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TNBTW-Chapter 22


It was a little early, but now was the time to use it.

Like this.

I fiddled with the scroll I had hidden in my arms. Then, at my request, the holy power that my father had stored in the scroll was wrapped around my fingers, emitting a faint light.

Daniel asked right away.

“Princess, is it divine power?”

“yes. But it’s not my divine power. As a wedding present, my father gave me divine power in the Scroll of the Mage Tower.”

I told him the truth so that only he could hear it.

I thought about it for a while when Daniel sent a letter asking me to be careful.

Whether it’s an assassination, or people falling down one after another because their food is poisoned. Now that I have divine power, I can overcome most situations.

‘Because I’m under heavy surveillance for the queen assassinating my mother and giving me fertility drugs, so a coup would be impossible.’

But it was more like a trap. If you have to work at a wedding hall where there are many people to overpower and many eyes to see, the reason is…

‘You’re trying to see what my divine power is.’

After I was judged to have divine power, I deliberately hid the size of my power.

So that those who hate me misunderstand, ‘Isn’t my power too big to hide?’

So instead of using my own divine power, I intended to use my father’s divine power prepared in advance.

‘Using someone else’s divine power is possible only if you have at least some talent in the divine power.’

People like me were found to have divine powers or priests who practiced faithfulness throughout their lives.

However, Tahar’s affinity for a divine power was so low that even using someone else’s divine power was difficult. How painful would it be by now?

He probably doesn’t even have the slightest bit of divine power, so he won’t be able to tell whether it’s my father’s divine power or mine.

‘Since I’ve stabbed the deficiency properly, I won’t be able to sleep for a few days.

What you need to be careful of in this situation is not me who would have been caught in anger and contempt.

I condensed the divine power my father gave me into my hands and looked at Lydia.

Although the Crown Prince and his wife have not yet announced it to the world, Lydia’s specialty has been encountered a lot through the original novels and games.

‘Lydia Obelir, the transcendent of magical power.’

Among the chosen children, Lydia specializes in the use of magic. Among them, she was good at controlling the bodies of small animals with her magic and moving them as she wanted. A genius was a genius considering that it is impossible for ordinary wizards to enchant living things.

‘It’s great, but I don’t think a child under the age of four understands what infidelity happens on a wedding day.’

My eyes met Lydia’s who glanced at me for a moment.

I have seen hundreds of faces similar to Lydia’s now when I was teaching children in my previous life.

She is doing it because they asked her to, but she doesn’t know what she is doing.

‘… … After all, she doesn’t know what kind of waves her actions will bring.’

Then, the Crown Princess lightly stroked Lydia’s shoulder. As if that was a signal, Lydia clenched her hand tightly.



Then, with the sound of something exploding, the guests screamed.

The rats burst like balloons, leaving debris everywhere.

I swung the holy power of my father, which was concentrated in my hand, wide.

* * *

Frey waved her hand wide.

Then, as the divine power spread along with the warmth, the screams that exploded in all directions faded.


Lydia held out her hand like a maple leaf.

Warm and friendly power.

The queen’s body, which had been cowering in fear, relaxed a little.

As Lydia’s concentration was distracted, the rats, which were bleeding and twisting, stopped in place and looked around.

Soon the rats evaporated away.

People watched carefully.

that the swarm of rats, which were twitching and crying loudly, was extinguished by Frey.

‘Princess Frey really has the power that even prince Tahar doesn’t have… … .’

‘She looks exactly like his Majesty the Emperor.’

The power to save dirty and polluted things.

Every citizen of Obelir knew the name of that noble power.

‘The princess is really from the imperial family.’

‘I’m not sure, but do you think the princess’s divine power is greater than I thought?’

The people who had been moving hastily to avoid the mouse opened their mouths small, fixing their eyes on Frey from some point on.

It wasn’t just because of divine power.

The slender blonde hair waved along with the wind that was just blowing in, and the red eyes that were as attractive as ripe fruits.

Lips with a relaxed smile and graceful gestures.

Now, Frey looked like a completely different person from the villain who had to use the Emperor’s favor to get everything she wanted.

She was so unapproachable and beautiful in every aspect that we had no choice but to keep our eyes on her.


Even Daniel Prause was forced to marry because of the right of absolute obedience.

A swarm of filthy rats had almost ruined the wedding, and everyone had forgotten about it.

“Princess. It was a very stable use of divine power.”

When only silence filled the son-in-law, the high priest spoke in a moving voice.

