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TNBTW-Chapter 21


“Mother, what should we do? His Majesty the Emperor took all the maids from the queen’ palace.”

Crown Princess Garnet couldn’t hide her anxiety and asked the queen.

If the fact that she fed Frey, who was about to get married, with tea that caused infertility was discovered, it was certain that she would be harshly criticized by the imperial faction.

However, the queen remained calm.

“Garnet. Those who served at tea time that day all have precious families, so you don’t have to worry.”

“… … .”

Garnet, who understood what the queen meant, nodded with a stiff face.

The queen and the Duke of Gelon knew all the personal information of the maids entrusted with private affairs.

No matter what happens, don’t let them tell the truth.

“And always keep in mind that there are a bunch of maids who are willing to lay the blame for Gelon.”

“… … .”

“Well, even if she drank poison, Frey has divine power… … .”

My son’s lack of divine power was intercepted by his concubine’s daughter.

Whenever she recalled that fact, the queen’s face hardened slightly.

Garnett lowered her eyes and thought.

My mother and I have confidence that comes from strength.

She also boasted that she came from a prestigious family and was quite smart.

However, it was not comparable to the queen of the Duke of Gelon who would soon swallow up the imperial family.

‘If I hadn’t fulfilled my role, I would have been kicked out in a subtle way.’

It was a fact that could be inferred from the pressure the queen and prince put on the blindfolded concubine mother and daughter.

Fortunately, however, Garnet gave the Empress and Crown Prince a secret weapon as a gift.

“Oh my God…. ?”

Just in time, a small girl surrounded by dozens of escorts approached from across the hallway.

It was Lydia, daughter of Garnet and Tahar.

Even the maid, nanny, and escort were quite busy, but no one thought the escort attached to a three-year-old child was excessive.

‘To make up for Tahar’s weakness, divine power, Lydia needs to show her presence from now on.’

‘A transcendental being with magical power comparable to divine power…

This is better than the concubine’s daughter.’

The attendants guarding the corridors of the empress’ palace each thought without showing their expressions.

The child, who looked just like Tahar, with gray hair and blue eyes, was lovely as a fairy.

To think that this fragile little creature contained a thousand times more magical power than most wizards possessed.

‘There is no human weapon of the Gelon family.’

‘that’s why Lydia and Garnet are treated well.’

The corner of the empress’s eyes softened as she gazed at the child.

“My lovely granddaughter, Lydia.”

The empress approached Lydia with her mouth raised.

The child instinctively hugged the Teddy bear and flinched.

“Oh my God… … .”

There is a poisonous snake right in front of her nose, and her eyes seemed to beg to save her.

Garnett swallowed dry saliva and approached her terrified daughter.

“mother. Lydia doesn’t seem to be feeling well. Didn’t you have a hard time gathering magic power for her to use at Frey’s wedding?”

“Ah, yes.”

The empress smiled benevolently and lightly stroked the child’s bangs.

“Rest, sweetheart. You have something to do at the wedding later.”

* * *

The presence that was felt by the pillars quickly disappeared.

Daniel Prause seemed out of place.

Was it too embarrassing for him to speak as if I was in unrequited love?

“Then I’ll go and prepare for the ceremony.”

“Yes, Frey. See you later.”

My father let go of my shoulders and said in a calm voice. Even after a long time, I can’t forget the warmth that’s permeating now.

‘Let’s also find a way to prevent my father from dying.’

As I lifted the corner of my mouth and smiled, my father, who was looking at me gently, held out an envelope decorated with a gorgeous gold frame.

“And this is the scroll you asked for in the note. I hope it will help your marriage.”

“Thank you, Father.”

I cherished the scroll containing divine power.

Since I had said goodbye to my father beforehand, it was now my turn to go to the wedding hall without any regrets.

Fortunately, Daniel did not run away during the night and seemed to be playing the role of a prospective groom.

I started dressing up with the help of the maids I brought in for a while with the power of capital.

Each time they added something to me, they exclaimed and their eyes twinkled.

“Oh, Princess Frey! How can diamonds suit you so well?”

“A bride like this would be able to charm any groom.”

The premise that the grand duke would dislike Princess Frey in their words was bittersweet, but—

‘It doesn’t feel bad to be praised with compliments.’

Even looking at it, the compliments didn’t seem like empty words.

Looking at the celebrities from my previous life and looking at them with raised eyes, the current me reflected in the mirror was so beautiful that I was dazed.

Her red eyes were as sweet as sweetened fruit, and her slim face and plump lips were both attractive and elegant.

When I moved, the veil stretched like the grain of the wind and grazed my skin.

