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TNBTW-Chapter 35


“Wait a minute, Daniel.”

Frey stopped Daniel from leaving the room.

He also returned to his bedside without pretending not to hear.

Frey asked, clenching his weak fists tightly.

“Is the person who dropped the chandelier over the children’s heads the same person who was aiming at me in the central market?”

“No. It was Baron Heinz who hired the assassin of Central Mall—”

Daniel continued without realizing that his explanation was longer than usual.

“This was done by Viscount Bart using the magic scroll he had bought a few years ago. They are being interrogated underground.”

“ah… I hope the reason will be revealed soon and the punishment will be given. You do that to children.”

“It will be so. Madam just focuses on recovering your body.”

Daniel said in a friendly voice and left the room again.

As soon as the door closed, his expression hardened.

‘Although they answered that it was Baron Heinz and Viscount Bart.’

There was only one thing behind Daniel’s mind.

Crown Prince Tahar.

And Count Vliette, who is serving as his messenger is a key figure in the aristocracy.

In particular, Count Vliette even spits out words suggesting an accident.

‘Are you saying you’re confident you won’t be noticed?’

Daniel clenched his fists.

It was as if he had said that he didn’t care if he ran into the prince the moment he ran to Frey under the chandelier anyway.

[“His Highness Archduke Prause. You are making a regrettable choice.”]

In Daniel’s heart, he wanted to tear Breck Vliette to pieces on the spot, leaving behind such words.

“Investigate the residence of Count Breck Vliette.”

“yes? But the Count Vliette…”

“I will take responsibility, so start right away.”

Luke, who was waiting, lowered his eyes as he saw a face that had no emotion or mercy.

* * *

Fortunately, Frey’s recovery was quick.

Thanks to the good use of divine power, after about two days of waking up, it was possible to live a daily life if she endured a little discomfort.

There was another good point.

“Her Highness, it’s time to take a decoction.”

“I brought along a dessert to treat your taste buds with.”

After losing my mind once, all of the Grand Duke’s employees, including her doctor, became kind to her.

She thought as she gulped down the bitter pill.

‘Maybe it’s because I’m a patient.’

Thinking back to the day she came to her senses, she was still dumbfounded.

She never thought of the word ‘Madam.’ would come out of Daniel Prause’s mouth.

The employees must have been surprised when he, who had been calling her Princess and Frey, as if denying the fact of their marriage, suddenly said ‘Madam’.

‘I wonder what kind of reaction that clumsy red serpent would have upon hearing his voice.

She put down the empty bowl. Whatever the reason, she had no intention of rejecting this favorable atmosphere.

The image was not good because of the atrocities of making laurel crowns with a guardian tree, but it is a chance to reevaluate after a long time.

‘I’ve been promised meals with the children, so I’ll have to show them how I feel.’

After seeing cute Damon and Arsene up close, she was even more motivated.

Afterward, the doctor and assistants retreated.

“Emma… please give me Newspapers and information sheets from the time I collapsed to today,  Can you call Lina too?”

“Yes, Her Highness the Grand Duchess!”

She carefully read the newspaper and figured out what had happened.

If the spirit of knowledge had been on my side, she would have summarized the necessary information without reading the newspaper.

‘I should try to meet them as soon as possible.’

Fortunately, it was rewarding to read the newspaper while enduring a headache.

The information magazines and newspapers that ordinary people circulate were all the content she wanted.

To briefly summarize:

[Princess Prause was injured in an accident…On the other hand, the accessories worn by Frey Prause are directly processed, and their appraisal value is so rare that it cannot be measured.]

‘It’s like the Internet news I saw in my previous life.’

An article that started with the celebrity’s current situation and ended with how many clothes she wore or how much she lived in a luxurious mansion.

Every time she sees it, she’s like, ‘Isn’t this an indirect advertisement?’ she wanted to, but it felt different when she became the main character.

‘This will definitely have an advertising effect.’

People will buy newspapers on the news that the Grand Duchess, who damaged Prause’s tree, has been in an accident.

However, in conclusion, what she learned is her portrait and rose quartz processing ability, which does not have a human mirror ball.

Even if they did not know the processing method, some merchants would have been afraid to buy and stock up on raw stones.

However, the raw stone in the market was already monopolized by her.

‘She is sick, but she hasn’t gained anything at all.’

More than anything, she felt proud that she had gained a little bit of Daniel Prause’s credit.

Frey wrote a letter to my father in the capital, saying, “It’s okay, don’t worry. The Grand duke is tracking down the suspects.”

