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TNBTW-Chapter 23




When I called again, Daniel didn’t look at me.

 I’m dying of awkwardness

It seemed that I would not be able to endure the long travel time. Even if you teleport with the magic of the Grand Duke in between, it takes hours.

So, I succinctly put it into A joke again.

“Or is there a change in your thoughts about skipping the first night?”

Then Daniel, who seemed to be frozen forever, glanced at me.

“Not like that.”

It’s an embarrassing answer, but….

Seeing his face slightly turned towards me along with stiff honorifics, II had no choice but to swallow my dry saliva. His immaculate skin was red as if it had been exposed to the hot sun.  The bottom of the two eyes that were coolly open was bright.

‘Are you doing this because you’re shy?’

From his reaction, anyone would think I was talking about high-level obscenities.

Daniel’s face was like a blushed.

No matter how much he is a man whose keyword is ‘#no interested for women

“The word ‘first night’ made him blush while washing his image, saying that he was promiscuous.’

I held back my laughter and asked teasingly.

“Daniel. How did you make an out-of-wedlock while ripening red from the word of the first night?”

“ Princess Frey. I think that’s a personal question.”

“Respond or not, do as you, please. 

But I hope I can quickly meet the two out-of-wedlock.”

It’s very important to build relationships with them.

Daniel said firmly, perhaps noticing the subtle obsession in my voice.

“That’s not possible.”

“The children would be disappointed if they couldn’t see their stepmother’s face. They may feel left out.”


“yes. Since the ceremony was held, am I the Grand Duchess?”

The more I spoke, the more his expression hardened.

By the time he finished speaking, he even furrowed his eyebrows as if he had heard an absurd claim.

“No matter what beautiful woman and private way you raise children, they are like my children.”

Why? His eyes fluttered for a moment.

He seemed to think for a moment, then replied.

“That’s true, but not all parents will have a positive effect on their children.”

So, this….

‘If the new Grand Duchess doesn’t have anything to learn from it, it’s better not to show it to the children.’

Do you mean that?

“Well, I get what you mean.”

I decided to lower my tail first. Although the guardian praises the desire to show only good things to his child.

‘you don’t even know what my previous job was!’

Since I’m serious about taking care of the babies, Daniel’s reaction was somehow unfair.

“Daniel, after a while you will find out that your suspicions towards me are prejudiced.”

“If that happens, I won’t ask for anything more.”

I didn’t live a noble life in the past…… Well, everyone lives by repenting of their old mistakes, right?”

“… ….”

“And why, everyone matures when they get married. I got married and had two sons at the same time, so I will grow up faster.”

When I insisted on it, Daniel ended the conversation with an exasperated face and said, ‘I hope so.’

It was late in the evening when the carriage arrived at Grand Duke Prause’s residence.


As they got off the carriage with Daniel’s escort, the employees of grand duke Prause bowed their heads in line.

“Greetings to His Highness the Grand Duke and Her Highness the Grand Duchess.”

Polite greeting.

But there was nothing of respect in their eyes as they glanced at me.

Soon the butler, who was in the carriage, bowed his head to me.

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. I formally greet you. I am Baron, a butler.”

“ah… … nice to meet you.”

“It’s getting late, so I’ll introduce you briefly to a few vassals and servants.”

The elderly butler introduced about ten people.

The problem was that their eyes looking at me were brutal.

‘Are they protesting as a group saying they don’t like me?’

I forcibly took the naive grand duke and made him out of stock, so they won’t like me.

However, the dissatisfaction in their eyes seemed to be quite deep.

At this point, there was one thing that bothered me.

‘… … Did I do something unfortunate to the Grand Duke Prause and then forget about it?’

It would be good to find out about this as soon as the day dawns.

‘I know very well that the employees don’t welcome me.’

Anyway, just because they didn’t like me, I didn’t intend to accept that evaluation as it was.

It’s a completely different story when an employee doesn’t like me and shows resentment against me.

I straightened my neck and looked at them.

“Nice to meet you, everyone. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

Since it was late, it seemed that the tour of the grand duke’s residence and the introduction of detailed employees would be postponed until tomorrow.

“Then go to sleep, Princess Frey.”

Daniel said politely.