No matter how you look at it, it was a gorgeous dress that made you gasp for being prepared for a wedding that lasted 2 years, 7 months, and a few days. Wearing this and getting married and preventing the destruction of this world is like picking mulberries with the money my father spent to make a dress.

“Let’s get out here.”

“Yes, Princess.”

“It’s fine if only Emma follows, and the rest of us can go back. Thanks to that, preparation has become easier.”

The maids blinked as if it was surprising that they sent it off neatly without finding fault with it.

“Thank you for everything.”

I just said goodbye and left the room.


Illina, who was selected as a handmaid, brought several maids next to me to help me move.

‘The Grand Duke told me not to lower my guard, so I have to be careful.’

I greeted people, worried that I might trip over something or that a weapon might fly from somewhere.

“Princess Frey… Looking at you now, you like Lady Roselia…”

“Congratulations on your marriage.”

Half sincere greetings, half formal greetings.

Among the drunken young men, ‘why isn’t it me?’ There were also people who bit the handkerchief, and feeling unfair.

I also liked the fact that Evelyn Vliette didn’t even show a nose poke.

And one that catches my attention.

‘Lydia Obelir.’

A cute little girl stared at the people dressed up and her eyes twinkled.

People will remember that child as a chosen child born in the imperial family, but it was a completely different image to me.

‘A child who will become the heroine of this world and transcend magic.’

Grand Duke Prause’s two children and Lydia.

Those three were the ‘chosen children’, the protagonists of this world.

It was important for me to look good to Lydia in order to survive.

However, it is virtually impossible for a cute child who is only 3.5 years old and me to meet alone and build a good feeling.

If I did that, they would treat me like a child kidnapper.

‘To think the empress and the crown prince were treating such a small child.’

If I become stronger someday, I want to make this child happy too.

Regardless of the interests of adults.

“The princess?”

“Oh, sorry.”

I held my father’s hand as Lina guided me.

Originally, it was customary for an emperor to look down on the ceremony from a high seat, but my father wanted to hold my hand and walk along the flower road that stretched far.

As if I had foreseen that the parting time would be longer.

And at the end, Grand Duke Prause was waiting in a silver uniform that matched his hair.

‘Wow, there’s really no blank space on the face.’

With such a neat and beautiful face, you can’t get married because you’re promiscuous.

Even not being able to lie suited this innocent, courteous virgin.

While I was appreciating his beauty in the special seat and thinking about this and that, my father spoke in a low voice.

“grand duke Daniel Prause. Take good care of my daughter.”

“You must give me Princess Frey’s hand, Your Majesty.”

“Grand Duke, what is the answer?”

“… … .”

Daniel nodded reluctantly before he could take my hand.

As befits an imperial ceremony, the garden was luxurious, and the high priest, a loyal servant of the emperor and a sacred being who served God, officiated the ceremony.

“Grand Duke Prause, are we getting married?”

I clenched his hand tightly while jokingly talking so that the high priest couldn’t hear him.

He hesitated a little before replying.

” Yes..I know.”

It seemed that the tip of his voice trembled a little as he answered plainly.

‘Are you nervous because it’s your first forced marriage?’

I shrugged my eyebrows and spoke calmly.

“Since we are a couple now, let’s talk comfortably. how is it?”

“If the princess does that first.”

“That’s a decent attitude for a promiscuous man with two children out of wedlock, Daniel.”

“… … .”

Daniel couldn’t bear to tell me that he lied to avoid marrying me and avoided my gaze.

I wish I could be so conscientious and obedient for the rest of my marriage.

While thinking about that, the high priest declared in a solemn voice.

“Then, in the name of God, a sacred marriage between the two of you… … .”

It was then.


“what’s this!”

Screams erupted from several places simultaneously.

Their eyes all turned down as if something had appeared under their feet.

As I looked down, I saw a group of gray mice with red eyes.

‘A swarm of rats in the middle of the palace?’

I quickly rolled my eyes.

There are no scrolls or anything similar attached to the mouse’s body.

Ordinary wizards cannot directly enchant living things, so it must be an accident caused by rats naturally.

It is obvious what people would say if a swarm of dying rats appeared on the day of a wedding, which should be sacred and reverent.

“my God!”

Maybe God is against this marriage?

– would have thought.

Unless I couldn’t recall the memories of my previous life.

‘Daniel, a transcendental person, could cast magic on living things, but seeing that he was taken aback by the appearance of a swarm of rats, he wasn’t the culprit. Then there is only one person left in the world who can do this with magic.’

I reflexively looked in the direction where the queen, the crown prince, and Lydia were.

As expected, one corner of the empress’s mouth was raised crookedly. But it wasn’t that I didn’t prepare for this situation.

* * *

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