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TNBTW-Chapter 16

‘Why does Daniel’s face look like that again?’

Watching Daniel read her future, Frey came up with an answer of his own.

‘Did he see my future naked with a man?’

It was good news for Frey that she, who divorced from Daniel, was having fun with a burly man.

Having time to flirt with a man must mean that you are successfully avenging your mother’s enemies.

However, from the look on his face, Daniel didn’t seem to like it very much.

‘Isn’t it a bit like the former Grand Duchess playing with other men?’

Even if they split cleanly, people would remember Frey Obelir as Frey Prause.

If a woman who became independent after divorce eats away at the honor and integrity that Grand Duke Prowse has worked hard on, it will bother her.

It was understandable that the #men are not interested in women, who peeked into the future felt disgusting.

“hmm… grand duke?”

“please tell me.”

“I don’t know what future you saw, but if you don’t like it, I’ll fix it. The future depends on what you see now.”


Daniel pondered the words silently.

[“Daniel. Did I keep all the other promises I made to you? The North is now rich.”]

[“That I know….”]

Judging from the conversations he and Frey had in the future, it seemed that Frey had succeeded in everything she suggested.

making a direct gate to the capital and growing the commercial base of the north.

‘Since she lost Lady Roselia, she must be trying to bring down the Duke of Gelon somehow.’

The princess’ goal of revenge does not change.

If so, I should be alert to her current self.

‘I don’t know what the princess did to keep her from leaving me.’

The clinging on himself seemed pathetic.

He seemed to have no pride or honor to protect.

Such an unfortunate incident would have happened if they had contracted marriage in a defenseless state, but it was different now when he peeked into the future.

‘I should be prepared.’

Daniel was confident that he wouldn’t let Frey enter into his life, using tricks for convenience.

All I had to do was take advantage of what she would give to the North.

In return, Frey would receive economic power, revenge, and Prause’s protection, so it was a fair deal.

“Princess Frey. I’ll say it again, I…….”

“Your personal life is more chaotic than it looks, to the point where you don’t even know who the mother of the out-of-wedlocks is, and you have no intention of settling down with a woman?”

Daniel was oddly embarrassed by the disgrace he had created but he nodded.

“That’s right. Nothing will change after marriage.”

“That means…. Do you think marriage is positive?”

“A deal with a deadline.”

“Oh, a deal, not a marriage. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Then I’ll see you at the wedding.”

Daniel spoke plainly like someone who had a dinner date.

Frey added briefly as if teasing him as he tried to turn away.

“And, you’ll need a justification for your divorce anyway, so don’t worry about me and you can be promiscuous.”


Daniel quietly rolled his bright purple eyes to the side as if he was embarrassed. 

Frey looked at him and laughed inwardly.

It was quite a pleasure to give the virgin man a shame.

* * *

I walked past him and called for joy in my mind.

‘I knew you’d like the terms of the contract.’

The final blow must have been that he allowed me to see my future after I got out of the Grand Duke’s family.

I didn’t even intend to withdraw my right to obey anyway, but I felt like I had made further progress with his consent.

Would you say he conscience is less stabbed?

Prause is Prause, so Daniel won’t go back on his word or play shallow tricks.

‘Now let’s focus on preparing for life in the North.’

Thanks to my previous life of trashing mines, I knew a business item that would hit the jackpot.

I looked at the magic scrolls intermittently patched on the wallpaper of the imperial palace.

‘Unlike other fantasy worlds, it was impossible to enchant most things in this world.’

but only one. The ‘Scrolls’ by the Mage Tower at high prices could retain magic or divine power for a long time.

The Magic Tower is owned by the queen’s family, the Duke gelon

Therefore, if I make an item to replace the ‘scroll’ and sell it cheaply, I can get revenge and collect money at the same time.

‘as for money… … I should sell these as well.’

I used to spend my parents’ chances to relieve stress through shopping, so I had a lot of things like dresses and jewelry.

It would be a good idea to dispose of them and set aside some emergency funds.

Oh, and of course I should write a letter to Evelyn Vliette.

“Emma. Please prepare some stationery.”

“Princess Frey. maybe again…….”

Emma looked at me like Satan.

Now that rumors have spread in the social world that Evelyn Vliette has fallen ill because of my letter.

But I didn’t feel sorry at all.

At least I didn’t go to her in bed and throw her a white chrysanthemum.

“Yes. I’m going to write a letter to Lady Vliette. I was just on my way to meet the Grand Duke, and the Grand Duke also said that he thinks marriage is positive.”