It seemed that she had no intention of calling me Grand Duchess.

“Yes, grand duke. Shall we go?”

“Baron. Guided the princess to the bedroom of the grand duchess…..”

I cut off his words as he naturally tried to separate me.

“Wait. Shall we talk quietly for a moment?”

“It’s getting late, so I’d better do it tomorrow.”

I followed Daniel as he headed to my bedroom, and tried to speak with him.

“Daniel. Even if you skip the first night, you should take me to the same room. Who would follow the Grand Duchess who was ignored by the Grand Duke from the first night?”

“That makes sense. but-“

“I know very well that you have two children out of wedlock with an unknown lover, so I will sleep without holding hands.”

“… … .”

Daniel was strangely ashamed of the rumors about his promiscuous private life.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the proper sound effects and direction.”

“What the hell are you going to direct?…”

He frowned as if recalling a nightmare.

It seems that he has received the minimum amount of sex education to pass on to the generations.

I pushed through the gap.

“I heard that in the North, marriage is not recognized if the couple stays in separate rooms on the first night.”

“It’s just an old custom you don’t have to care about.”

“The employees of Prause may think so, but the general territories are not.”

If rumors spread that the princess was rudely beaten by the grand duke, it would become an obstacle to business in the future. In the Prause estate, where the Grand Duke is like a king, no one will partner with a woman the Grand Duke hates.

After explaining that, Daniel reluctantly changed his words.

“Then I’ll see you later in my bedroom.”

You don’t even use the word “our bedroom.”

However, I had no reason to refute it because it was comfortable for me to share a room with him.

* * *

“ah… … good night.”

As I soaked in the hot tub, the voice like an old man came out.

It seems that I was nervous without knowing it during the carriage trip with Daniel.

‘It would be better if I went to sleep like this.’

Unlike me, who used to enjoy personal revenge, Daniel was a person who knew how to set a basic example.

The room he prepared for the Grand Duchess was quite luxurious.

It wasn’t as good as my original room, which was gorgeous with jewels and handicrafts, but it had enough dignity.

‘Looking at it now, simple furniture is fine.’


Just when I threw myself on the bed as usual, Lina raised the frame of her glasses with her fingertips and spoke to me.

“Her Highness the Grand Duchess.”


okay. now a grand duchess.

Grand Duchess Prause.

I wasn’t conscious of the employees because they looked at me like a stranger, but when Lina called me like this, I felt it.

“Iina, what happened?”

When I asked, Iina said in an analytical manner, like a professor on the day of a research presentation.

“I researched in advance what items were needed for the first night and prepared them.”

As she said, Emma held out a large box to me.

“Princess Frey, anything would suit you!”

– while saying.

‘It’ll look good on me?’

Feeling ominous, I opened the box.

just as expected.

‘What is all this?

The box was filled with thin slips that Daniel Prause would be horrified to see. Maybe the fabric was a little short during the production process, but it looked like it would blow through the wind…

‘no way.’

If you go out wearing something like this, it might give the impression that ‘I promised to get a divorce was a lie, and I’m actually going to seduce you!’

What about Daniel?

He’ll be terrified and try hardest to get me out.

Considering my situation where I had to stick to the palace of the Grand Duke for at least two years and seven months, such net-like clothes were absolutely forbidden. Whether they knew what I was feeling or not, Lina and Emma had proud faces.

“We comprehensively analyzed Her Highness, Her Highness’ hair color, eye color, and body shape, and delivered the design that would suit for yuu.”

“yes that’s right! I’m the one who ordered the clothes. I had enough extra money thanks to the job you entrusted me with last time.”

No, the gold coin was for you to buy something delicious to eat….

“Also, as a result of analyzing the taste of His Highness Grand Duke Prause by analyzing the rumors, the corresponding outfits match the taste of His Highness by more than 90%.”

“The Lady of Baron Holt did a good job analyzing it.”

No, I wonder how diligently Lina had been gathering information to include such a tool.

Is it AI? Artificial intelligence?

‘Daniel, how hard did he spread rumors that he became a man with a taste for sex?’

What happened to that naive man?

Now that I had to choose one of these net-like clothes, I was desperate to ask him.

* * *

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