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TNBTW-Chapter 28


I thought we would use the magic circle moving midway through, but Daniel didn’t.

He said that the people of the territory feel relieved when he shows himself, the owner of the Grand Duke, looking everywhere.

‘He is also a good owner. It would be great if we could continue to meet as business partners.’

It took about an hour by carriage to reach the plaza where the shop is.

By the way, is it because we spent our first night together?

‘It’s more awkward than when heading north from the imperial palace after the ceremony!’

To me, the carriage with Daniel alone was like a ‘thinking chair’ on wheels. This is not something to be punished for. Just when I thought I was looking at the view outside the window in silence, Daniel spoke to me.

“I have a question.”

“Oh, I didn’t know you were interested in me.”


I can’t even joke, very much.

“If you ask me anything, I will do my best to answer.”

If necessary, I could lie a little. I’m not as naive as Daniel, so I’m good at lying.

It’s a part that I developed to survive in the situation in my previous life where there was no one who believed in me and supported me. However, his question was lighter than expected.

“Why did you suddenly follow me? Not Stay in the castle and look for the children.”

Anyone who hears it will misunderstand that you are talking to a kidnapper.

“There must be a reason why the father of the child blocks access. He thought getting recognized by me came first.”

I shamelessly blinked one eye.

“Of course, I also had a strong desire to go on a date with the Grand Duke.”


“But you said that marriage is difficult because you are promiscuous, so you can always get out of the procession and go to another woman.”

Daniel felt strangely ashamed whenever I reminded him of the promiscuous image he had improvised.

It’s fun to tease him because he keeps showing this reaction. It was fun to watch the purple eyes and the ruddy face roll sideways.


“I told you. Be at ease all the time.”

“I will ask you something else.”

I nodded my head, thinking that it would be difficult for ‘#a man not interested to women’ to have a conversation on this topic.

Daniel asked as if he had been waiting.

“I want to know how much the princess’s divine power is.”

“Grand Duchess Prause, now.”


“As for my divine power…”

Naturally, my father’s evaluation of my divine power came to mind.

[“If you kill about five undead monsters, you will get tired. But it’s enough to intimidate them from approaching.”]

[“Honestly, you are not strong right now, but if you train, you will grow soon. Let me give you some tips.”]

It’s normal now, but there is potential for growth.

Although the current situation is unfortunate, it was a hopeful evaluation in its own way.

But I can’t tell Daniel now that my divine power is insignificant.’

He might think that I was deceived because I was in a position to benefit from the greater my divine power.

So I chose the words in my heart. I trained as my father taught me, so little by little, but my divine power is getting more sophisticated. If I come into contact with the Spirit of Knowledge, my growth will be faster.

“Daniel, it is possible enough to help you.”


“If you are in danger of being cursed or poisoned, I can save it.”

Prevent Daniel Prause from being assassinated by a spy sent by Tahar. Ihave not forgotten that it is one of my main missions to change the future.

“I am not easily affected by curses or poisons. Even if the Duke of Gelon comes.”

Daniel replied as if it were natural. That’s true, Grand Duke Prause was strong. The modifier transcendence did not exist for nothing.

‘But Tahar assassinated Daniel in a special way.’ I’ll have to do a little more research to find out what that method is, but—

“I will help and save you to the best of my ability, so I am asking you to do the same.”

I smiled cautiously at him.

“If that happens, will Daniel protect me?”


Daniel looked at me with a complicated face instead of answering that he would protect me.

“What do you want me to protect from?”

“Well, from everything that threatens me. I would be grateful if you consider it a husband’s duty.”


“Don’t react as if you heard a dog eating grass like that.”

I had a hunch.

Now was the time to pretend to be weak and pitiful in front of Daniel to ensure his safety.

“As you know, members of the aristocratic faction, including His Highness the Crown Prince and Her Majesty the Empress, do not like me.”

“Maybe it’s because of what you did.”

“how can you think that without knowing the reason?”

I tried to make the most innocent and pitiful face.

“On the surface, I would say that, but in reality, it is probably because I am the daughter of a commoner mother.”

It is a fact that everyone in the capital city does not know that the aristocratic faction regards me as a thorn in the eye. Daniel seemed to agree with me to some extent about my pity, seeing as he didn’t argue with me this time.

“Anyway, since I inherited the divine power, he might kill me thinking I would be a threat to the throne.”

My heart sank at the word “killing”,but I pretended to be calm.

“Yes. You could die if I leave you alone. If an assassin appears, will you fight with this headless body or will you run away?”

Daniel didn’t say anything when he saw my body that didn’t seem to have power.

