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TNBTW-Chapter 32


Is there any other reason for saving Princess Frey?

Daniel tried to answer right away.

‘If the princess gets hurt, His Majesty will definitely be involved, so there will be a lot of work.’

‘If I let the Grand Duchess suffer in an official position, Prause’ reputation will be cracked.’

There were several reasons to pass Luke’s question in moderation, but his mouth did not fall.

If he said that, it would be like lying to His old friend and loyal friend, Luke.

For a moment Daniel thought. Why didn’t he let Princess Frey suffer at that time?

Perhaps it was because of those words.

[“I’ll help and save you as much as I can, so I asking you to do the same.”]

For some reason, those words reminded me of myself trying to survive by cutting down on sleep and eating.

Even though he clearly knew that she grew up as an immature child receiving plenty of love from her parents.


Luke felt sorry for his master who was silently worried.

It was because he remembered what the butler Baron had said anxiously this morning.

[“Grandpa is really worried. You know that Your Highness hates people like Princess Frey.”]

[“Luke. Please read the ecology of Prince Prause written by the previous Divine Heads.”]

[“Ah, did I read the book?”]

He skipped it in the morning, but seeing Daniel hesitate to answer, he thought he should point it out.

He also heard absurd rumors.

“Your Highness. If I am not rude, I’d like to ask you one thing.”

“Sometimes you speak as if you were asked for permission.”

“that… On the first night Princess Frey arrived at the grand duke’s mansion.”


Daniel’s throat shook once. Perhaps someone saw him agitatedly look at Frey.

‘It would be even weirder if he explained that nothing had happened.’

Sensing the suspicious reaction, Luke asked even more cautiously.

“The bed broke…No, I heard what happened, did His Highness make it that way?”

Daniel thought the question was out of context.

‘Are you asking if Princess Frey has physical strength?’

“no. That is what I did.”


“Of course, Princess Frey wanted it too.”


Daniel recalled that he had sent Frey to the Grand Duchess’ room on the first night, and added sarcastically:

“Luke Devine. Since my first night was spent in a very normal way, I accept her as her Grand Duchess.”


Luke’s eyes trembled.

Did Daniel Prause, who used to be docile and noble, change his image with false rumors and soon come to believe that he is promiscuous?

‘Could it be His Highness?’

Of course, Prause followed the rules that had been set for generations.

‘Still, the opponent is Princess Frey?’

Luke became rapidly confused.

He was curious about the details, but no matter how close he was, he couldn’t ask my superiors in detail.

Above all, the master said that he had spent the first night in a normal way.

‘I still hate that woman. but…’

[“Everything is fine. I’m used to it too. The threat of death, and the way each other put off who will bear the burden of me.”]

When he heard those words, his heart felt heavy as if he had committed a great sin.

In the end, Luke said with a sigh.

“All right. If that is your Highness’ will, I will faithfully protect her.”


“As a result of the interrogation, it was Baron Heinz who hired the assassin to attack the princess.”

“The main body has its tail cut off.”

Daniel looked at the list of banquet attendees on his desk.

Baron Heinz is a person without much standing.

It was likely that someone else had ordered an attack on Prause’s Grand Duchess, and the Baron simply followed that order.

“As soon as we received the assassin’s confession, we released the knights and were pursuing him.”

“Strengthen vigilance against nonsense at the banquet, and investigate all those who have recently interacted with Baron Heinz..”

Daniel added briefly, recalling Tahar, who revealed his intention to kill Frey before the wedding.

“First of all, those related to the crown prince.”

* * *

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. It was an honor to work with the jewels you gave me.”

The jewelry designer and jeweler who came dressed up from early hours bowed their heads to me side by side.

Their rugged hands held several boxes adorned with colorful ribbons.

“Finally, the last craftsmen have arrived. The perfection must be as great as the amount of effort put into it, right?”

Frey carefully opened the box with a face full of anticipation.

In fact, the purpose for which the work was commissioned had already been achieved.

The craftsmen who confirmed that rose quartz, which was as shiny as a diamond by special treatment, began to call her ‘Your Highness Grand Duchess’.

Of course, the attitude has become more polite.

‘It seems that he faithfully showed off his rough stone to the people in the shopping market while working.’

They must have glossed over the identity of the beautiful jewel because she pressured them not to talk about specifics. This stone was provided by the client.

