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TNBTW-Chapter 36


“Master. Lady Lina sent an urgent letter.”


Baron Holt, who had been enjoying a leisurely afternoon at the mansion, turned around.

Although he was not from a prestigious family, he had a simple dignity that had kept Baron Holt for a long time. The head butler handed out a letter with several Mage Tower express delivery stamps attached to it.

“I hope it’s not bad news.”

The baron opened the envelope and let out a deep sigh. He was happy that a letter had arrived to His beloved daughter, but he was worried that the contents would be hopeless.

“I still don’t know if Princess Frey, no, the Grand Duchess will like Lina.”

Whether or not she showed up because of her unique glamor, Frey, who became the gossip of society, and her demure daughter had completely different personalities.

When Lina first said she would accept the job as a maid, how puzzled he was.

‘Even though he couldn’t resist because Lina was hired by Her Majesty’s order anyway.’

After sending my daughter away, he was worried every day.

No matter how much Lina wanted it, she shouldn’t have been sent as the princess’s handmaiden. “After…”

Just before reading the letter, the baron imagined the worst. Maybe the grand duchess was picky about the rose quartz mine he acquired, saying she didn’t like it.

If it was Princess Frey, who was prone to corruption and even had a good knowledge of jewels, she was a great person.

‘If I asked them to withdraw from the deal, the loss of the upper management team would be great.’

The baron could not hide his nervousness and read Illina’s letter line by line.

But… ‘The Grand Duchess processed rose quartz?’

The letter was full of things he had never imagined.

[The North is in a frenzy right now because of the rose quartz that Lady Frey processed. If the Baron family sells all the gemstones at an increased price…]

The baron’s eyes seemed to pop out as he checked the price.

‘what… that’s bigger than the annual budget of Baron Holt’s estate!’

It seems that they even wrote magic stamps to deliver news related to rose quartz, which has not yet reached the South.

The price of gemstones, which used to be a nuisance, went up like this thanks to Grand Duchess Frey.

The baron smiled with satisfaction as if he had regretted sending his daughter.

But the main point was from below.

[Her Highness the Grand Duchess is looking for a company to broker the sale of gemstones processed in a special way. At the guild showing trust and friendship…]

The baron’s heart, which had been beating fast at the rise in the price of the rough stone, thumped as if it would explode.

The Grand Duchess, who was obsessed with collecting jewels instead of receiving people’s hospitality and support, had such a great meaning.

Baron Holt tried to calm down his trembling voice with excitement and anticipation.

“butler! Call the guild management officer now!”

“As expected, did the princess make unreasonable demands for the guild? Let’s start by calculating the expected damage.”

“No, just the opposite.”

Baron Holt looked through the letter with Lina’s formula once more.

“I’ll have to share the stake in the guild division with the princess.”


“And go to the housekeeper’s room and bring the Book of Knowledge. Hurry up and get a letter to write back to Lina!”

Baron Holt was just thinking of trying to ingratiate herself with Grand Duchess Frey.

* * *

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. Jakov from the Merchant Guild sent another letter.”

Frey accepted the letter from Emma. Even though she hadn’t opened the letter yet, she seemed to know what Yakov had sent.

‘Because he’s been sending letters like this ever since she collapsed.’

To be exact, since the price of rose quartz gemstones started rising.

Again, the content of the letter was as expected. It begins by asking how she, who is still serving as a patient.

It ends by asking Frey to know that there are many great jewelry appraisers and jewelry designers in the Merchant Guild. The intention was obvious, but Frey didn’t want to point it out.

Jakov is also the guild leader who has no choice but to pursue the interests of the central shopping 

Market. For Frey, it was a pleasure to be worried about others.

[“She got tonsillitis from somewhere else…”]

[“Mom, don’t I get tonsillitis? Can we eat together?”]

In my previous life, there was no one who would tell me if it was okay to suffer from a high fever or to get better quickly.

In the end, Frey remembered she was eating out without her, so Frey rolled up instant rice in water and ate it like porridge. Frey was in tears because she was sad rather than in pain.


“Grand duchess, are you okay?”

“Yes,  Say something to Jakov. If you take the night market seriously, I will work hard for the interests of the merchants.”

If he wanted to establish a base in the north anyway, friendship with Jakov was essential.

