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TNBTW-Chapter 31


“Princess Frey, what is the name of this mineral?”

The excited jeweler asked on behalf of Jakov, whose mouth was closed like a clam.

Instead of pointing out Jakov’s rudeness, Frey explained it generously.

“It’s rose quartz.”


Even after hearing her explanation, jewelry appraisers and jewelry designers couldn’t help but question.

What is rose quartz?

That rose quartz that is a little more expensive than a stone?

“Princess, but-”

“This Jewel is as shiny as a diamond.”

“That’s right. It is made of rose quartz.”

The simpler Frey’s answer was, the more dumbfounded the jewelry designers were.

“You mean that mineral that is only used to make jewelry for commoners because it has a poor luster no matter how it is processed?”

“yes. it’s that rose quartz.”

Yakov, who had been staring blankly at Frey and the jewel, also shook greatly.

However, what surprised the most about Frey’s answer was Lina, who was guarding the seat next to Frey as a maid.

‘How could Rose Quartz have such a luster…’

Although she was the daughter of a family that supplied rose quartz almost exclusively to the commoners, she had never seen rose quartz shining like this.

Rose quartz was just such a mineral even when she experimented with rose quartz’s raw stone to increase its commercial potential.

‘Does Frey know that she can make rose quartz like this?’

Rose quartz mines in the south were almost monopolized by her. Lina calculated the price of the sparkling rose quartz.

‘First of all, rose quartz ore itself has more abundant reserves than rare minerals such as diamonds. but…’

Even if it was widely supplied to the common people as it is now, it was clear that the price would be raised dozens of times because of the gloss.

But what if a person who almost monopolizes rose quartz gemstones controls the quantity?

‘Since the processing method is not yet known, Her Highness may be able to adjust the price of rose quartz at will.’

Bondi rare things are expensive to call.

In addition, if Frey has enough processing ability to stabilize the difficult and complex rose quartz, and if that ability is also applied to processing other minerals.

‘I might be able to turn other undervalued minerals into treasure.’

Lina read almost every book in the Empire, but had never encountered a situation like this, even indirectly.

A situation that could change greatly depending on the behavior of one person among the minerals known to the public.

When her thoughts reached that point, Illina had no choice but to ask.

“Her Highness, what did you do with the rose quartz?”

How the unstable princess was able to turn troublesome minerals into gold.

It was an expected question, so Frey was bold again this time.

“Because living without friends in the imperial palace was so boring, I did research on minerals. Fortunately, I have a lot of gems that I can use for research.”

Her seemingly insignificant way of speaking made everyone flagged.

But she couldn’t think Frey’s words were false.

The divine power she inherited in place of Prince Tahar is the power of a god that causes miracles.

It was a fully possible development to bring out the special properties of minerals.

‘Is it really the blood of the imperial family?’

‘If the mineral was processed using the power that only the emperor and the princess can use, it must be really worth it.’

A jewel that is large and beautiful and possesses the power of a god.

The jewelry designers salivated as they looked at the processed rose quartz stone.

Frey spoke leisurely as if she knew that feeling well.

“So, who is going to make jewelry out of my rose quartz stone? It’s not only rare, but it’s also perfect in gloss and hardness, so you will enjoy working with it.”

“I will do it! Our handicraft shop has a history of producing countless accessories for northern ladies…”

“Our craft shop will show you unique designs that cannot be found in off-the-shelf products.”

“I have two days! Just two days! I will sleep when I die!”

The eyes of the designer were burning with passion to handle new jewels.

Of course, it wasn’t just pure craftsmanship.

‘If it was a party where the capital city’s half-bastard debuted in northern society, all the noble ladies would attend.’

‘If you’re in charge of designing the new Grand Duchess Prause’s accessories, you can become famous in no time…!’

‘Even if His skills are a bit lacking, everything will shine if Princess Frey wears it.’

‘The young lady will be looking for a designer with their eyes sparkling.’

Desire flashed in their eyes.

Frey grinned as he divided the jewels from his pocket equally in front of them.

“Then let’s make each one a different design, and then wear the one we like the most.”

The jewelers carefully packed the jewels that Frey had handed out and asked sneakily.

“But…Can we hear the secret to transforming rose quartz into such a beautiful look?”

Frey furrowed her eyes lightly.

“That’s our guild trade secret.”

Our guild?

The merchants, including Jakov, blinked their eyes, wondering if Princess Frey had a guild.

