cool aura that gave off goosebumps.


“I think you would know if I said ‘Fog of fall.”

As soon as Frey saw it, she guessed.

To put it simply, ‘Fog of fall’ was a powder that was banned in this world, in other words, like a drug.

Just as the ‘divine power’ she possesses is worshiped as the power of a god, the power possessed by demons is regarded as unclean and rejected.

The ‘Fog of Fall’ is a form of demonic energy condensed like sand. However, there was another reason why the Great Temple and the Emperor strictly forbade this powder.

‘They said that even a little bit of inhalation causes hallucinations with strong demonic energy. The body is also destroyed at once.’

Frey heard that there are quite a few addicts in the dark because of the hazy feeling of escaping from reality.

By the way, her mother said…

[“Fray. Do whatever you want with the jewelry and the dress. But the Fog of Fall is absolutely not.”]

It seems that she did not doubt that Frey, who was weak in luxury and weak in mentality, would one day get her hands on this forbidden powder. That’s because her mother warned her several times a week.

‘It’s only natural that you’re out the moment you touch the fog of Fall.’

It’s like saying that the moment you get caught while holding this, you will challenge the emperor and the divinity.

“Did Baron Heinz and Viscount Bart touch the Fog of Fall?”

“Their hands started to shake after a few days of detention. When I inspected the mansion again with the wizard, the fog of Fall that they had been hiding came out.”

“It seems that Count Breck Vliette supplied the two with the Fog of Fall.”

“That’s right.”

The question about Count Breck was finally resolved.

Frey wondered what the heck he did so that the eldest son of a family of Count Vliette was banished to the north.

‘Of course, studying abroad was an excuse, and he sent it to a foreign country because he was afraid that there would be more accidents if he left it in the capital.’

Do Count Vliette and Evelyn know what kind of life count Breck lives in the North?

Being born with a golden spoon, it’s a real thing to do with your parents’ money.

“It is highly addictive, so he threatens to cut off the supply and seems to have encouraged assassinations and accidents.”

“I’ve kept them both alive, so that can be testified.”

Frey thinks she heard him cut their tongue. Looking at him as if questioning, Daniel slightly averted his gaze.

“The matter was serious, so I reattached their tongue with divine power.”


Frey felt it when she manipulated the image of this man, a promiscuous man, but there was a side of him that was like a runaway locomotive.

He explained that the investigation took some time, as it was quite difficult to determine the usage history of the scrolls.

If you secretly supply the forbidden magic, it’s doomed.

“We’re going to raid Breck Vliette’s residence this afternoon.”

“Hmm… A raid will bring evidence.”

Originally, the principle was to catch those who transported or supplied demonic energy as soon as possible.

Even if you are not a criminal, you will be exposed to demonic energy and proceed with the work in a hurry so that your body is not further damaged.

However, such consideration is not reluctant to Count Breck Vliette.

Especially when Frey remembers what his sister did at my mother’s funeral.

So Frey suggested.

“Why don’t we use a method that is a little out of principle?”

“If it is a method that deviates from the principle…”

Frey explained her thoughts to him. A way to hit Count Breck Vliette without much effort. Then Daniel stared at Frey, a little surprised.

“Looking at it that way, I can only think of it as cool, Daniel.”

“I thought my wife was good at stratagems.”

“Well, it must have been the environment I grew up in. I also have personal regrets for Count Vliette.”

If you act honestly and justly, your revenge against the Duke of Gelon will be delayed that much. Neither Frey nor Daniel would want that.

“Because in order to finish the work while maintaining the marriage life with the grand duke, I have to solve several things in one shot.”


Daniel stared at Frey again.

However, the expression he showed this time was impossible to interpret what it meant.

“Did you come to the clock tower where I am to tell you what I just said?”

“No, I came to see you.”


Daniel’s face seems to have brightened a little, is it an illusion?

Whatever the reason, it was a good thing for Frey as she had something to ask for.

“I think I need to meet with Baron Holt about the rose quartz gemstone and the sales brokerage business.”

