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TNBTW-Chapter 29


In order to transform it into a complex cultural space, entertainment such as a theater would have to be built in the end, but it was unreasonable to build a building right now.

‘If we want to use the facilities we have, a night market that gives us a new feeling is perfect.’

Frey emphasized that the night market is a good way to add a pleasant image to a hard shopping market without building additional facilities. The deputy guild leader of the commercial guild, who was quietly listening, exclaimed.

“ Mr. Jakov, I think the Grand Duchess’s idea is really good.”

shouted Jakov unconsciously.

“shut up”

‘She is the princess who made a crown by cutting off a branch of a sacred tree and stole the Grand Duke Prause.’

Jacob did not agree with the words of Frey.

So said.

“But a market is a place to sell things, not a playground for children. Who wants to play in the shopping market while leaving a nice open space?”

Frey groaned and looked at Yakov.

‘This person doesn’t know the pleasure of watching a movie, eating food, and drinking coffee in the same building. If you go around the shopping mall to digest, you’ll buy a lot of things.’

She already knew that the way to drive sales in a slump was to add entertainment or attractions.

“All the restaurants and hotels in the imperial capital were built around theaters, opera houses and tourist attractions.”

“Yes, the nobles—”

“no. Commoners also used it quite a lot. People flock to places with something to see, and when their needs are satisfied, they naturally open their wallets.”

Although there was a VIP space for nobles, young men and young ladies secretly enjoyed drinking tea with commoners in one space. You can show your authority and build a friendly image.

‘Commoners often see nobles and sometimes talk to them, so the shopping market was relatively freer than the inside of the imperial palace.’

There were also a lot of commoners who asked nobles to invest, and nobles who wanted to scout clever people. Ultimately, if the shopping market becomes a place of exchange and enjoyment, people will flock to it even if the festival disappears.

After hearing Frey’s explanation, the deputy guild leader chimed in again without notice.

“Jakov, this is really a good idea”

“excuse me I will be back later ”

Jakov temporarily left the ranks with the subordinates without notice.

When he disappeared, the members of the Merchant Guild, who had been wary of me, now guided me through the mall with a more relaxed attitude than the first time.

“I didn’t know that Her Highness, the Grand Duchess, thought so much of the shopping market.”

“Please feel free to look around.”

“Thank you.”

Frey greeted each one of them with eye contact and then started looking around the mall. Her red eyes scanned the stall eagerly.

Daniel asked her, her eyes shining.

“Were you originally interested in the Grand Duke’s central shopping market?”

“It’s because I went shopping diligently. By the way, how about this?”

Frey pointed to a cute toy. Daniel immediately recognized her meaning.

“If it’s toys, there are plenty of them.”

“How am I supposed to know what toys they have when you don’t even show them?”

“We supply what they need on our own.”

“But people all love gifts. The kids will definitely be happy if they feel cared for.”

Frey smiled, thinking of the kindergarten children who were happy and smiling widely even after receiving a small gift.


Instead of stopping her, Daniel kept silent and watched Frey walk away.

‘I did more research on Prause’s market than I thought.’

I knew that the merchants’ gaze toward him was not good, so there was a reason why I asked to follow him. If you add a festival to a shopping street and transform it into a cultural space, the whole shopping market will surely liven up.

‘Looking at me giving an appropriate opinion, he seems to have a sense of his own.’

It seems that pouring astronomical money into the Capital shopping center was not in vain.

I was putting a lot of effort into renewing the image of the wicked princess, and the reaction was not bad.

‘If it’s to press the top of the Gelon, I Will take care of the shopping market revival.’

To pack up the top, I have to be friendly with the merchants first, so I will be working hard on this site for the time being.

I just had to wait for a divorce a few years later, as she had assured him.

Daniel had just finished organizing his thoughts.

“majesty. As you can see, right after you arrive, someone is following you. It must be because of lady Frey.”

said Luke, who came with him as an escort.

Daniel answered in a low voice.

“It’s obvious who sent it.”

“It will be either the Crown Prince or your side.”

Instead of saying he would deal with the suspicious person right away, Luke looked at Daniel.

“Your Highness. What should I do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Anyway, the spy isn’t ours.”


“The current situation is obviously a surprise, so even if we couldn’t protect the princess by mistake, it’s not our fault.”

A strange look appeared in Luke’s eyes.

“Why don’t you end your marriage at this point that doesn’t even suit you?” It would be hard work to pretend to be promiscuous to someone like your Highness.”

Daniel turned his gaze to Frey without a word.

Frey was picking out toys with a maid who had joined her after running an errand. A bright smile spread across her face. In an instant, a glimpse of himself in the future came to Daniel’s mind.

[“Frey. You can’t get out of the palace.”]

If the princess was sent away pretending to be a mistake, what would the face of his future self, who had even taken off her shirt ugly, look like?

“Luke. Do you think I would be in pain if the princess disappeared from the world?”

Luke blinked at the unexpected question.

“Hmm, if you had a bereavement party all night and were told to pour and drink, you’d have a bit of a hangover.”

“I think so too.”

Daniel glared precisely at the location of the assassin between the shops.

“I’m not reluctant to act the way the prince wants, so take care of her first.”

Luke looked at his master and fell into confusion for a moment.

“Your Highness, That woman is sure to become a burden. Besides, judging from the fact that he kept the children in mind, he knew that they were transcendental beings somewhere…”


Daniel cut off his words in a firm voice.

“I would have told you not to speak out about it.”

“Sorry. But that woman… Shit, at least with my sword, I don’t want to save it.”

“With such a disrespectful attitude, you have risen to the level of a master.”

“I was about to finally rise to the position of master and receive the protection of the dragon, but you know that woman cut off the branch that will bear the fruit, so it’s still like this.”

Luke tightened his back and showed off his red wings. It was far too small to put his human-shaped body in the air.

“If that woman hadn’t touched Prause’s tree, it would have been a wonderful dragon wing stuck in my back. It’s not the tiny serpent wings.”

“Stop, it’s enough.”

Daniel passed Luke by.

Meanwhile, Frey came out of the toy store with a satisfied face.

“Lina, do I have a small gift?”

“Um, I guess not.”

Lina looked back. Frey employees following her were struggling to carry gift boxes piled high above her height. But Frey’s face was ambiguous as if she were not satisfied.

‘It would be nice if there were cars, planes, or dinosaur toys.’

By the time she was browsing the shops for anything similar to the toys that were popular in the modern era.


The sharp blade of the assailant cut through the air, closing the distance in an instant. Those who belatedly recognized the blade intruding into their field of vision could not even scream and opened their eyes wide and…

“stop it.”

Powerful magic shook with a calm voice. Countless magic circles surrounded people. Daniel’s elaborate magic circle also reached Frey.


The assailant, unable to decapitate Frey within a finger’s length, gnashed his teeth.

Daniel ordered Luke with a nonchalant face.

“I beg you to catch him.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Luke turned to the assailant with a sullen face. Daniel also approached Frey to check on her.

However, Frey’s reaction was a bit different from what the two expected.

“The wooden horse toy is very cute, isn’t it?”


Lina and the maids were the only ones who trembled and screamed. Even with a few strands of her beautiful blonde hair flying around, Frey was surprisingly unconcerned. It’s as if she’s been through these death threats countless times.

That undisturbed face actually weighed on the consciences of Daniel and Luke.

“Frey. Where did you get hurt?”

When Daniel asked, Frey answered in a plain tone.

“Everything is fine. I am used to it.”

A bitter smile crept across her lips.

“The threat of death, and the way each other put off who will bear the burden of me.”

Neither Daniel nor Luke could answer her words.

* * *

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