By now, people in the shopping market who heard the rumors would know that she was the one who commissioned the work.

So all she has to do is put on this beautiful result and step into the hall.

‘Because the more the attention is focused, the more effective the advertisement will be.’

If it was known that the princess had considerable wealth and processing power, it would be easier to run a business and gather an aide.

‘It won’t be long before I receive a thank you note and a small gift from Baron Holt.’


Opening the wooden box with a joyful heart, she involuntarily expressed her admiration.

“The finish is better than I expected.”

How much replacement manpower needs to be replaced to get this kind of quality in about a week.

The delicate craftsmanship and the color of the rose quartz were dazzlingly beautiful.

Even she, who had bought countless jewels, couldn’t take my eyes off them.

In particular, the children’s brooches were requested together…

‘oh my god. so cute.’

It was dainty and had a luxurious feel, so it seemed like it would be perfect for kids in suits.

Frey imagined children wearing this brooch and smiling.

If the future male characters move their small lips to say thank you, their hearts won’t be left, right?

‘A gift must be given.’

She hasn’t seen the children yet because of Daniel’s interruption, but she didn’t know if they would show up at a big banquet like today.

After publicizing the rumor that he had an out-of-wedlock child.

“Thank you. Now that the work is finished, you can freely talk about the commission and Rose Quartz.”

She asked the craftsman’s name and shop location and sent them back.

“Come on, Lina.”

“Princess, really…”

Lina pointed to the mirror in front of Frey.

There, she saw herself wearing all the custom-made jewelry with the ambition to make rose quartz the best mineral on earth. Hair ornaments, tiaras, and all sorts of accessories were added to her shiny blonde hair, so it was just—

‘It’s like a human mirror banquet.’

It’s a little too much, but.

She swept her hair lightly and got up from her seat with two carefully packed children’s accessories.

At the entrance of the hall, Daniel, who had arrived first, was waiting.

Dressed in uniform, he looked more real and rational than any monarch in the history books. His slightly curly hair was brushed in half to reveal his distinctive features.

Seeing this, Frey understood how this naive man could manipulate the image of a promiscuous man.

‘As expected, probability is a face, a face.’

She playfully rolled my eyes.

“I know that I shine even if you don’t tell me. It won’t be a day or two, so get used to it.”


Frey was fun to tease him, who was fed up with love. She asked lightly, placing her hand on top of his.

“Can we see the girls of Grand Duke Prause today?”


As if he was ashamed of improvising the image of a promiscuous man, Daniel slightly averted his gaze.

“You are not looking for the children today. It’s the day when they show up after a long time.”

She asked in surprise.

“Are the children attending too?”

“Luke is escorting him.”

The Red Imoogi’s escort isn’t very reliable. She was about to point that out, but she just held his hand and walked.

Maybe because she was almost assassinated once, or because he seems to be faithfully playing the role of a husband.

“Daniel, as I keep saying, you won’t be discouraged just because I am here. Let’s make it comfortable.”

Because she also wants to see Him actively using her beautiful face and well-proportioned body.

Daniel looked at the doorkeeper without answering, and soon the door opened and a loud voice rang out.

“Grand duchess Prause is entering!”

Everyone’s eyes quickly turned towards them. To be precise, Frey appeared in splendid form.

“What about those enormous trinkets?”

“Ugh, are those all pink diamonds? How much is it?”

The chatter was loud enough to be heard.

However, thanks to her experience in the past, she was not greatly shaken.

Frey asked Daniel in a very low voice.

“Daniel, where are the children?”

“If anyone sees it, they’ll know it’s your children.”

“I know that Daniel was born out of wedlock through a secret affair with another woman, but now that I am the Grand Duchess, they are also my child.”

“If you intend to use them in your plans, stop.”

“I’m not that kind of person.”

Daniel seemed to have no confidence in Frey clever answer.

If so, it has no choice but to raise it’s credit rating, which is at lowest level.

Just in time, a married couple with a solemn atmosphere approached them to say hello. After the couple posted their greetings to Daniel, they took a look at Frey’s splendid appearance.

“Grand duchess’ pink diamond jewelry is really gorgeous. I think you will feel the satisfaction of buying it with a lot of money.”

The lady’s words had bones.

It just sounds like, ‘Is it good to buy jewelry with a huge tax?’

It was a long-awaited question, so she answered in a clear voice.

* * *

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