[So, if father is well, and if you are sick, please let me know.]

As she was finishing my letter, Lina arrived.

Judging from the thick dark circles and bloodshot eyes under the thick glasses, it seemed like she hadn’t slept.

A graduate student right before the thesis deadline felt exactly like this.

“Lina, are you okay?”

“Yes, that’s fine. Analyzing and organizing information…”

“I want to hear the data Lina organized and analyzed.”


Lina brought out a stack of papers with twinkling eyes and began to explain.

“Baron Heinz and Viscount Bart are being interrogated in the basement.”

It’s what Frey felt when she heard it from Daniel, but it seems that the two of them are from families with no particular reason to hurt me.

“Did someone in the capital send a letter to pressure them to kill me?”

“It is said that no such circumstances have been detected. It’s weird, right?”

It wasn’t even a little strange.

Both Baron Heinz and Viscount Bart were small families that were neither imperial nor aristocratic.

Frey heard that both of them are not married and have no descendants, so they do not engage in social activities.

Why did they try to kill her when it was obvious they would get caught?

She doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that the times were similar.

“Will they answer me if I ask them directly?”

When Frey said this with a bitter smile, Ilina and Emma both expressed disapproval.

“That’s it, Her Highness the Grand Duchess—”

“His Highness Archduke Prause cut their tongues himself.”


With that innocent face?

“If they are going to keep their mouths shut like that, the Grand Duke said there’s a more convenient way… When they get a confession, it seems that their tongue will be attached with divine power for a while.”

“Oh my God.”

“Then, if they don’t confess and hold on, he cuts out their tongues again.”

Frey can’t believe He did such a thing because he looks like an elegant swan.

She guessed he was really angry.

“Isn’t he also demolishing the mansion of Count vliette’s in the north?” Although nothing came out.”

Investigating the residence of the eldest son Vliette. It was a bit surprising that he did it even though he knew that if he did that, he would turn his back on Tahar and the aristocrats.

It must be that he won’t let go of the situation where there is someone suspected of being behind it.

‘Above all, even the kids almost got hurt the second time.”’

Since Daniel disobeyed Tahar and started treating me as a grand duchess, the children will be more dangerous in the future. It became more urgent to obtain the Spirit of Knowledge to use as an informant.

She decided to make the most of the patient buff and looked at Lina before she got well.

“Let’s leave the investigation of the unfortunate incidents to the Grand Duke, shall we talk about rose quartz?”

“ah…I have a lot to say about rose quartz.”

Lina explained that the price of raw rose quartz has Risen significantly.

Frey had an accident while dressing like a human mirror ball, so the publicity effect for the processed rose quartz was great.

There are many people who want to buy it, but the stock is tied up, so it was only natural that the price soared.

‘Baron Holt must be fully aware of that fact.’

The situation is already very high even if only the market margin due to the rise in the price of rough stones.

At this point, a big shot was needed to receive Baron Holt’s sincere thanks.

After briefly, she only spoke to Lina.

“It’s fortunate that people seem to appreciate rose quartz…Now I’m worried about how to distribute jewelry.”

Lina raised her glasses and answered mechanically.

“We will search for and investigate the merchants who mainly distribute expensive jewelry.”

Lina really can’t smell money.

Frey kindly gave an additional explanation.

“Well. Merchants basically put profit first, so I don’t know if things will go smoothly like the rose quartz mine deal with Baron Holt.”


Lina, who was confused, swallowed dryly as if she understood the meaning of Frey’s words.

In this world, if you sell a specific item through a merchant, the merchant collects a commission equivalent to a few percent of the item’s price.

‘In the case of luxury items and antiques, I heard that there are many merchants who live on the fee alone.’

A smart Lina would have calculated it in her head.

If Baron Holt monopolizes the sale of processed rose quartz, how much will he be able to earn in brokerage fees?

How much wealth the Baron Holt family, who was not financially rich due to poor performance at the guild, will enjoy.

Frey waited until Lina had finished calculating and imagining, then gave her a sneak peek.

“Still, since rumors have spread, various guilds will make suggestions. I plan to sell rose quartz exclusively through the guild that shows trust and friendship first.”

There is only one way for the head of a family protected by spirits to show friendship and trust.

‘If I want a deal, Baron Holt will bring me the book that contains the Spirit of Knowledge. He’ll let me receive the protection of the spirits too.’

There is no guild stock that would not want this deal.

Frey smiled and hid her feelings.

“Lina, if you don’t mind, can you tell it to Baron Holt?”

* * *

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