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TNBTW-Chapter 2


The contents of <Abandoned World>, a game based on the romance fantasy novel have the same name as this world.

After my father dies of a chronic illness, the crown prince and my half-sister, succeed to take over the throne.

After a power struggle between the Grand Duke of the North and the young emperor, the Grand Duke is assassinated.

‘At this point, the children of the Grand Duke’s family, who are still little children, are exploding and turning the capital into a swamp.

It was possible because the two boys temporarily protected by the Grand Duke were transcendent and the male protagonists of the game.

After that, the young protagonists spend their childhood without a guardian.

15 years later.

The grown-up male leads and the surviving princess of the royal family try to take revenge on each other but gradually fall in love.

In the game, from the perspective of Crown Princess Lydia Obelir, she dressed and leveled up while weighing which of the two men to choose.

‘In the meantime, my role is to be a villain who survives until the end and harasses the main characters.’

It certainly wasn’t a good role, but it’s like there’s no hope at all.

It was a long time before the story started when the main characters were still children.

I mentally compared the content of the game with some historical facts.

The history of the Empire was surprisingly following the story of the game, so I was once again convinced that I was in the game.

‘As long as I know how the story will go, I can change the future.’

I couldn’t stop my mother’s death…but I might be able to avenge my mother.

I clenched my fists inwardly.

Before long, a warm aura spread over the ship.

My father urgently poured divine power into me.

“Frey, it will be fine. everything will be fine….”

His voice, which was always solemn befitting his status as an emperor, trembled slightly.

The voice is filled with anger at the people who killed his wife and sadness at the loss of his loved ones forever.

I realized this when I heard that voice.

‘I couldn’t save my mother even with my father’s pure divine power.’

It felt like my heart was pounding to the floor, but I didn’t stop breathing.

Rather, thanks to my father’s divine power, my rapid breathing gradually calmed down.

If my father hadn’t been away, no, if only he had come back a little earlier.

I assumed that, but it was useless.

The Empress and the members of the Gelon family must have tried to kill the mother with the child and me, an eyesore.

“father… … Ugh.”

I squeezed out the rest of my strength.

Then a little light returned to the eyes of my father.

“Frey, I’m sorry. While I was away, this happened… … .”

His broad shoulders shook each time he pronounced each letter.

The deep eyes with experience glanced at My mother covered in white cloth several times.

I gently covered my father’s rough hand on my stomach with my hand.

But there was no word saying that it was okay or that it couldn’t be helped.

The sudden death of my mother was a shock to me too.

“… … .”

Moreover, after seeing the future that his father would die from a chronic disease, it was even more difficult to keep his mouth shut.

I just lost my mother and I have to think about my father’s death.

My father said to me, who could not say anything but breathed heavily.

“… … I won’t just pass today’s work. So, first of all, get a good night’s sleep and recover your health.”

Since his father was no fool either, he seemed to guess that the empress’ family, the Duke of Gelon, was behind this.

No matter how you think about it, they are the ones who benefit from my mother’s death.

‘Yes, Father. I won’t avoid it out of fear as I used to.’

I said that with a wink and slowly closed my eyes.

Divine power purged the whole body, and after receiving a great shock in a short time, the pulse was soon released.

No, it was a miracle that I didn’t lose my mind until my father came.

“Move the princess to a room where she can rest and strengthen her guard. Attach the priest and the attending doctor.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

At my father’s command, I was carefully picked up and carried away.


My vision darkened for the last time when I saw my father’s back, calling my mother’s name in a vain voice.

* * *

It seems that a time in my previous life has been replayed as a dream.

Before being reincarnated as Frey Obelir.

Since I was young, I couldn’t settle anywhere and lived with my relatives, wandering around.

For months at the very shortest. For years at the longest.

It was because my biological father and mother abandoned me and ran away side by side.

My cousins took over me because they wanted to receive more grandparents’ inheritance in the name of child support.’

But after years of no contact between my biological mother and biological father, they began to treat me harshly.

[“Humanities high school? Are you so shameless because you look like your mom and dad?”

[“Even if you get a job right away, it won’t be enough… … .”]

military family, Insectivore, Worm that eats money….

I hear such words every day, but it seems miserable and unfair that no one is on my side.

One day, children giggled watching me wandering around without going home even after school

[“you want to do that in the middle of the day?” What kind of world is this?”]