Frey straightened her clothes and stood up from her seat, adding a word.

“Oh, you’d better be prepared if you reveal today’s request and this rose quartz before my permission.”


Frey’s brilliant past atrocities passed through the minds of the contractors.

“I wrote down the details of the request here, so please refer to it and go back now.”

The merchants quietly left after recalling the reputation of Princess Frey, who had been forgotten for a while, intoxicated by the brilliance of jewels.

On the way back to the room after finishing the schedule, Frey smiled kindly and walked alongside Lina.

“Lina, it’s a relief that the merchants seem to appreciate Rose Quartz, right?”

“yes. I think it’s a great thing for the princess who took over the mine.”

Lina’s voice was plain.

Baron Holt didn’t know how to make rose quartz beautiful anyway, and he wouldn’t know in the future, so it didn’t matter. 

Frey spoke in a sweet voice for her maid, who was not greedy.

“I’m glad that jewelry research, which I started as a hobby, will help me and Baron Holt at the guild.”


Lina was in a state of bewilderment, unable to understand Frey’s words at once.

It was because she thought for the Grand Duchess there was no reason to share profits with the baron family.

If only you knew how to process minerals, you could buy rough stones cheaply and then sell them at a huge premium.

Frey spoke in a friendly voice to the confused woman.

“I always wanted to repay Illina, who willingly followed me to the north and became my maid and friend.”


“Will you give it to Baron Holt? I found a processing method that will restore the luster of rose quartz, so let’s use it for commercial activities in the future.”

Frey was genuinely amused.

As if she foresaw what the baron would soon give her as a sign of friendship and respect.

* * *

“Just decorate that flower here and take a break.”

The employees who were busy moving for today’s banquet gathered in twos and threes in one corner of the hall.

Since it was a place where all the nobility of the Grand Duke gathered, they were wearing more angular clothes than usual, but the topic of conversation was the same today.

It was because another line was added to Frey’s reputation, which had sunk to the 44th floor.

“By the way, how long do you think you will keep brewing that bizarre tea?”

“I’m scared to death to see if the rumor that I’m a witch’s daughter is true.”

The employees rubbed their arms repeatedly, saying that just thinking about it gave them goosebumps.

“No matter how much she is the Grand Duchess, to drink claws of beasts and sinews of monsters…”

“It was just the color of blood. She’s not an average crazy woman, seeing as she’s been drinking that disgusting thing for days. Everyone, be careful not to get caught.”

The employees held back their nausea and went back to their seats.


Luke, who had been leaning against the wall and overhearing their conversation, frowned and walked away.

He was thinking that Frey’s weird drink was just right for her.

“Your Highness. That’s me.”

“come in.”

As soon as the owner gave permission, Luke opened the door.

Then, with the help of various employees, Daniel was preparing to attend the banquet.

Not yet fully clothed, his beastly body was exposed.

“Your Highness, what do you do if there is a homosexual among us?”

Luke jokingly sends out his servants.

“Seeing your master’s tall figure reminds me of the first time I entered the Grand Duke’s residence led by my grandfather.”

Daniel at that time was a cute kid who only thought the world was bright and warm.

But now nothing of it remained.

[“Luke… Father follows mother… ”]

After losing both of his parents, Daniel instantly became more of a Praussian.

With reason and calmness, he fairly governed those under him, and that combined with his beautiful appearance set fire to the hearts of women.

Luke admired that the little boy who clung to him and cried so much had grown into such a strong man.

When he glanced at his stout lower body, HR admiration and even envy added to it.

“With this belt…Ugh, as expected, a dragon isn’t a dragon for nothing.”


Daniel snatched the belt in disgust. 

Luke reported while choosing a tie.

“Princess Frey is said to have finished preparations. People are still wondering what kind of disgusting tea the princess drinks.”

“Don’t worry, I checked the kettle and said it’s not toxic. Paying attention to what she is drinking is probably what she wants.”

“Rather than being interested, everyone is uncomfortable with the princess’s bizarre appetite.”

Luke handed over the tie he had picked out to Daniel and continued.

“By the way, the spy who almost snapped the princess’s throat finally spoke.”

“It’s obvious who sent it, but did you check it again?”

“yes. It’s not very different from what I guessed, so there doesn’t seem to be any difficulty in tracking and investigating. Before I tell you his name…”

Luke brought up a question that had lingered in his mouth for days since the attack.

“For not letting Princess Frey suffer that day…Is there another reason for you to save her?

* * *

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