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TNBTW-Chapter 27


It was several days later that Baron Holt’s reply arrived to Frey.

The letter was this.

[Princess Frey. Congratulations on becoming Grand Duchess. We will send you the ownership certificates and gemstones of the rose quartz mines acquired through our Holt Merchant.]

The baron ended the letter by saying that he wished well for his daughter, Lina, who was lacking in many ways.

‘My father must have felt this way too.’

Frey smiled as she read the last part of the letter, which felt heartfelt.

“Baron Holt doesn’t seem to know how much Lina helps me.”

“No, your Highness. What do you mean by help?”

“Thanks for making things easier for me, Lina. The payment has been delivered to the baron’s subordinates who brought the letter, so don’t worry.”

Frey carefully checked the certificate of mine ownership and the condition of the gemstone that came with it. No matter how much the true value of rose quartz was not revealed, the mine included the land price, so the expenditure was high.

However, when I saw the condition of the gemstone, I didn’t think it was a waste.


I can’t believe I bought gemstones full of these at a bargain price.’

It wasn’t just the mines owned by Baron Holt that Frey took over.

She robbed the money and bought all the nearby mines, which the Southern family owners treated as a nuisance complex because they were not particularly profitable.

‘By now, some people will laugh at me for wasting money.’

But now she was just proud to have prepared a strong foundation by selling luxurious dresses that she wouldn’t even wear now.

In addition, the condition of the rose quartz was wonderful the more I looked at it. The baron must be paying a lot of attention to mining. I can’t believe this color came out even before special treatment.’ Baron Holt seems to be a sincere and decent person just like I saw in the original story.

While I thought so and immersed myself in looking at the gemstones, Lina blinked with a puzzled look on her face.

‘Is Frey going to do jewelry business for the common people?’

From their conversations over the next few days, Illina knew that Frey had a strong interest in the business. However, no matter how many different cases were calculated, Frey’s selection of business items was poor.

Isn’t rose quartz a resource that all Southern families gave up?

‘It would have been a better choice to buy a small gold mine.’

Lina looked at Frey with a worried face. Frey could feel the gaze without looking.

“Lina. Are you wondering why I am buying a rose quartz mine?”

“yes…No matter how much I calculate, I don’t think rose quartz will be worth it.”

“It is.” Frey agreed, naturally.

At this point, it was correct to judge that profitability was low because it had been calculated by substituting predictable variables.

It would be fortunate if there were no losses.

However, a completely different result came out when calculating the various processing methods of the ore.

“You’ll find out when we get back from the outing today. Before that, I have something to ask of you.”

Frey put down the cup she had finished drinking from and whispered something to Lina.

“All you have to do is follow me out and buy me the things I just said. If someone asks where you want to use it, you say that you drink it as tea because you brew it.”

“Tea with these ingredients?”

Lina frowned as if the thought of it was terrifying.

“It means to cover it up roughly.”

Frey gave a smirk and organized the schedule in her head.

She was going to go out today for the first time since entering the Grand Duke’s House.

‘Because the materials needed for processing rose quartz will be sold at the market.’

I still didn’t have enough people to go on a secret outing. It would be in perfect condition to be attacked by an assassin sent by someone.

However, she couldn’t have Lina, the one and only maid, or Emma,  who hadn’t even learned the geography of the surroundings, run errands.

‘It’s a situation where I have to go myself after all.’

So Frey waited for Daniel’s regular day out.

‘I think Grand Duke Prause is a very good leader. Seeing him go out every two weeks and observe the lives of the people.’

I had to admit it.

He was not a good husband, judging from the fact that he sent his partner away in the middle of the first night. However, his character and mindset as a monarch were impeccable.

“Then let’s go.”

After getting ready to go out in a bright pink dress, gloves, and a thick coat, Frey quickly headed to the center of the Grand Duke’s residence.

Every time her hair gently swayed, the eyes of the employees were mesmerized.

‘There’s a reason why people call the princess a witch.’

‘Is there a man who doesn’t fall for that kind of look?’

‘On the first night, she woke up in the Grand Duchess’s room.’

‘But His Highness’s bed is definitely…’

As Frey showed off her beauty without adding or subtracting, the employees became confused day by day. Because they are proud, Daniel Prause, was a man for now.

Frey gave them a light smile and looked around.

Coincidentally, Daniel was just getting in the inspection carriage.

“Daniel, are you going out?”


Frey grabbed the carriage door and stopped Daniel, who was about to leave.

“Daniel, it is my role as the Grand Duchess to take care of the Grand Duchess’s household.”

“Princess, I think it would be better to stay in the mansion for safety.”

Are you talking about making a laurel wreath from Prause’s tree? Or my overall reputation?

Frey got stabbed a lot but went out brazenly as usual.

“I think it’s safest next to you. And, we haven’t even had a date yet, have we?”

Frey climbed into the carriage, saying something she didn’t mean to say. Once Frey took the next seat, Daniel had no choice but to give up.

He said in a voice mixed with a sigh before the carriage departed.

“I definitely warned you, Princess Frey.”

“Thanks to you, I can see how much my husband cares about my safety. And that you have no intention of calling me Grand Duchess.”


“Don’t worry. I’m going with Grand duke Prause, would they like to throw a stone at me?”

“Eggs would be a possibility.”

“I can’t believe they hate me that much?”

Frey swallowed dryly and shuddered once again.

“If someone throws an egg, I take it and incubate it. If a yellow and soft chick is born, the children will be very happy.”

Daniel frowned when Frey spoke kindly.

“Princess Frey. I said I wouldn’t show the children.”

“Because I don’t have a good reputation, right?”

“That’s right.”

Frey was not at all disappointed by Daniel’s cold reply.

‘Forbidding a man he judged to be harmful to the children. That’s the attitude of good parenting.’

She only thought of meeting future male leads by quickly renewing her harmful image. Daniel wondered at Frey, who seemed rather relieved.

“Let’s go now.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

The horsemen grabbed the reins and shook them lightly. Servants and knights followed to help the Prause couple on their first outing.

And, at the detached palace inside the Grand Duke’s residence, two boys were watching a rather luxurious procession.

“Arsene, I guess he’s going out!”

Damon, the older of Daniel’s twins, clung to the window frame and jumped like a rabbit, and looked out the window.

The red hair swayed whenever the child jumped. The brown eyes looking at the archduke’s carriage were full of joy and affection.

It was up to the knights of the royal villa to be nervous that the transcendent, who was not yet four years old, would get hurt.

“Mister Damon, be careful!”

“If you don’t do this, you won’t see it.”

“Young master!”

However, even the knights could not carelessly touch Damon.

‘If that little child went on a rampage…’

‘His Highness also told me to avoid direct contact as much as possible since the young master can’t control their power.’

As always, noticing that they couldn’t get closer, Damon asked his younger brother, Arsene, who was sitting under the window.

“Would you like me to buy some cookies for us?”



Damon, who continued to look outside on behalf of his quiet younger brother, soon noticed something different than usual.

“Arsene, who is he with?”

“Who? Sir Luke?”

“no. female!”


At that word, Arsene, who had been sitting for a while, also got up from her seat and grabbed the window sill, and started jumping.


“huh. I just walked into the carriage.”

“he with a woman?”



The two children, who had been skipping beats, stopped at the same time and looked at each other.

“Could it be that person…”

“Is she our mother?”


The eyes of Damon and Arsene, who had been whispering in each other’s ears, began to twinkle.

* * *

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