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TNBTW-Chapter 18


Before I knew it, Daniel and I were getting married tomorrow.

It was the day before the wedding, so there was nothing special about it.

“Today is our last dinner together, so let’s enjoy it slowly.”

“Dad, even at lunch, I’m sure….”

“It was the last lunch, and this is the last dinner, so it’s a completely different story.”

My father said so with a bitter smile. I felt a little sad thinking it was our last meal. 

“father. Take care of your health even when I’m not by your side. Let me know if you get any sickness.”

[The emperor died of a chronic illness.]

Because of that sentence that remained in my head, leaving my father and leaving the imperial palace kept bothering me.

But every time I asked him to let me know if there was something wrong with his health, my father smiled as if he had no idea what it meant.

“You see, in your eyes, I look like a person who will stumble in pain. 

Don’t worry, I am still full of energy.”


“I should be more concerned about you. He… … No, it sounds like grand duke Prause’s private life seems to be a big deal.

After hearing the false rumors that Daniel had deliberately spread, my father was very displeased with him.

I’m sorry for my father, but I’m planning to divorce him, so I have a reason to return, so it’s not a bad situation.

“Anyway, if you like the way he looks, giving your heart away is not like your mother… … .”

My father offered me food, saying something that I don’t know if he was praising himself or scolding me.

Even though the Word seemed to oppose marriage, my father was working harder than anyone else to keep it from falling apart.

‘I hear that the Duke of Gelon is using all kinds of tricks.’

I heard that the high priest, who will declare the marriage, recently received a threatening letter from an unknown source.

It must mean that my marriage is such an annoyance to them.

‘I know very well that this marriage is against them.’

After eating, I simply washed up and read the letter. The letter I had been waiting for had finally arrived.

[Mr. Frey. I am not feeling well, so I am not able to attend the ceremony tomorrow. – Evelyn Vliette.]

‘How heartbreaking it must be to have given up Daniel Prause’s wedding dress.

It wasn’t enough to avenge her shamelessness at my mother’s funeral.

However, since the wedding was tomorrow, there was no more time to torment Evelyn Vliette.

‘I have to travel a long distance tomorrow, so let’s get a good night’s sleep.’

Better to get a good night’s sleep than to devote one’s attention to a loveless wedding.

It would take a lot of stamina to just pass through all the sarcastic remarks heard at the wedding.

 The moment I headed for the bed thinking, I saw a familiar man through the window.

Silver hair and mysterious purple eyes that glow in the moonlight.

It was Daniel Prause, who would become my husband in a few hours.

“Oh, Grand Duke Prause.”


I didn’t want to pretend to know first, but since our eyes had already met, I said hello first.

It’s quite a distance from his room to my room.

You came all this way because you have something to tell me.

It must have been, but Daniel’s eyes looking at me were unusual.

His purple eyes were full of contempt for me and doubts about why.

After he saw my future, he always looked at me that way, even when he ran into me in the hallway.

What the hell did I do in the future?

“Sorry if I was rude.”

Daniel said with an apologetic face.

My heart was relieved because of her beautiful face that shines even at night.

I don’t know if it’s better than I thought to be able to see this kind of face over and over again.

‘Besides, Daniel isn’t interested in the opposite sex anyway, right? He’s not even dating.’

He was rumored to be a promiscuous man, but in reality he was perfectly safe.

Even a male friend from elementary, middle and high school would not be as safe as Daniel.

‘Of course, when talking about problems between the opposite sex.’

Daniel was also the biggest variable in my plan for a peaceful retirement.

Even if I prevent his assassination and become friendly with the youngsters of the house, if Daniel thinks I am eyesore, it’s complete nonsense.

I never thought that the noble Grand Duke Prause, who was close to absolute goodness, would imprison me or harass me…. It was just in case.

‘I hate this forced marriage, to the point of creating an image of a promiscuous man.’

Therefore, I needed to build a minimal bond with Daniel.

So that he wouldn’t bother me or kick me out sooner than I thought.

I didn’t mean to be soggy, but I wanted to be a good friend or someone he could trust.

“That way, the cute Grand Duke’s children will make me feel more comfortable.”

Thinking of the soft cheeks, the corner of his mouth went up slightly.

If it’s for the short children waiting for me, it’s about talking to the man in front of me.

“Grand Duke Prause, since you came late, do you have anything to say to me?”

“Not like that.”


I’m dying of awkwardness….

I joked around because I didn’t want to share this vibe with him.

“By the way, let’s talk about it.”

“Tell me.”

“Are you skipping the first night tomorrow?”


I’d rather keep my mouth shut.

“No, don’t look down on me like that. I mean, let’s be clear.”