Because of his monopoly in anticipation of the rise in the value of rough rose quartz, Jakov must have decided that his friendship with Frey would benefit him in the long run.

There is nothing more difficult to break than a mutually beneficial relationship.

‘By the way, there is no news from Baron Holt.’

As soon as Frey thought that, Lina entered the room.

With a thick letter in hand. Frey received and read the letter without delay.

As expected, the Baron struggled to prove trust and friendship in order to strike a deal.

[I ask permission to visit Frey in the hope that the spirit of knowledge will reach you. The divine protection contained in the book will surely be helpful.]

Seeing that he is willing to come all the way to the north with the gift Frey wants.


[And, first of all, as much as you showed friendship and trust, I would like to hand over some of the stake in the guild to Frey. also…]

Baron Holt seems to be a little scared, seeing that he’s going to give this and that on his own. However, it was much more useful to accept the share of Holt’s upper management.

In the future, Frey was planning to actively use the Holt Merchant.

“As expected, it would be better to make a deal with the upper house of Baron Holt. Above all, because Lina is my maid.”

“Lady Frey…”

Lina’s face was slightly flushed with joy and emotion.

Someone would look like Lina if she won the lottery.

‘I’m happy that I repaid Lina for following me all the way to the North.’

Frey got up from my seat after sorting out the letter he was reading.

It was because the baron had to get permission from Daniel, the grand duke, to visit the North. It’s so uncomfortable living in such a nice house. Actually, Frey was thinking of asking Daniel to open the gate from the south to the north, but it was unclear whether he would do that for her.

‘But it takes ten days to travel from the south to the north without a gate.’

With the help of Baron’s butler, Frey was able to find out that Daniel was near the mansion’s clock tower. As she went there, a familiar voice found me.

“Your Highness Grand Duchess Frey Prause.”


The day I woke up after the accident when Daniel called me his wife.

Since then, people’s attitudes have changed a lot.

Among them, the highlight is the red imogi… No, it was Luke Devine.

“Is it okay to take a walk?”

“Yes, It’s more frustrating to stay still.”

“So, what are you going to do if someone who doesn’t even have a chance throws himself in such a situation, huh?”

He was speaking harshly as if he didn’t understand, but his face was still as it was.

“If you get hit in the head and pass out, and as soon as you wake up, look for the youngsters first, then …”

Luke was about to hit his own face as well. Looking at his changed reaction, Frey’s conclusion was simple.

‘He still hates me, but he must have been very surprised. He seems to have a conscience of his own.’

It was natural for Luke to blame Frey. If the chandelier was completely knocked down by activating the master’s aura, no one would have been injured.

However, the accident had already happened anyway, and neither her injuries nor her pain could be undone.

then. ‘Shall I bury the image of the criminal who damaged cultural properties?’

Frey thought of making the most of the situation and getting what she needed. She rubbed my head, which was still bandaged, and made a sad face.

“Luke, I’m sorry. I’m not feeling well, so I think I’ll have to go in after a short talk with His Highness the Archduke. ah…”

After a short moan, as expected, Luke was startled.

“His Highness is inside the clock tower. The magic circle that moves to the upper floors is over there.”

What about special treatment for patients?

‘How come her injury situation is better than when she first became the Grand Duchess?’

Even if everything gets better, let’s pretend to be sick and enjoy this care and peace. 

When Frey climbed the magic circle while thinking such silly thoughts, she reached the top floor of the clock tower at once.

Daniel Prause was there. The sight of him closing his eyes and radiating his magic power was like a painting.

‘If this kind of person had been an actor in his previous life, his hobby would have been watching dramas rather than playing games.’

Daniel found Frey and stopped what he was doing. His hair, which had been rustling because of the magical power, sank again.


(Madam = Wife, My lady)

“It’s nice to hear you call me that.”

Frey finally laughed at the title that seemed to acknowledge her as the Grand Duchess.


Daniel stared at her for a moment and then pointed to the tea table.

“I had something to tell you, but you came first.”

“Is this good news?”

Frey sat down and asked him.

He replied with a refreshing smile.

“yes. I got confessions from Baron Heinz and Viscount Bart that the assassination attempt was related to Count Breck Vliette.”

“Thank god. however-“

‘Isn’t that a drop of blood that splattered on his clothes?’

Frey looked at Daniel’s clothes and closed her mouth like a clam.

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