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TNBTW-Chapter 24


“Well, Ilina, Emma, thank you very much for your consideration…”

‘The moment I wear something like this, it’s a divorce.’ If I said that, it would look strange.

People in the world know that I used the right to obedience because I passionately loved Daniel Prause. Since I have to constantly seduce him in order to win his love, I can understand why Lina and Emma put so much effort into it.

‘But these clothes are a little…’

At the end of my thoughts, I quietly lowered my eyes.

“I’m a bit shy about wearing clothes like this…”


Lina looked like she never thought I would be embarrassed. However, she soon agreed with an expression that seemed to say, ‘Learning complete.’

“I’m sorry, the Grand Duchess. I couldn’t bear to consider that variable.”

“no. In other fields, there is no shame. But the first night is a different field.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

Somehow, it feels like I’m learning something from artificial intelligence. Emma listened quietly to our conversation and said,

“Then why don’t you wear the bottom slip? I heard that is the most innocent type.”

“Ah, then I’ll do that.”

Fortunately, the ‘innocent type’ did not have any problems other than the silhouette of the body being exposed.

In addition, I have worn this kind of clothes several times at a mask dance that I secretly attended.

No one cursed at me for having a low bloodline when I wore a mask.’

I didn’t have close friends or a group to hang out with, so I wanted to be among people.

“I need to get changed soon.”

It didn’t take long to change into a white slip. The only decorations were lace and string, so there was nothing special to wear. Although the body was revealed because the material was silk, it was also fortunate that the length was long enough to cover the knees.

The other clothes in the box were short enough to make me wonder if it was a dress and not a top.

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess, you look really good. If this is the case, even the Grand Duke… oh.”

Emma stopped talking and kept her mouth shut.

In the past, I would not have tolerated the fact that I had to flirt without pride in order to get something.

“Thank you. I hope the Grand Duke Prause likes it as much as you did.”

Emma and Illina’s eyes twinkled.

It’s a pleasure to know someone’s hard work.

‘I’ll continue to say thank you to both of them.’

I put on my gown and left the room.

My bedroom was so far from Prince Prause’s bedroom that I almost had to cross it.


‘A moving magic circle?’

When I left the room, a bright moving magic circle was waiting for me.

The same magical power I felt when Daniel read my future.

Apparently, this magic circle was prepared by His Highness the grand duke himself.

Are you telling me not to go around in all directions because nothing will happen anyway?’

Even in my opinion, it was an interesting topic to talk about how the princess went to the Grand Duke before the first night after the forced marriage.

The Grand Duke had no hesitation in making himself a promiscuous man, but he didn’t want to get involved with me even in rumors….

‘Rather good.’

From my point of view, the colder he was, the easier the divorce was, so I was grateful.

“Then have a nice dream, everyone.”


After a brief greeting, when I put my hand on the magic circle, a brilliant magical energy enveloped my whole body. Before I even opened my eyes, a nice scent wafted in and I knew that the space had changed.

A clean floral scent.

and… … Soap scent?

“Daniel, did you wash?”

I opened my eyes.

Then, in the moonlight, I saw Daniel staring at me in a white shirt.

‘I can understand why people dug up a man who started dying.’

Silver hair that is slightly wet at the end and purple eyes that seem to attract people. Contrary to the docile face, the body was built with muscles as if revealing the fact that dragon blood was mixed. A sculptural handsome man like this, you won’t get tired of looking at it for 85 years.

In the meantime, why did the northerners believe the rumor that Grand Duke Prause, who had a good and noble disposition for generations, was promiscuous?

Everyone who actually saw Daniel would believe him.’

This man would set fire to women’s hearts just by showing up without saying a word.

“Isn’t it time to end the day?”

Daniel said as if he had any other reason to wash.

Apparently, this man doesn’t know what it means for a man to wash and wait on the first night. The situation would have been a bit embarrassing if I had come wearing the net recommended by AI, no, Lina.

“Then I will sleep on the sofa.”

I pointed to the wooden sofa against the wall in the hallway.

By now, the hallway was full of employees wondering what the hell was going on in the room.

There was no other seat than that sofa to produce the proper ‘sound effect’.

‘really… … It’s difficult to secure a position as a grand duchess.’

But Daniel stared at the sofa and said.

“Princess Frey, please sleep on the bed.”