“It doesn’t mean that your wife, who is still sick, will go to the far south.”

“It can’t be.”

If Frey did, all the luxury she enjoyed as a patient would be gone.

“I would like to invite Baron Holt, but if possible, I would like you to open the gate.”

Frey looked at Daniel with sparkling eyes, like when she begged her father to buy her some jewels.

“I think it’s possible with Grand duke Prause’s ability.”

When she added the fatal flattery, the answer she wanted coming quickly.

“I will do it for you.”

“Thank you, Daniel. I will do my best to help the business development of the northern part of the business with Holt.”



“You are the Grand Duchess of Prause, so if you need anything, please feel free to tell me.”

It wasn’t intentional, but it must have been quite impressive for protecting the children from falling chandeliers.

I gently rubbed my head, which didn’t even hurt, and shed it lightly.

“and the reason I protected the children was that I thought of them as my own, so you don’t have to mechanically repay me.”


“I know that their mother is the woman you love. But children need adults they can rely on.”

Maybe it was because he remembered the past when he had to protect Prause alone.

Daniel’s eyes shook quite a bit.

* * *

It was a few days later when Baron Holt entered the North, a place he had never visited before. Only one sentence was imprinted in the minds of the Baron, as well as some of his retainers and guild officials.

‘I must make an exclusive deal.’

Within a few days, rumors that the Grand Duchess had succeeded in processing rose quartz ore spread throughout the empire. With the thought that the processing method would become known to the private sector, the price of rough stones rose again.

As Baron Holt, it was necessary to make a deal with the Grand Duchess who laid the golden eggs. But when Baron Holt arrived in the North today, he saw another reason to open an exclusive deal.

‘Everyone is polite.’

Just a few weeks ago, Lina said that the Grand Duchess’s employees were expressing their resentment towards the Grand Duchess, who almost snatched her lord by force.

But now he sees that the employees have not expressed any dissatisfaction.

‘His Highness Grand Duke Prause opened the gate himself.’

It would take a lot of magic to teleport from the south to the north. It was surprising that the grand duke, who had been resisting forced marriage, talking about his promiscuous private life and having an out-of-wedlock child, made such efforts for his wife.

‘As expected, Grand duke Prause will collapse in front of Frey beauty.’

The appearance of Frey, dressed in a classy dress to greet a guest, added confidence to the Baron’s guess.

“Meet His Highness Grand Duke Prause and Her Highness the Grand Duchess.”

“Nice to meet you, Baron Holt. Shall we go inside and talk? His Highness has a meeting right away.”

“Then stay comfortably, though for a short time.”

As soon as Daniel left, Frey quickly ushered the people inside.

Since Baron Holt had been using the gate anyway, there would be no travel, so Frey intended to finish the story before Daniel interrupted.

‘Because he said that he might be able to talk to Baron Holt at dinner because of the meeting.’

There was no need to inform him of the specific conditions to be negotiated with the upper ranks. It was because Frey planned to stay with this guild even after the divorce.

Above all, it seemed that the transaction would be carried out in an instant, so it seemed a bit bland to the observer.

“Baron Holt, I have confirmed all the terms and conditions you have given me in your letter.”

Frey was already satisfied with the baron’s gift, but she was slightly lucky. Because the thing she needed the most was before she could see it.

‘That is…’

The baron held out a book as if he had been waiting. With several thick white envelopes sandwiched between them.

Frey’s eyes twinkled when she saw the cover of the book.

 ‘That’s the book that contains the spirit of knowledge. I’m sure.’

The Baron thought to himself as he looked at Frey, who was satisfied. He gladly put in several white envelopes. It was time to drive a wedge, as she seemed to be happy with the additional offer.

“I’m the head of the Holt family, so even though I don’t have anything, I brought my family’s old book to help lady Frey.”


Frey swallowed dryly and reached out to the Baron.

“It is said that the spirit of knowledge resides in this ancient book. For future business…”

Frey didn’t hear a word of what the baron was saying.

It was because of the voice of a man who came in the moment her hand reached the book.

* * *

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