The volume amplification magic scroll placed for the officiating ceremony was activated and the admiration was conveyed to all the guests.

Frey slightly rolled her eyes in the direction of the emperor.

“Since my father has such outstanding divine power, I think I learned by looking over his shoulder.”

The listeners couldn’t help but be confused because Frey said it as if it didn’t matter too much.

Originally, was divine power a power that could be easily used by seeing others use it?

‘Absolutely not.’

‘It’s a power that’s a hundred times more difficult than magical power, surely?’

It was as if anyone could enter the imperial academy at the top of the list if they faithfully studied literature, mathematics, and foreign languages.

But only one person, Tahar, quietly gnashed his teeth.

‘The government’s daughter dared to openly use divine power.’

He gave more strength to his fist, which he had been pushing to the limit. His fingernails dug into his flesh and bleeding

The crown prince was born from the marriage of the royal family and the Duke of Gelon, the founding contributors.

No one thought that Tahar would not show any divine power.

Even Tahar himself could not admit it.

He studied diligently about divine power more than anyone else and was stuck in the lab trying to somehow squeeze out similar power.

Sweeping through his father’s things with divine power, he tried to make the power within them his own.

But everything was useless as if laughing at his efforts. Even the sacredness of others in the scroll could not be used properly due to its low affinity for sacredness. 

That’s why Tahar knew better than anyone else.

The fact that Frey uses her divine power freely is proof of her specialness.

‘How could the daughter of a lowly woman….’

He sincerely wanted to rip off the lips that smiled.

Seeing the slight trembling of the muscles in her son’s face, the empress spoke in a very low voice.

“It’s a failure.”

A hand, cold as that of a dead man, stroked Lydia’s hair.

Her small, slender body trembled.

Lydia rolled her pupils to examine Tahar’s eyes, which had burst veins, and the empress’s cold eyes in turn.

“… … .”

Their eyes were so cool that Lydia forced herself to swallow the word that she was dizzy.

Daniel was observing their faces one by one with a stiff faces.

* * *

“Then Frey, take care of yourself.”

After finishing the wedding schedule, I exchanged greetings with my father before getting on the carriage.

The warmth I felt when we hugged again made my heart ache.

“Yes, Father. Please stay healthy. If there is any inconvenience, let me know immediately.”

“Well, Oh, even though this father is full of energy.  Come on, get in the carriage.”

“Yes, then…. .”

I will diligently find out how to save my father in the Prause estate.

Swallowing his words, I hugged him once more and climbed into the carriage.

Looking back through the window, I saw an endless procession of carriages.

In the carriage right behind me, Lina, who was accompanying me as a maid, was riding.

The carriage behind her were all gifts my father had prepared for me.

For the time being, it might be difficult to refute the rumor that the princess is robbing her national treasury.

After greeting her father, Daniel climbed into the carriage, and the coachman shook the reins lightly.

Many people were out on the streets to watch the princess leave for the north.

As I waved at them until I left the house, I had other thoughts in my head.

‘I’m finally leaving for the North.’

There, she prevents Daniel’s assassination and helps the two children grow up strong and healthy.

And, I do my best to press the top of the duke Gelon.

‘To avenge my mother who didn’t see the wedding today.’


[“If I disappear, ugh, it will be fine… … Please only you… … .”]


[“Only you are happy—.”]

To listen to my mother’s wishes.

I looked out the window and thought.

‘What are the children like now?’

Daniel’s personality would not have allowed the children to be dirty. Eating, wearing, and sleeping, he must have been careful not to lack anything. It was fortunate that Daniel picked up the transcendent children who were the future of this world.

‘I want them to like me too.’

I asked without hiding my tickle heart.

“Did you say you have two children? How are those kids? Whether it’s their personality or the thing they like. I want to know in advance.”

However, I soon realized that my question was a mistake.

Daniel looked at me with suspicious eyes.

It is still unknown to the world that the two children he picked up are transcendental.

But as soon as I got married, I showed interest in my children, so I could have been suspicious.

‘You might think I did a background investigation.’

She hadn’t even entered the North yet, so she shouldn’t have been kicked out because of needless suspicion.

At least they had to endure for 2 years, 7 months, and a few days before Daniel was assassinated.

So I looked him in the eyes and smiled.

“Sorry. It has been my dream since I was little to have a family and a child.”

As I said in a soft voice, he averted my gaze as expected.

I added smirkingly as if teasing to avert the crisis.

“But we agreed to skip the first night. Yes?”

But for some reason, the negative words I was expecting didn’t come out.

* * *

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