“really princes?”

Emma gave me the stationery with surprised eyes.

I added in a warm voice.

“It’s okay to tell your friends that the Grand Duke has started preparing for the wedding in earnest. Everyone would ask you, thinking you were my exclusive maid.”

“Princess Frey…..”

Emma seemed glad that I was thinking of her.

I said this in the hope that rumors would spread that the Grand Duke had decided to accept me, but this is the reaction.

“Emma,   seeing you staring at me like that makes you want to work more?”

I groaned and opened the closet door.

There were an embarrassing amount of dresses and jewelry organized in the closet.

As I looked through them, Emma asked in a voice that could not be expected.

“Princess Frey. I think it’s impossible to bring all these clothes to the North….”

She seemed worried that I would order all these shiny clothes to be packed up and loaded into the carriage.

But I didn’t mean to do that.

It’s true, taking all these dresses was crazy.

I chose ten comfortable, fashionable dresses and told the maid.

“Take this ten and dispose of the rest of the dresses.”

Emma’s eyes widened at the word ‘disposal’ that came out of my mouth.


“Do you have any personal close maids? Selling dresses to designers with them. Without knowing by queen”

“But the dress will stand out… … .”

“Use the magic bags you see over there. It was made using a scroll, so dozens of dresses could easily fit in one bag, right?”

Needless to say, the dresses I handpicked and ordered were of the highest quality.

The queen didn’t give a damn about my extravagance.

It would have been a good thing for her if I continued to be extravagant and tarnished my image.

For that reason, the fabric of my dresses was of the highest quality, and I could buy a house even if I sold only the decorative accessories.

Of course, it will not be easy to dispose of all these dresses within today, no matter how cheap they are.

“Give me twenty gold coins for each suit. If you sell at a higher price, You can share the gold that occurs when you sell it more expensive.”

“….. !”

Emma’s eyes on me changed when I said that.

‘They said that a maid’s monthly salary is about one gold coin.’

Considering that it takes about 50 gold coins to make a princess’s dress, Emma and her colleagues won’t have enough business like this.

I’m sure Emma is proud to be my maid.

If I carefully sell the dress for a long time, I will be able to take a lot more.

However, since I needed urgent money now, I had no choice but to accept this loss.

‘Because I already sold the expensive dresses that made me gasp.’

As a rule, cash is the best way to prepare for risks.

Of course, I had no intention of generously giving away things that could be useful in the future.

“Instead, put the jewels in my magic bag. Anything over there will go in.”


Seeing Emma amazed at the situation in which I gave something made me feel both sorry and thankful towards her.

I stared out the window for no reason and bluntly spat out.

“You can go to the queen’ palace, but what’s good about standing in the wrong line for the princess and doing more work?”

“But the dress is worth—”

“Go ahead. It is better to write letters alone.”


I roughly finished the letter to Evelyn.

Even if I use it carefully, the young lady will tear it apart.

Tomorrow, rumors about ‘the Grand Duke agreed to marry the princess’ would spread through Emma and the maids, so it would be even more painful.

‘If I fly to the north with divine power, Tahar and Her Majesty’s will be three hurry.’

Daniel Prause’s consent was obtained, so the wedding was expected in many ways.

After a while, you can go to the north and see the baby transcendents.

‘It was a brave boy with red hair and a twin brother with blonde hair. It must be cute.’

Imagining the chubby cheeks of the children, I felt relieved.

I also need money to buy your kids toys and feed them tasty and nutritious snacks.

If I become close to the children and become able to rely on me, then even if the grand duke goes wrong, the children will not turn black and the world will not be destroyed.

‘Because no matter what happens to Daniel, the children will come to me asking for help.’

Daniel’s keeping the children until they reached adulthood was the best way to prevent destruction.

But things can go wrong, so I need to be close enough that they can trust me and tell me to help them.

“… ….”

No matter what happens, I have to prepare in advance so that I can protect the children.

That was how the children would be happy, I would be happy, and the world would be peaceful.

scribbled on the rest of the stationery what I had to do to adapt to the North.

[1. Strengthen the divine power]

[2. Get useful information]

[3. Targeting lady Lina, Baron Holt]

I dont think Lina Holt gonna like me’

Holt had never personally harmed her because she was out of touch with the capital society.

But rumors about me can’t be good.

If you only heard about me through rumors, my image would be very bad.

‘Of course, it’s better seeing me in person.’

I pondered over how to win her trust and soon got the answer


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