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TNBTW-Chapter 33


“All the jewelry I’m wearing today are not expensive jewels, but made using rose quartz that I processed.”

“rose… Quartz?”

Not only the lady, but those around her who were waiting for their turn to greet each other tilted their heads. Everyone seems to know something about rose quartz.

“The rugged stones commoners use to make bracelets?”

“The color is similar, but…Didn’t all southern families give up on rose quartz processing?”

Her eyes stung to check if the jewelry Frey was wearing was really rose quartz.

Even if they don’t believe it now, it’s only a matter of time before the truth is known, as Frey said it’s okay to spread rumors to the people who made the jewelry.

She gave a grin just in time.

“Actually, I have been interested in mineral processing since I was young.”

Actually, she was interested in collecting gems, but what?

“When I became the Grand Duchess, I thought that I should take over the rose quartz mine with my personal assets. I’m glad it turned out the way I wanted it to.”

Daniel, who was guarding the side, was slightly agitated as if he had imagined the scale of wealth Frey would gain.

“I hope that the jewelry research I have been doing will help the development of the North.”

Once Frey put on a warm smile on her face, she could take everyone away. Those who are quick to calculate have already changed their gaze toward her.

“Anything that is polished would be in as much demand as a diamond.”

“I was wondering why she took over a mine that produced stones…”

Even 10 minutes ago, those who thought of Frey as the Wicked princess changed their eyes.

between those gazes.


Frey was able to spot two little kids with shining eyes looking at her.

‘Those children are transcendents who were born with powers strong enough to destroy the world.’

When Frey recalled the future she knew (the despair part), her mouth went dry and she felt chills. However, after seeing the big eyes of the children, she became convinced that it was not too late.

‘okay. There are no bad children in the world. I just need to take good care of them from a young age so they don’t end up on the side of despair.’

I snooped over to see the children.

Dressed in a children’s tailcoat and holding both hands tightly, the way they looked at Frey in admiration was truly lovely.

Oh oh oh oh-

Such a sound came out of Frey’s mind.

Damon, the older of the twins, has red hair and brown eyes. His younger brother, Arsene, was blonde and blue-eyed, unlike his older brother.

Daniel fed and clothed them well, so they both looked very healthy.

The two children, who prepared for the party in their own way, were just 4,839 times cuter than expected.

‘It’s crazy. Come on.…!’

I swept the children’s brooch I was carrying in my arms and turned to the children.

It was then that a man with a familiar impression appeared in front of me.

“Princess Frey, no, your Highness the Grand Duchess.”


“I am Vliette’s brother. I heard a lot about you from my sister.”

The face of the man with his head bowed with arrogance was very similar to that of Evelyne Vliette.

I’ve heard this man’s story several times.

‘Earl Bliette said that his eldest son liked people so much that he sent him to study in the north to fix it.’

Sending the eldest son to inherit the family to the far north to study would in fact be kicking him out to wake up. Frey didn’t know what the hell he was doing to stay in the far north, but he was someone she didn’t want to get involved with.

“Count Vliette, nice to meet you. Please enjoy the banquet.”

She tried to end the conversation with a formal greeting. She had no further conversations with the eldest son of the Vliette family.

‘Besides, how pissed off he must have been for stealing his sister’s unrequited love.’

Frey doesn’t really want to talk to him. But he seemed to have a different opinion from her.

“You are as beautiful as rumors say. To say that you studied the processing method yourself, it seems that lady frey is also from the imperial family.”

“Seeing as you say you didn’t know that before, you’re pretty sure you’re from Count Vliette’s family.”

Frey saw the man in front of me overlapping with Evelyn, who was trying to screw me up next to the empress.

Frey said to Daniel with a formal smile.

“Then, shall we sit down and be greeted? People will wait.”

Fortunately or unfortunately, Daniel didn’t seem to have much of a relationship with the eldest son Vliette. 

“Your Highness, I will greet you later.”

Even this time, the eldest son Vliette.  seemed to have a different idea.

Suddenly, the information Lina gave Frey flashed through her mind.

[“I heard that Sir Luke unleashes his knights to find out who is behind the man who attacked the Grand Duchess.”]

[“Thankfully, I didn’t go overboard. Lina, do you have anyone in mind?”]

[“hmm… … I think it’s highly likely that he’s related to the imperial family. He’s like the eldest son of Vliette who stays in the North.”]

Again, Lina useful information and valid opinions helped her.

‘If it’s Breck Vliette, it’s perfect to assassinate me at the Crown Princess’s request.’

Moreover, in a situation where the Grand Duke and his wife do not seem to be very close like now.


