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TNBTW-Chapter 20


“Mee your Majesty the Empress, the Moon of the Empire.”

I held back my emotions and shamelessly said hello.

Of course, the empress, the crown princess, and their aides who were greeted did not look good.

Determination of possession of divine power.

Forced marriage with grand duke Prause.

politics class.

Anyone can see that my recent actions contained the intention of completely suppressing the Duke of Gelon, the Empress, and the Crown Prince.

She would have hated me because I was the daughter of a concubine, but now she must have a heartburn.

“Furthermore, my father’s side is also looking into the background of my mother’s assassination.”

Although considerable pressure and irritation must have weighed on her shoulders, the queen responded in a manner befitting her status.

“Fray, what happened?”

“As you know, I have my wedding today.”


“I would like to ask you a favor.”

“Yes, what is it?.”

The empress was the highest adult among women in the imperial family.

In other words, the role of the queen is to take care of the women of the imperial family.

When there is an important event, it is her duty to take the lead and monitor the progress.

The empress was drinking tea with people close to her, as if she had no intention of attending my wedding.

It must be a kind of protest that they don’t care about my marriage.

It was funny because it was like children openly complaining to know what I meant.

Crown Princess Garnet, who was sitting next to her, intervened with a calm face.

“”Oh, Frey. Is it okay for a bride who will soon marry Grand Duke Prause to be leisurely like this?”

I heard that my sister-in-law is more nasty….

Garnet appeared quite a lot in the game as she is the mother of the original heroine, but she didn’t seem to be a good person either in the original or now.

It seemed like she was trying hard to please the empress and the prince who had more authority than her.

“From what I hear, it seems that the Grand Duke’s heart is somewhere else… … At times like this, you have to work hard.”

“… … .”

“Even if it’s a futile effort.”

Garnett raised the corners of his mouth.

Does it mean that I should try to look good to Daniel, even if I am dressed up?

Well, to them, the Grand Duke is a man who enjoys a promiscuous private life, so it is understandable that they are trying to scratch their insides with these words.

‘The sense of blow is zero knowing that the Grand Duke is a courtier virgin.’

I smiled at the Crown Princess.

“I want to dress up too, but all the maids who are good with their hands are gathered here.”

Garnett rolled her eyes and looked around.

It’s not tea time, but so many maids that even if they’re preparing to move.

It might be embarrassing, but she was the enemy of the enemy.

“So, do you mean to borrow my maid?”

“borrow it? Is the maid an object?” Besides, how can I get help from your maid?”

It’s obvious that you will tell her in advance to ruin my appearance by pretending to help.

I slightly lowered my eyes.

My reflection in the teapot was as pitiful as a puppy abandoned on a rainy day.

“I just remembered the saying that a marriage that is not celebrated by the elders of the family is bound to be unhappy….”

The queen twisted the corner of her mouth and smiled.

The face of the queen who despised me was similar to Tahar’s to the point of giving goosebumps.

“Frey. Isn’t it enough to celebrate? Not long ago, I personally picked out a maid and served your tea.””

It was an elegant voice that did not tremble at all.

“Yes, I remember. The fact that your majesty gave me tea prevents children from entering.”

I answered with the correct pronunciation so that it could be heard from a distance.

It could have been stabbed, but the empress was calm this time as well.

“If you remember, go back now….”

Soon the queen’s face hardened when she found something.

The Crown Princess’ pupils grew round as if they were about to pop out.

I turned to the side they were surprised to see and greeted him.

“Oh, Father. Were you comfortable last night?”


At the end of everyone’s gaze was the emperor, the number one person in the empire.

It wasn’t a coincidence that my father showed up at the right time, it was because of the note I sent through the Imoogi.

‘I didn’t drink a single sip of tea that has a fertility effect’

I think it would be good in many ways to leave my father with another justification to search for the queen.

It just so happened that all the maids of the empress were gathered here.

“Is what Frey says true, queen?”

After receiving my greetings, my father began to question her in a heavy voice.

However, she was not the queen to be pressed.

“What are you talking about?”

“You gave the princess who was about to get married a tea to prevent her children from entering.”


“Take the maids and maids here and investigate! If there is even a little evidence, I won’t let it go.”

