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TNBTW-Chapter 34


After Frey leaves for a while to see the children.

People poured out questions as if they had been waiting for Daniel.

“Your Highness Grand Duke Prause, is the grand duchess who processed rose quartz?”

“I heard that you recently acquired all the southern rose quartz mines through the Baron Holt family. Is this a wedding gift prepared by your Highness?”

He is the grand duke who even exposed his private life to prevent him from marrying the princess who damaged Prause’s tree.

It was said that he even protected her by marrying Princess Frey without much resistance.

‘They said that the assassin who was targeting the princess was strictly governed.’

‘Perhaps he didn’t stop the assassin from thinking it was a good opportunity to end the marriage.’

‘Marriage has other purposes…?’

The recent actions of the Grand Duke were questionable. Daniel noticed the question in their eyes but didn’t mention it.

Instead, he thought of giving another answer.

‘Using the welcome party to advertise the fact of taking over the mine.’

Besides, the effect seemed good.

Princess Frey took over the mine through the maid’s family. It is also said that Rose Quartz gemstones from the mine were somehow processed to make jewelry.

Everyone knew it through reports, but seeing people react like this reminded Daniel of how talented she was.

‘It’s not a plan she came up with overnight.’

Daniel had no intention of putting a spoon into the business that Frey had been preparing for a long time for revenge.

“She made all decisions regarding the acquisition and processing of the mine.”


People blinked for a moment when Daniel said Frey didn’t get Daniel’s help.

They only reacted after Daniel nodded firmly.

“I heard you bought jewelry like that, so…”

“Well, humanity and business ability are separate issues.”

“I hope that Her Highness the Grand Duchess will also take an interest in the minerals buried in the north.”

People seemed quite surprised by the princess’s judgment and unexpected ability.


Daniel went to the balcony to catch his breath. However, the desire to be alone for a while was overshadowed by a man following him on the balcony.

“Your Highness grand duke Prause.”

“ the eldest son of Vliette. what brings you here?”

Daniel recalled Luke’s report.

[“By the way, Baron Heinz’s connections are a bit suspicious.”]

It was Baron Heinz who ordered the assassination of Princess Frey in the central shopping market. And, Breck Vliette in front of him was almost the only person the baron had interacted with.

Besides, Count Vliette’s family is the main axis of the aristocratic faction with the second largest rank in the Empire.

There was no one more suitable than Young masters Vliette to follow the prince’s order to assassinate the princess.

‘How can you show up openly knowing that I’ve put a baron in prison in Prause?’

The count seemed to know well.

There is only a suspicion that he was involved in the assassination of the Grand Duchess, but there is no physical evidence.

Breck waved his wine glass and gave a meaningful laugh.

“I heard that something unpleasant happened with Frey recently.”

“I don’t think it matters to you.”

“well. I received a letter from my sick sister. I heard that His Highness the Crown Prince made a promise to your Highness the Grand Duke.”

Daniel also remembered the conversation he had with the crown prince.

[“Grand Duke Prause. I’m sorry you were forced to marry that woman because of her imperial family. If I become the emperor, I will make it she feel sorry to you.”]

The prince’s ‘one-sided’ promise to end his marriage with the princess.

Breck grinned and continued.

“There is one thing I want to check. When Frey was ambushed…What were you thinking?”

“It’s just to prevent something unpleasant from happening in the Grand Duke’s family.”


Breck carefully observed Daniel’s expression when he said there was nothing special. Then, as if he had come to a conclusion, he spoke in a meaningful voice.

“His Highness, the Crown Prince, is a sincere person, so he always finishes his work earlier than the promised time.”


“I believe that the noble Grand Duke Prause will not disobey the will of the next emperor.”

“You are rude.”

“If I turn my back on the next emperor…”

Breck grinned.

“Because you will have bad luck.”

“What are you doing-”

Sensing a gloomy vibe, Daniel came out of the balcony and quickly turned his head.

It was very easy to find where the two children were. for a huge chandelier was falling over the children’s heads.

“hey, that chandelier over there… !”

“Oh my god!”


Even though Daniel wielded his magic power in a hurry, he could not completely block the chandelier.

Fortunately, the children were not hurt.

The only one injured was one person who threw herself instead of the children.

“lady Frey!”

“Her Highness the Grand Duchess!”

