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TNBTW-Chapter 30


Wow, I almost died before I even started.’

I secretly swept my heart away while the knights investigated the surroundings and captured the assailant and carried the assailant. To receive death threats in broad daylight. Thus, there was no reward for escaping to the north.

‘Because of gaining divine power, now it’s not poison or curse, but a knife first.’

The resentment reached its peak, but the opportunity to stimulate Daniel’s conscience could not be missed. That naive man will protect me the more I pretend to be weak. Goodness was originally such an attribute.

“Your Highness… Are you alright?”

Lina’s face, which asked carefully, was still full of surprise. Not only her but also the faces of those around her were pale.

“Yeah…it’s okay. I expected it.”

I knew.

If I crouch down while speaking in a low voice, the eyes of the people around me will change. My memories in the imperial palace taught me how useful it was to arouse sympathy with such actions.

[“Seeing you do that makes me feel a bit pitiful…”]

[“If I had been threatened with death to the extent that I was used to it, I would have gone crazy and lost my mind.”]

[Well, Her Majesty the Empress and Her Highness the Crown Prince probably wouldn’t have left the concubine’s daughter alone.”]

I was well aware of my place in the North. Now was not the time to show respect and sympathy. I’m used to receiving cheap sympathy anyway because of memories from my previous life. It was trained to such an extent that it would not collapse in misery.

“Did you marry Daniel knowing that you would be exposed to such threats if you left the palace?”

“But I can see…you must really love him.”

Sympathy began to rise in the evaluation toward me. The knights who subdued the assailant also glanced at me.

Conscience? I didn’t even feel that way.

[“Everything is fine. I’m used to it too. The threat of death, and the way each other put off who will bear the burden of me.”]

At least it wasn’t a lie.

‘Anyway, that red serpent seems to hate me more than I thought.’

To think that the cute ‘kyuun’ sound actually meant that he was very wary of me.

“Lady Frey, you must go now.”

“Okay. thank you.”

I stumbled onto the carriage with support.

I knew that Luke didn’t receive the dragon’s protection because of me, but I felt like I finally realized how much he hated me. I’m a little sorry for my behavior, but…

“Lina, what is my request?”

“I bought all of them in abundance. I’ll go and give it to you, so calm down first.”

It didn’t feel too bad to have a secret weapon to solidify my position in Lina’s heavy handbag.

* * *

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. They say the knights began to question the assailant.”

A few hours after returning to the mansion, Lina reported.

It was after I finished dinner alone in my room with the excuse that I was surprised by the assassination attempt and couldn’t go out because I was anxious.

“His Highness the Grand Duke has ordered a strict investigation into who is behind the death threat.”

“Thank you for letting me know, Iina. When I calm down a bit, I should go to say thank you.”

Well, I think it will take about 2 years and 7 months for my heart to calm down.

Anyway, seeing as the knights guarding my room have changed to stronger-looking people, it seems that pretending to be pitiful has worked perfectly. Looking at today’s work, it seems that there are a lot of people who are eager to kill me, but now that I’m a little safer.

Good is good now.

I finished my thoughts and looked at her.

As soon as I arrived at the mansion because of the mysterious incident, Lina, who went to investigate, finally handed over the purchased item to me.

“Your Highness, but why are the tendons of an ogre and the claws of a black wolf…”

“What about Drake’s scales and red laurel shoots? Did you also buy the herbal set?”

“I did buy that, too. As you said, they sell everything at the drugstore.

As expected, the drugstore, which mainly handles the ingredients necessary for folk remedies, did not have any items.

I treasured them and told Lina.

“Thank you. You must have been very surprised by today’s work, so go now and rest.”

“Yes, Her Highness the Grand Duchess. Call me whenever you need.”

When Lina left, I was alone in my room.

Knights were guarding the door, but the room was so large that it was clear that it would not be easy to guess what they were doing inside.

Let’s see…

The north was dry and cold, so each room was always equipped with tea tools. I went to the usual tea table in the room and picked up some plates and a kettle. It seemed like I could easily boil water using the brazier in the middle of the room.