“Why are you suddenly looking at me with sticky eyes?”

“Daniel, shall we sit down holding hands? Make it look good.”


As expected, a man who was not interested in women was uncooperative.

Frey couldn’t even hold hands, but she was greeted by people sitting side by side with Daniel in the seat prepared for the grand duke and his wife.

After the rose quartz processing story came out, the eyes looking at Frey had softened quite a bit, and now she can relax.

Between greetings, Frey asked Daniel.

“Daniel. When can I say hello to the children?”

“The children will not come to greet the grand duchess separately.”

“They haven’t had a meal with their stepmom until now.”

“Other nobles will not know much about it. And meal…”

Daniel laughed well with an angelic face.

“Which guardian would invite a person to a meal with a tendon and beast claw?”


Well, to think that everyone believed the rumors they thought were a joke.

‘I have no idea what my image is like.’

Calculated, it was impossible to process minerals with the divine power of Prince Prause. Even so, she couldn’t tell Daniel the secret to processing rose quartz. Because this should be her own source of income.

“Oh, speaking of the tendon, it has a lot of flavors.”


“Werewolf’s claws are messy and disgusting to look at, but I heard they’re good for your body. It gives me a lot of energy. Do you want to have a drink with me later?”

“Never mind.”

Seeing Frey’s disgust, Daniel seems to have no doubt that she drank the horrible solution. Frey decided to give up on being introduced to my children through Daniel.

‘I’m sure they’ll like it if they get a brooch.’

Even if it was still impossible to eat with the children, she wanted to give them the brooch first.

Fortunately, Frey was in the same room as the children now, so it wouldn’t be impossible if she asked Luke, the escort, for his understanding.

“Daniel, wait.”

I got up and slowly approached the children.

Alone, Daniel was immediately surrounded by people and did not know which way I was heading.

‘good. Now.’

I sneakily approached Luke who was guarding the children.

“Sir Luke Devine, are you enjoying the banquet?”

When I greeted him warmly, Luke crumpled his face like paper, but the two children drinking fruit juice behind him had their eyes shining like beads.

“Lady Frey. Don’t come close to the children.”

She knew why, but she started the method acting in a voice only he could hear.

“Luke, why is that? no way… Is the real mother of those children here right now?”

Princess Frey, known to the world, is an obsessive woman who even used the absolute right of obedience of the imperial family because Daniel wanted to have it.

With her eyes flashing like that, Luke would have no choice but to be nervous.

Frey Will hold on to any woman,

‘Are you His mother? Are you my husband’s lover?’

If she shouts and fights, Daniel’s position will be very difficult.

Frey said, ‘Do you want me to make a serious problem ?’ Luke lowered his tail.

“Then, please say hello briefly.”

My heart throbbed at his reluctant permission.

Frey finally talks to the main characters of the world, the baby transcendents.

She took a deep breath calmly and waved at the children.

“Hi, I’m Frey. What’s your name?”

Frey cut and trimmed my nails the night before in case the children would hold my hand.

” I am Damon.”


The two children showed interest in her, but they didn’t approach her.

Rather, they cling to each other like baby animals, wary of strangers.

Arsene, who seems timider of the two, seems to have been scared because Frey talked to him.

‘The first day of kindergarten is the best view.’

She has seen countless times how babies cry and scream, shocked by the fact that they have to spend their daily routine with an unfamiliar teacher, away from their family.

Don’t be in a hurry. Frey knew she had to wait for these kids to open up.

“Nice to meet you.”

She cautiously reached out to the children. She hopes that the children who grew up in the grand duke’s palace will know the meaning of a handshake.

But Luke blocked my hand.

“Lady Frey.”


“It’s not possible. It is also for Lady Frey.”

“Why are you blocking me like this?”

Although she replied as if she didn’t know the exact reason, she knew what Luke was talking about. The children are transcendental beings chosen by the world and have powers unimaginable to ordinary people.

It meant that she could attack without knowing anything and get beaten up badly by these little kids.

but ‘Growing up treated like a bomb, children only depend on each other.’

Luke, guards the children, and other knights. All of them were at a distance as if they had heard from Daniel. The knights can’t help but protect themselves…

It was sad that no one hugged Damon and Arsene, surrounded by strangers who looked over them.

“Lady Frey. Never mind, these kids are strong. These are the children of His Highness Grand duke Prause.”

Luke said in a stronger tone than before.

It seems that in the future, she will somehow be prevented from approaching the children.

‘Well, if she gets beaten by these kids, it’ll be over.’

Should she say what she had prepared, or should she hold it in?

Frey  stood there and wondered for a while.


It was around that time that a suspicious sound came from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

* * *

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