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TNBTW-Chapter 3


I was speechless. 

Curse me and my mother to throw out this month and party?

Even in a place full of white chrysanthemums used as funeral flowers?

“Is there a white chrysanthemum garden in the empress’ palace? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.”

When I asked a question while suppressing my anger, the priest answered with a puzzled face.

“Well, that’s- it was originally a white rose garden, but the chrysanthemum that Her Majesty had ordered just arrived today….”

I clenched my fists.

Was it a coincidence that the Empress held a chrysanthemum party to coincide with my mother’s death?

If you want to buy enough chrysanthemums to redecorate your white rose garden, you’ll have to order them at least a week in advance.

‘Are they advertising that the assassination was planned in advance?’

The tightly clenched fingertips dug into the skin.

This is an obvious mockery of his mother’s death.

My heart pounded with anger, but I managed to control my emotions by clenching my teeth.

If I could, I wanted to go to the garden full of aristocrats who defended the empress and the crown prince and shout.

Did you kill my mother and run out?

‘But if I did that without proof, it would backfire.’

Judging from the symptoms I felt, the one who attacked my mother and me was, of course, the wizard of the Empress family, the Duke of Gelon.

The contents of my previous life that I recalled were no different.

The explanation that always came out when entering a place called ‘Forgotten Tomb’ in the game.

[The tomb of Lady Roselia, who was assassinated by the empress who was static and rival. The truth has never been revealed.]

‘The illustration of that map is somehow vague, so I used to visit it sometimes for no reason… … .’

When my mother appeared in games and original novels, there was always an explanation that the empress had been assassinated.

But unfortunately, it was not proof that he remembered his past life or felt the characteristics of a Gelon wizard.

So I had to be smarter than I am now to reveal the truth with evidence that anyone could understand.

Of course, I didn’t mean to quietly lower my tail because there was no physical evidence.

‘First of all, I’ll send my mother well, and then.’

 I set up a plan for revenge step by step and arranged my clothes.

* * *

The funeral was held in a simple way at the detached palace that my mother loved during her lifetime.

On the contrary, it felt pleasant that none of the empress’ aides were present.

While the priests were preparing the funeral ceremony, the emaciated father approached and asked.

“Fray, how are you feeling?”

“It’s all right, Dad.”

As the musicians started playing the song, the atmosphere became infinitely darker.

Father caressed the white chrysanthemum and spoke in a low voice.

“I heard that the empress and her aides committed a heinous act, but I took care of it, so don’t worry about it.”

The father’s voice was sweet but firm. 

Like you don’t want me to do anything about the Empress’ atrocities.

‘he won’t believe me.’

I grew up in fear of being attacked all my life.

As a result, things that could be done enough were often discouraged and ruined.

Eventually, I fell into small gatherings with imperial families and spent time alone reading books in the corner of the room.

My father and mother made me feel comfortable and did not entrust me with any duties, and allowed me to buy whatever I wanted and live as much as I wanted.

‘Now that I think about it, it seems that the empress and the crown prince took more sides when they knew that they were subtly pressuring me.’

It was impossible for my father to completely subdue the Duke of Gelon, who belonged to the family of founding contributors, owned a large merchant troupe and even a magic tower, and even tamed the Council of Elders.

Perhaps because he felt sorry for that, he did everything for me except for suppressing the empress’s side.

‘I only believed in my parents’ love and avoided everything, so it’s no wonder my father doesn’t trust me.’

When he said not to pay attention to what the empress did, it must mean that he wanted me to do nothing.

Now that I lost my mother, my father would want to protect me no matter what.

The reason for not publicly humiliating the empress is probably to avoid conflict.

But now it was time to get out of the greenhouse on my own feet.

‘To avenge my mother and change the future, the first step is to make my father believe in me.’

The first thing to do was decided.

“then… … let’s start.”

The high priest in mourning went up to the altar, closed his eyes, and began to pray.

Below that, the funeral mass passed like a flash as I looked my mother into the glass coffin with her eyes closed.

The moment I picked up a white chrysanthemum to present to my mother, tears welled up in my eyes.

“mother… As you asked, I will live happily. Don’t worry and rest in peace.”

I muttered in a very low voice and placed the white chrysanthemum under my cold mother.

Unlike two cheeks, which were filled with emotions and heated up, my head returned more rationally than ever.