“Then what about Daniel?”

“Thanks to my pedigree, I don’t mind not sleeping for days.”

“But it’s a bit… to take someone else’s bed.”

The carriage trip must have been really hard.

It was impossible to refuse Daniel’s bed, which was as soft as the one in my room.

I sat with my back against the head of the bed.

Daniel was sitting on the sofa prepared for reading and was absorbed in reading books on economics.

I waited until he had read about ten more pages before I lucked out.

“Hey, Daniel. I want to start slowly.”

“What do you mean?”

He spoke in a low-pitched voice as if he were concentrating on his book.

I can’t believe a man who made a rumor that he was promiscuous reacts so poorly to the concept.

Somehow I wanted to tease him a little bit.

“It is the first night of the honeymoon. There is no way that the grand duke, who has created two out-of-wedlock children, would not know what to do.”

“… … .”

The self-proclaimed promiscuous man closed his mouth like a clam and avoided my gaze.

“Then I will take care of it, so please read the book comfortably.”

But just because I said it out loud didn’t mean I could do anything.

I am… … I’ve never been in a relationship before or in this life.

‘But if it’s an indirect experience!’

Shall we break the bed like we read in a novel on the first night of the honeymoon?

Then the employees would say, ‘Oh, you must have done something in bed.’

you would think To give the impression that the marriage was consummated because the first night was spent while giving the assurance that the two will get divorced one day because they are not on good terms… … .

‘As expected, make the bed too—wait a minute.’

However, with only the divine power of purification and healing, I didn’t think I could break Daniel’s wooden bed.

Then Even a strange voice?

“Big, big.”

As I cleared my throat, Daniel closed the book as if he knew what was going to happen.

“Princess Frey. Why are you even doing that?”


No, I’m suddenly hit with reality when he asks with such contempt.

However, Daniel seemed to want to hear an answer from the bottom of his heart. I tapped the head of the bed.

“I’ll answer you if you let me crack a little here.”



good. At this level, the employees will also imagine. I answered him as promised.

“You already know what I want, right? It’s to hit Gelon and avenge my mother. Of course, the process will help you.”

“I understand the princess’s feelings, but it’s not a goal that can be achieved overnight, so it’s better not to think too impatiently.”

“Is it because I broke your bed in my impatience that you care so much?”

When I made a joke, he laughed. The day will come when Daniel will laugh at my jokes.

‘At this rate, it might be possible to remain a good business partner even after the divorce.’

Thanks to that, I felt more at ease and was able to confide.

“Isn’t it strange? I know it’s not my fault that my mother died… Now that my mother has died, I feel like I need to wake up and achieve her goal.”


“Since I survived that situation without dying, I think I have to pay the price. It seems to be a courtesy to the deceased.”

As I finished speaking, I glanced up to see that he was agitated.

I already knew why.

Because he also had memories of losing his mother and father at the same time. Losing both of his parents at the same time at a much younger age than me must have been very shocking. Those who have not yet lost a loved one may not be able to relate.

Somehow, I felt like I had something in common with him that hurt me.

I turned around and asked him.

“Daniel Prause. Were you having a hard time too?”

When I asked, he looked at me without saying anything.

He looked at me for several minutes.

With eyes that never knew what he was thinking, over and over again.

‘Not saying anything isn’t a good sign.’

For a moment, I thought I might have made a mistake.

For Daniel Prause, childhood memories are trauma itself.

If you’re thinking about that time because of me… There’s no such thing as intimacy.

‘As expected, we’re not too close to having a conversation like this.’

Even if it’s a situation where you spend the first night together in the bedroom.

I thought it would be better to try to talk until here.


He woke up from his thoughts only after his name was called.


“No. I think it’s because I’m tired, but I’m going to sleep soon.”

If they see a broken bed, the employees will take care of the delusion that begins with the exclamation ‘To the extent that the bed is broken?’

I didn’t get kicked out in the middle either. This was quite satisfying for the first night of a contract marriage.

“Then good night, princess.”

“Thank you. Good night, Daniel.”

“I plan to finish reading the book I was reading.”

Daniel stepped away as if to say he had no intention of sharing or taking away the bed. It would have been too much to open the gate with magic to come from the capital to the northern part of the empire, but he had no idea.

I was a little worried about his health, but I couldn’t help but close my eyes.

* * *

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