“When did I even insist on forcibly holding the first night?”

However, my regretful excuse didn’t work for Daniel.

“The first night is omitted. We will never spend the night together again.”

He spoke in a blunt tone and then looked at my wrist.

‘Could it be that you’re going to spend more magic to read my future again?’

Well, you might want to make sure that you’re sick of love and affection.

Besides, Daniel is transcendental.

I don’t know if it’s divine power, but if it’s magic power, he was thousands higher than me.

The joke that Prause is a walking mage tower exists for nothing.

‘Who cares about who.’

Without thinking, I held out my arm to him.

“Since I was talking nonsense, I know you want to make sure nothing happened on the first night, but this is the last time.”

Daniel lightly grabbed my wrist. He seemed to be reading the future with considerable magic, though I didn’t feel it very well.


Soon, his expression hardened slightly.

It looked like he had seen something he couldn’t see this time, but he didn’t tell me what he saw even when I asked him with a glance.

“Grand duke Prause?”

“It’s getting late, so bye.”

If you have seen someone else’s future, please tell me what you saw.

But Daniel’s face seemed quite shocked, so I couldn’t hold on to him and ask him.

I waved my hand at his broad back as he walked away.

“I don’t know what you saw, but we have a wedding tomorrow, so don’t fall asleep too late.”

* * *

Daniel stopped walking as soon as he got out of Frey’s sight.

‘I’ve decided to prevent such a future, so why am I servilely holding on to it again?’

His head was dazed by the future he saw now.

To be exact, the conversation he had with Frey in the future was shocking.

[“Daniel, don’t you remember? ‘The first night is omitted. We won’t be spending the night together again.’ It was you who said that.”]

When Frey, who looked a little more mature than now, snapped at him, the future Daniel looked at the world collapsed.

[“Fray. I was stupid back then.”]

Then he reached out and placed Frey’s hand on his broad, firm chest.

[“I want you so much right now.”]

His low voice was stained with obsession.

A future self throwing away all pride and holding on to Frey.

Besides, Frey didn’t seem to blink an eye.

Daniel frowned, unable to believe his clinging appearance.

‘Did the princess use magic on me in the past 2 years and 7 months?’

But unlike his cynical present self, future Daniel Prause pleaded without pride.

[“Fray. Will you watch me if I seduce you?”]

[“Well, it seems difficult to give a definitive answer… … Wait, don’t keep throwing off your shirt!”]


Daniel was going crazy because he was so manly.

[“Frey. I told you I liked it because I was promiscuous”]

[“Daniel, I don’t want you to show off your chest muscles.” It’s good to see, but…”]

[“You just don’t have to watch”]


Daniel, recalling the enchanting voice, closed his eyes tightly.

I didn’t know why the future self I had peeked at was choosing such absurd things, but one thing was certain.

‘I am crazy.’

The future self must have had a slight turn of the head.

The face that begged to hold onto Frey was clearly not that of a normal person.

Anyone could see that he was a bit crazy.

Daniel finely folded the future he had glimpsed into a corner of his mind. 

He thought that the more he thought about it, the more he would be distraught.

When he was about to go back to his room and cool his head, someone blocked his way.

“Grand Duke Prause.”

“Your Highness the Crown Prince.”

Daniel looked at the crown prince who appeared in front of him as if he had been waiting.

Certainly he was not one to be encountered at such a late hour in a place like this.

He certainly wasn’t the kind of person to run into in a place like this late at night.

‘What brings him here?’

Daniel was wary of the crown prince without being revealed.

The prince and Tahar were also curious about why their opponent was here.

‘I couldn’t believe it, but he really is in a place like this.’

There are many more beautiful gardens in the imperial palace, but was there a reason for Grand Duke Prause to walk in such a secluded garden late at night?

Tahar, thinking quietly, twisted his lips and smiled.

‘Did he even try to negotiate with Frey, since he couldn’t avoid the absolute right to obey anyway?’

Tahar had also heard that the two had reached an agreement of some sort.

‘That stupid Frey is negotiating.’

A considerable amount of time has passed since Frey, who was 

struggling every day like an animal cornered, began to shine as if she had become a different person.

She used to be just an idiot trembling in a corner.

After she said she wanted to marry Daniel, she thought she might be a threat.

‘It was fine when she did stupid things on her own.’

Even though her eyes, as if she would no longer live the way she used to, bothered him too much.

I wanted to kill her when she went to the temple on her own and received the divine power test.

So Tahar decided to make the move himself.

“Grand duke. You’ve decided to accept it, but you still seem reluctant.”

“What do you mean?”

“The marriage using the right of absolute obedience and Princess Frey.”


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