It seems that cutting off this body is a comfortable and easy thing for an assassin to do. Just because I have divine power doesn’t mean I can defend against physical attacks.

If you send me in a surprise attack, before I even activate my divine power, I’ll be dead.’

It would be nice if I had confidence in physical war like Daniel.

“So please take care of me, Daniel.”

I asked him with a shameless face and closed my eyes.

I was thinking of pretending to be asleep until I got to the plaza where the shop is.

Of course, I couldn’t really fall asleep.

‘How can I sleep when I don’t know when and where the person sent by the prince will kill me?’

Even in the imperial palace where the emperor is, they continued to bully me, and they couldn’t suddenly give up just because I left for the north.

When they see me handling the divine power, their eyes turn around and they follow me more tenaciously.

I never thought for a moment that he would let me go.

‘Because Tahar’s inferiority to divine power must be so great that he can’t help it.’

If that’s the case, I have no choice but to pretend to be sick and pitiful and prepare in my own way.

“Get off.”

As the carriage stopped, Daniel held out his hand.

I thought he would leave me alone, but he escorted me.

As I took his hand and got off, I saw the citizens of the Grand Duke of Prause surrounding us.

“That’s the vicious Princess Frey…?”

“The rumor that she is more beautiful than Lady Roselia is not lies.”

“Anyway, Grand Duke Prause escorted a woman like that.”

People murmured just because Daniel’s hand touched me.

As if the filthy princess had been purified by the Grand Duke Prause. It was revealed how much the locals respect Daniel, the owner. 

“Your Highness grand duke Prause. Thank you for visiting us today.”

The man, who seemed to be a merchant, bowed his head to Daniel and threw his gaze at me.

“Greetings to Her Highness, Grand Duchess. I am Jakov, the guild leader of the Merchants Guild. 

Welcome to the market.”

His face was far from welcome, but I responded appropriately to his greeting.

Jakov moved his large arms around and guided the party from grand duke Prause.

I took a closer look at the tattoo on his forearm and walked with Daniel.

‘Lina will do the important things anyway.’

I glanced over and saw that Lina was snooping around to purchase necessary items as I ordered.

Some of the employees living in the grand duke’s mansion were also following along and looking around the store, so Lina’s actions did not stand out too much.

‘Please, Lina.’

I decided to trust her expertise and she Will buy that item.  so I  moved on.

‘They say it’s the busiest market in the Grand Duke, but the scale is smaller than I thought.’

I can see why Daniel comes here every two weeks to look around. Northern commerce was far behind the capital. Daniel seemed concerned about that too.

“The market is still empty.”

“Well, as you know, the rate of self-sufficiency is high, and everyone buys what they need from a nearby store.”

Jakov explained. Well, from the grand duke’s point of view, it would be economically beneficial and easy to manage if large-scale commercial districts were lively, but only the local supermarkets were succeeding.

‘Shall I say something from the perspective of a shopaholic in the capital?’

I waited until Jakov and Daniel did not speak, and then I opened my mouth.

* * * 

The head of Grand Duke Prause’s first merchant guild, Jakov, was bad mood right now.

It was because of the talkative me.

“According to research, people in the north only visit the central shopping district when they need something that cannot be obtained from the street shops. Right?”

Daniel was listening to me as if he was surprised.

‘Does it mean that I prepared well enough to look good to my husband?’

Jakov replied with even more boredom.

“yes, that’s true.”

“Anyway, when the sun goes down, it gets really cold, so they don’t want to go far away to find daily necessities, and because of that, the alley shops will handle a variety of things.”

“Yes, it is.”

he thought to himself.

‘It’s absurd that the half-princess, who was only playing and eating under the emperor’s protection in the first place, came up with these measures.’

However, I did not get discouraged by my words and came up with an alternative.

How about holding a night market once every week?” said me.

Jakov was a little bewildered by the unexpected alternative.

“Night Market…?”

“If it is held like a festival, the number of people visiting the central shopping district will increase during that period. It’ll help the accommodation businesses, too.”

The princess who took away Daniel Prause for power was more talkative than expected.

‘Pretending to know when you don’t even know the box of commerce.’

It must be a trick to impress Grand Duke Prause.

Jakov contradicted Frey’s words, unconcerned.

“As a humble person, I can’t dare imagine what kind of life Frey led in the capital, but the people of the north sleep at night.”

Jakov’s voice was sweet, but there were spikes in his words.

As if to say that the claim of the princess, who only knew luxury and entertainment, was absurd.

“Even if we make a night market, it will only fly.”

But Frey didn’t agree.

“I think it will be a great help to overall sales if we create something to enjoy and transform the central shopping district into a space where we can find it even when we want to play.”

* * * 

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