If it was a way to get revenge on the Empress, the Duke of Gelon, the Crown Prince and his wife, and their aides…

‘take the Crown Prince of the throne and destroy the foundation of the Duke of Gelon.’

I just thought about it, but it was already too much for me.

No matter how much I remembered my past life, even if I knew the future, it was not easy for me to destroy the best family in the capital by myself.

Then I have no choice but to join forces with someone.

I thought of the characters in this world one by one.

The answer came quickly.

‘There is only one family in the Empire that can stand against the Duke of Gelon. Grand Duchess Prause of the North.’

The same family that temporarily protects the male leads, who are still children, rebelled against the imperial family and were destroyed along with it.

The position of Grand Duchess Prause was special. because of the special environment.

Undead monsters often appear in the empire, and the only thing that can defeat them is the divine power of God.

‘The reason my father was away for a while was to deal with undead monsters that suddenly appeared.’

The divine power was passed down to the successors of the imperial family, but the crown prince, Tahar, was the legitimate heir, did not have the divine power.

On the other hand, Grand Duke’s Prause had dragon blood mixed in, but possessed some divine power.

From Tahar’s point of view, the grand duke with divine power was a threat to the throne.

‘So, as soon as Tahar became emperor, he tried to recruit Grand Duke Prause, but–‘

The method Tahar chose was to marry a loyalist’s daughter to Grand Duke Prause.

However, the grand duke, who had a repulsion to things like women and love, refused like a knife.

‘So Tahar assassinated the Grand Duke in a special way.’

The problem is that the children the grand duke protected had considerable power, befitting future male leads.

‘Because I used to be called a chosen child or a transcendental person.’

When the grand duke who had been protecting them was assassinated, the children attacked the imperial palace.

The empire declines at a rapid rate.

‘To change the future, I have to protect Grand Duke Prause from being assassinated and take good care of the children so they don’t turn black.’

No matter what happened, it was necessary to build up intimacy to the point of discussing it with me, rather than destroying the imperial palace first.

In order to do all of this, it was best for me to enter Prince Prause’s residence in the north.

through contract marriage.

‘If I become the grand duchess, it will be difficult for Tahar to marry the grand duke with an aide.’

The problem was how to get involved with him who, because of his trauma, hated to love women.

‘What kind of person is the grand duke now? I think I heard it was a half-dragon.’

Daniel Prause.

He already dies at the beginning of the game, but he has quite a few fans because of his handsome appearance and noble and quiet personality.

Was the keyword #no sympathy for women

that fans searched for in the original novel and added the juice that was missing?

‘It means he’s put an iron barrier on all the women who show interest in him.’

How should I get close to this man?

While thinking about it, someone entered the funeral home.

“I hear there is a funeral for Lady Rogelia.”

As soon as I turned my head to see who the visitor was, the back of my neck felt sore.

Evelyn Vliette, daughter of Count Vliette, a loyalist of Tahar.

It was the young lady who was later rejected by Tahar when he tried to marry Grand Duke Prause.

“The daughter of Count Vliette.”

My father called her in a cold voice.

But she just brushed her black hair and said hello.

“Your majesty. After hearing the news of Lady Roselia, I came to express my condolences.”

“… … .”

“the Empress and the Crown Prince were also very sorry that something unfortunate happened.”

Evelyn did not flinch in the slightest.

It really took a lot of courage to smile and act shamelessly in front of the emperor.

‘Since I was young, I’ve heard the voice of the next emperor’s loyalty, so I must be at ease.’

In fact, there were rumors in the social world that the crown prince was saving the beautiful young lady of Count Vliette as a secret card

[“Daniel Prause, who said he wasn’t interested in women, would be different for Lady Vliette.”]

[“It’s a young lady who will play a big role, so there’s nothing wrong with looking good. Where is the seat of Grand Duchess Prause special?”]

[“I’m going to be an adult next year, so I guess I’ll be looking at Grand Duke Prause from the crown prince’s side.”]

These were the stories I heard while sipping champagne behind a pillar alone because I couldn’t find a partner.

Perhaps because I had heard such words so many times, Lady Vliette also had no doubts that she would become Grand Duchess Prause.


She bowed her head to my father mockingly and approached the glass coffin where my mother was asleep.

With the bunch of chrysanthemums, the empress had ordered a week in advance.

I had no intention of just watching her, so I opened my mouth as she passed in front of me.

“Father, how old is Grand Duke Prause this year?”

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