[“What? It’s okay since she doesn’t have his mom and dad”]

[“What did you just say?”]

I fought with them by the hair with evil.

‘… … Was it reincarnated as a twisted princess when I sold it as punishment for attacking without thinking back then?’

Anyway, whenever I was treated sadly in my previous life, I prayed….

Please give me a family who loves me too…

A family who considers my existence a blessing, and who loves me just because it is me.

Unfortunately, that wish did not come true until I died in a car accident in my previous life.

“Now that I’m reborn in the game, I finally met my parents who love me.”

Would the empress and prince know that the reason I met my mother and father in this life was that I had longed for it throughout my previous life?

‘Mother, I don’t think I can keep your request to pretend I don’t know who’s behind it.’

My eyes opened naturally as if my body had recovered.

A day must have passed in the meantime.

A room with thick velvet curtains covering almost all the sunlight pouring out of the window.

A luxurious interior unfolded in front of me that I could not have imagined in my past life.

‘I lived 20 years without knowing that this was a luxury.’

Since I have memories of my previous life, I realized how much I had enjoyed and lived my life.

If you are a daughter loved by the emperor of the empire, you are a golden spoon among gold spoons.

There are many cards that can be used, so the knowledge accumulated in the past life may be used in various ways.

“ah… … .”

When I moved my body a little while making a pained sound, the priests and the attending physician in the room corrected their posture.

Seeing them dressed in black reminded me of my mother’s last appearance, and my heart ached.

“Princess Frey, how are you feeling?”

“First, drink warm water.”

“… … .”

The next thing that caught my eye was the attitude of those who were overly rigid.

Of course, I know why they were acting like they would lose their voices if they made a small mistake.

Even before I could say anything, I was extremely restrained by the poison that the empress and the prince’s aides were spewing at me.

They were strong enough to kill me at any moment, and from time to time threatened to kill me, messing with my mind.

As time passed, I reacted sensitively to loud noises.

When I was eating, I thought that if there was an unfamiliar tableware or ingredient I saw for the first time, it was something sent by the empress to kill me.

“That…… Get it out of the front of me! Now!”

I was always sensitive because I was afraid of death, and my nerves were sharp.

It was just scary, but as time passed, rumors spread that I relieved the stress of being ignored by the empress to the servants.

The mistakes I made to keep my nerves on edge not to be killed were already ruined.

However, when I recalled the future of this world from my previous life, my fear quickly faded.

It meant that I no longer had to be hysterical from fear.

“… … thank you.”

When I said that while accepting a glass of warm water, people’s eyes widened.

As if I had spit out an alien language I had never known before.

“Princess Frey, what are you saying now…

“Doctor, it’s the possibility of brain damage from shock?”

“Let me check now, sir.”


Seeing people much older than me reacting like this made me feel ashamed of my past life in a Confucian country.

Normally, I would have been angry, 

but ‘It’s different now.’

In order to avenge my mother on the empress and prince and also change my future, I must take people over to my side.

And, there has never been a better time to take it as a turning point.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to act nice.

He will be suspicious, and everything will be difficult if he looks at me as easygoing as I did in my previous life.

‘I should Strong to fight strong people. Let’s be different and not weak again.’

“Thank you for taking care of me after my mother passed away. I did the best for my mother yesterday.”

When I lowered my eyes, my face was reflected in the empty glass.

A gorgeous blonde hair that looks exactly like my father. Red eyes and long eyelashes inherited from my mother.

“I was saved thanks to you.”

Although, my mother died.

People’s eyes shook when they muttered with the expression “disgraceful” on their faces and sympathetic eyes.

It seemed that I, who had never demonstrated any political competence, would not be able to survive the onslaught of the empress and the crown prince.

I pressed my lips together as if I was holding back a cry, then opened my mouth with difficulty.

When my mother’s funeral?”

“It will be held after sunset today.”

I nodded quietly.

My mother’s funeral will be held in a simple way, as she jokingly said in her lifetime.

It was my mother’s wish, she did not want my father to be attacked politically because of her funeral.

After the attending physician and the doctor finished some tests.

I asked while accepting the black dress.

“Your Majesty will be busy and will not be able to attend.”

It was more like sarcasm than a question.

However, the answer that came back tore me to pieces because I couldn’t stick a dagger into my chest.

“that is… … I heard that Majesty, the Empress, and her entourage will hold a party tonight in the White Chrysanthemum Garden.”


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