‘It’s a perfect environment to secretly process rose quartz.’

I started getting ready as I saw myself getting tired of the game.

First, boil the ogre tendons and black wolf claws in cold water.

The two materials served to cut off the opaque film covering the surface of rose quartz.


The lid of the teapot opened and made a pleasant sound. But when I opened the lid, what I saw was a gruesome sight.

Ogre tendons, which are also used as a red dye, entered the pot, causing a bloody liquid to overflow in the kettle, and the black wolf’s claws repeatedly floated and sank into a mess.


Not on a smartphone screen, but actually looking at it makes me nauseous.

‘It’s bad to put something like this in this pretty teapot.’

Thinking so, I put the rose quartz gemstone I had saved in advance into the water.

Plop, plop-

When rose quartz touched the solution, a strange chemical reaction began to occur.

Now was the time to add the last ingredient.

I carefully poured divine power into the teapot. A secret material that stabilizes rose quartz, an unstable mineral with special power, and adds luster.

That was divine power. At this point, no one knew that divine power could be used for mineral processing.

Even in the game, the divine power for mineral processing was rare.

It was because they were using the weak divine power that leaked from the tombs of the previous emperors as future male lords trashed the capital and the imperial palace.

‘but. I wouldn’t use the most sacred power that proves that I am the owner of the empire for something like mineral processing.’

But in my case, it’s a situation.

It’s purring.

Soon the bubbles in the teapot burst and a mineral with a glow as colorful as a diamond rose above the water.

“It’s much prettier than it looks on screen.”

I lifted them up and wiped the surface with red laurel shoots. The luster of the jewel became even more beautiful.

Rose Quartz, which has completed this special treatment, no matter what shape it is processed, does not lose its light.

‘Besides, it can contain a certain amount of magic by specializing it with divine power.’

If I hire a wizard to engrave magic on a jewel, there are infinite ways to use it.

‘I was good at mining minerals in 4 channels until my eyes were swollen.’

I praised the past me who was overly immersed in games.

Then, I picked up the remaining Drake claws and herbs and put them in the kettle. If I do this, the reagent will become cloudy and no one will know how I processed the rose quartz.

* * *

It was the next morning that Frey sent a letter to Jakov, the head of the merchant guild.

[I want to make accessories for the banquet using the jewelry I have, I would be grateful if the right people visit me.]

The letter was stamped with the Grand Duke’s sentence. It was an invitation approved by the Grand Duke.

‘It’s jewelry making that’s obvious.’

With just his respect for Daniel, Jakov convened jewelry appraisers and jewelry designers to head to the grand duke.

Of course, he didn’t like this situation of responding to Frey’s call.

‘Huh, true. She was out of mind like I heard. Preparing for a party despite receiving death threats.’

The assassination threat was clearly real, not staged. If so, isn’t it normal to save yourself and refrain from having banquets or going out?

However, the princess stared at the assassin with a surprisingly calm attitude and continued her daily life as if nothing had happened.

‘How did His Highness our grand duke meet such a strong woman…’

Even when she entered the banquet hall, she was greeted with a sulky face.

Frey was also aware of the hostility Jakov and the others showed towards her.

So, after saying hello as briefly as possible, she held out the pouch she was carrying in her arms.

“I want to make jewelry using this, but I’ll entrust the production to the person who can complete it as quickly as possible.”

Jakov and the merchants reflexively expressed displeasure at Frey’s words.

“As Lady Frey may not know, it takes at least dozens of days for a craftsman to complete a work…”


Frey tilted his pockets without waiting for Jakov to finish speaking.

Pink jewels, which are as glossy as diamonds with perfect magic treatment, unfolded in front of merchants. A jewel they have never seen before. Moreover, its luster, color, and size were so great that it made them forget all the jewels they had ever seen.

“What the hell is this…”

“Is this a new mineral?”

Inspiration began to swirl in the heads of jewelry designers who encountered a new world.

Frey asked, looking at Jakov, who was puzzled by their reaction.

“So, who can finish it the fastest?”

* * *

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