When the emperor’s unholy order fell, the maids were startled and panicked.

Like they weren’t prepared for this.

It would be embarrassing if evidence came out that she gave me infertility tea, even though she is a queen with an aristocratic background and the Duke of Gelon.

‘Because these days I’ve only been paying attention to covering up the evidence that she murdered my mother.’

At least until the world’s attention calms down, I’ll pass the time quietly.

Exclusion continues unless someone in power intervenes.

This was a sad fact I realized in my previous life.

‘If it was like before, the queen would have overlooked the fact that she directly committed evil against me….but not now.

Perhaps not expecting things to turn out like this, the queen glared at me and started making lame excuses.

“I gave her a cup of hot tea before I went, but I didn’t know that the tea I chose had such an effect.”

“Queen Stop talking nonsense.”

“Well, you won’t listen to me anyway, so do some research. But, to be clear, I never gave the order.”

The queen and the Crown Princess left their seats uncharacteristically embarrassed.

However, the maids who served them were caught by the emperor’s knights and could not follow them.

The fact that the maids were caught would be quite burdensome for the queen.

“Frey. It happened, so why didn’t you tell this to me before…….”

My father spoke in a voice full of upset and carefully embraced me.

Deep inside his warm embrace, I could feel his heart beating with anger and horror.

This is the feeling of having someone to fight by my side.

In this life I have what I wanted and  in my previous life.

So I couldn’t let this world where I could be loved end.

“I always pretend to eat the food given out by members of the queen faction. I didn’t even swallow tea, so don’t worry.”

“I have no face to see you and your mother. We will thoroughly investigate this matter and punish it.”

“Thank you for saying that.”


“But it’s okay if the same thing happens now. Because I have the divine power passed down from my father.”

When I spoke calmly, my father was speechless.

It is shocking how parents feel when they see their children preparing for poisoning as if it were natural.

I smiled brightly.

“Anyway, I’m glad you came. I was just feeling overwhelmed by Her Majesty the queen and the Crown Princess.”

“Thanks to Grand duke Prause’s subordinates handing over the note at the right time. Frey, you seem to have developed a personal relationship with him.”

Since the note was sent through the Imoogi, it was not unreasonable for my father to think this way.

I did not say that the grand duke was not interested in me in the slightest and that whenever he looked at my future he would frown in displeasure.

My father would be worried the whole time if her daughter, who is about to leave, left such words.

Instead, I decided to reassure my father by telling a white lie.

“To be honest, I’m not close with Grand Duke Prause yet. It’s a marriage that I pushed for because I wanted it, so it wouldn’t be pleasant on that side.”

“Frey. It’s not too late even now. All you have to do is tell me to. obediently find another man, and this father will do his best. A guy with such a messy personal life-“

“No, Father.”

I looked straight into those deep, warm eyes.

“I like the Grand Duke Prause. Even though it’s unrequited love….”

I felt a little guilty at this point.

But I continued acting according to the concept.

“That’s why I want to make sure he doesn’t feel lonely.”

“Frey, the grand duke is a transcendentalist. The time we live is different. Do you think he will feel lonely?”

“Well, I’m not sure about that.”


“However, it seems that people only remember the love story of the previous grand duke and their wife, but don’t think of Grand Duke Prause, who was left alone.”

The predecessor Grand Duke Prause could not accept the death of her human wife and followed her.

Didn’t young Daniel who was left in the world feel the same feelings as me who was abandoned by our parents.

I didn’t intend to be a lover with Daniel, who despises love, but I thought it would be cool if we could become good friends who heal each other’s wounds.

“My appearance and usual behavior are also my tastes.”

Whether I decided to put my dignity aside for a while, my father stroked my head with a big hand.

“anyway… … Showing interest only in verified handsome men is just like your mother.”

“Of course. First of all, the face.”

“Yeah. Even your mother used to say that seeing my face relieves her anger.”

My father shrugged his shoulders mischievously, then smiled as he looked toward the pillar where someone could hide.

“I hope your husband knows about your pure love, Frey.”

There’s Daniel over there.

I spoke a little louder as if to listen.

“yes. I hope that Grand Duke Prause will understand my sincere heart.”

A voice came out that didn’t contain even 1 gram of soul.

* * *

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