People shouted in a voice close to screaming.

Hearing the scream, Frey managed to hold on to her spirit.

Now that the view is blurred, the word that hesitated whether to spit it out or not came out.

“Damon…, Arsene…”

Two children, blinded by a sudden accident, looked at Frey.

“This is a gift…”

She weakly dropped the two children’s brooches she was clutching.

“In my room…there is a wooden toy horse…Ugh, yes.”


“Would you like it…  I also have animal toys… ”

‘Since I bought it, would you like to come over anytime?’

Frey was unable to speak and passed out.

* * *

It wasn’t until two full days later that Frey began to come to his senses.


With each breath, a strong herbal odor seeped into her lungs.

The clearer her mind became, the clearer the headache that seemed to break her head.

‘Isn’t there really a crack in the skull?’

Frey doesn’t know what happened, but she almost died this time too. It’s also on the chandelier.

It was to the point that her heart was choked with resentment.

‘It is Crazy. I advertised that I gained divine power, but now they attack physically instead of poisoning or cursing.’

Did you target me too?

Frey slowly recalled the accident.

The moment she saw the chandelier falling over the children’s heads, my body moved without realizing it.

Even knowing that those children are one of the strongest in this worldview.

‘Because she was the one who was closest to the children, having conversations with them. She doesn’t trust the red Imugi that was escorting them.’

Are Damon and Arsene not hurt?

As soon as the thought reached that point, Frey’s drooping body gained strength.

“Ugh… What about Damon and Arsene?”

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess, are you okay?”

“The wound hasn’t fully healed yet, so please wake up carefully.”

Her doctor and assistants helped her.

Frey drank water with their help and made a meal prepared for the patient.

‘I think I’ll live…’

As rice and medicine came in one after the other, the blurry vision due to the headache and dizziness gradually returned to normal. Only then Frey notice that Daniel Prause was perched in a corner of the room.


When she called, he was silent for a while and then opened his mouth with difficulty.

“Damon and Arsene were not hurt at all thanks to you. I was a little surprised to see the accident right in front of me.”


Frey smiled as if relieved.

She was relieved to hear that her precious little children were fine.

As an adult, you can get treatment with bitter medicine or strong magic.

Furthermore, since she came to her senses, she has been using divine power to speed up her recovery.

“I’m glad the kids are fine, really.”


Daniel looked at Frey without saying anything.

He only thought negatively because the princess, who seemed to have no interest in anyone but herself, wanted to see the children.

Maybe she knows that the children are transcendental beings who were born according to the prophecy and want to use them for revenge. Pretending to care about the children is probably trying to ingratiate them. In that way, she sold her sincerity.

‘But I didn’t expect her to throw herself right away.’

The moment the chandelier fell, Frey threw herself without hesitation to protect the children.

It was a reckless act that she would not have done if she had known that Damon and Arsene were transcendental beings who could easily destroy the Grand Duke.

Furthermore ‘That brooch…’

Even as she passed out after being hit on the head by a chandelier, she was offering gifts to children.

This rose quartz brooch is the perfect size to decorate a boy’s tailcoat.

Judging by the fact that it was made from a raw stone that Frey himself processed, it had been ordered at least a few days in advance.

‘Moreover, after waking up, the first thing she asks is whether the children are okay?’

Seeing Frey relieved that the children were not hurt, something weighed heavily on his chest.

Daniel opened his mouth as if to make an excuse.

“The investigation found that Viscount Bart dropped the chandelier using the magic scroll of the tower.”

“Oh, thanks for looking into it.”

“I just did what I was supposed to do. We arrested all the people involved in the Viscount family, and we are investigating the top line.”

“Thank you for the hard work.”


Frey was reacting as if investigating who had hurt her was a special favor. Her reaction severely stabbed Daniel’s conscience.

After another period of silence. Daniel carefully asks.

“After you get better, how about having a meal with the children?”


Frey, who had been treated as a kidnapper, began to brighten her eyes.

The reaction felt somehow cute, so Daniel smiled.

“yes. The kids will want it too.”

“Okay! I must try to get well soon.”

Frey, who had been withering just a moment ago, quickly regained her energy.

Daniel thought the reaction was a little impressive and got up from his seat.

“Then rest now and let me know if you need anything.”

* * *

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