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TNBTW-Chapter 15


Frey quickly scanned the young lady’s and obtained information.

‘Could that young lady belong to Baron Holt?’

A woman in her mid-to-late 20s who wears glasses.

Brown hair and blue eyes as described in novels and games. Considering that the left ring finger was empty, she was still single.

‘I never thought I’d actually see the daughter of Baron Holt.’

In the game, the members of Baron Holt are NPCs (Non-player character), who help the player.

When you’re getting hit by a monster due to lack of magic, you’ll receive a magic-charging item as a gift, or you’ll give useful tips when you’re stuck in a game.

In short,  A versatile character who knows everything.

‘Come to think of it, I heard that the first Baron Holt was blessed by the Spirit of Knowledge.’

It was a story that I had never paid attention to before.

It’s a story for speciality and authority, because every family had at least one.

Besides, it’s not a water spirit or a fire spirit that can turn a person into a magician with just his protection, but a knowledge spirit.

‘When I read it in a book before, I thought it would be a useless spirit.’

Now that I remembered my past life, the story of Baron Holt felt as great as the founding myth of the empire.

Besides, the coat of arms of Baron Holt. And also that’s the sentence on the cover of the book where the spirit of knowledge contains.’

If I reincarnate as a princess in the game, is it possible to make a helper character who has been blessed by the spirit of knowledge be on my side?

It seemed that the level of preferential treatment was excessive, and it was rather absurd.

However, since she was in a privileged position, Frey decided to keep her mouth shut.

‘Your Majesty, I understand what you were thinking of preparing this kind of place.’

Frey suppressed a laugh.

There was no doubt that the queen had chosen the young ladies she thought had flaws in her own way and presented them as candidates for maids of honor.

However, her attempts were rather helpful to Frey.

“Miss Frey. Let me introduce you from the right.”

The queen began to introduce the young ladies she selected with a calm face.

After a while, an arrogant gaze finally turned to the daughter of Baron Holt.

“Young lady whose face is not properly reflected in the social world.”

That was all of the Queen’ assessment of Lina Holt.

Actually, the queen did not like her very much.

If you were from a family that had nothing to offer, such as Baron Holt, you had to solidify through marriage, but the young lady was still unmarried.

‘Politically, it’s ambiguous neutral, and the income of the upper ranks is so-so.’

From what I heard, it seemed that Iina could only read books in the corner of the room and couldn’t see an inch without the glasses.

‘It looks like they’re sticking to whether it’s a spirit of knowledge that doesn’t help.’

She is not interested in dressing up or looking good, so she won’t be able to help Frey.

A young lady in the corner of the room who is shy.

Isn’t she the perfect person to be named as Frey’s maid of honor?

“The Lady of Baron Holt, please introduce yourself.”

“Ah yes…I am Lina Holt. I am the second daughter of Baron Holt. My hobby is reading and My specialty is organizing.”

“Go on.”

“My family has a guild that processes and sells ores that commoners usually buy.”

It was an introduction that did not show the slightest desire to be chosen as the princess’s maid.

“Frey, I’ve specially selected them, so you’ll like at least one, right?”

The queen looked at Frey with the elegant smile she had honed in social circles.

No matter how much Frey was favored by the emperor, it was the queen’s responsibility to assign maids to women in the imperial palace.

‘I’m not stupid enough to not know that, so I’ll choose one of the many young ladies.’

Not too long ago, Frey had dared to mention the name of Tahar, which had caused him anger, but it felt like the anger had been washed away.

The queen urged her with her gaze.

The princess is not an idiot, so she wouldn’t know that taking any of them to the north would only be a burden.

Even so, ‘There are no useful people among these people!’ And you won’t be able to say it.

If that happened, the young ladies of the family here might also turn to the royal family faction, but for Frey now, there was no worse choice than that.

“Come on, Frey.”

“Yes, Queen.”

However, Frey deliberately rolled her eyes and pursed her lips.

Rather, she was worried that the young lady in front of her, Lina Holt, would turn around and disappear.

‘I like the fact that she’s an informant, but the Holt family even has a top end in the mine.’

Adding that it is a mining industry for ordinary people would be an explanation that the sales at the top are just so.

But it was a very tempting proposition for Frey, who knew dozens of ways to put minerals to good use.

Even so, it was impossible for Lina to express her liking in front of the queen.

‘If they noticed that I liked it, they wouldn’t give up on Lina.’

Frey replied with an awkward smile on purpose, as if she was reluctant.

“hmm… … I think I’d better go with the Lady of Baron Holt.”

“Is it so? Well, whoever you take will be less lonely than going alone.”

It will be more frustrating than going alone.

The queen was sincerely delighted and beckoned to the young ladies.

“Lady Baron Holt, I will send my maid with you, so go back to the mansion and explain to your parents. Get ready to depart with the princess.”

The Queen added a word to Illina, who timidly lowered her head.

“Well, if the Grand duke Prause shows resentment before the wedding, it could be canceled, but…… You don’t think a grand duke would overturn a wedding?”

Tahar’s gray eyes glanced over Frey.

Frey listened to his words, acting impatience on purpose.

“No, that won’t happen. Because His Majesty the Emperor used the right of absolute obedience.”

* * *

‘Thanks to Her Majesty’s futile work, things go smoothly.’

Frey escaped the queen’ palace, suppressing her joyous expression.

I was worried about how to get in touch with Baron Holt because of my narrow connection, but it was so easy.

‘Since the Gelon duke treats only the 4 spirits, the queen must have thought that Baron Holt’s family was terrible.’

If I Hadn’t remembered my past life, I would have been thinking the same thing.

However, now that I realized how useful the spirit of knowledge is, I felt that the four spirits were not much to see.

‘Besides, Lina Holt appealed to the top of the family and the mine.’

In fact, rather than an appeal, it was more like blocking the shopingholic princess from choosing me.

However, Frey was not interested in that as she was already visualizing how to utilize the mines and the top.

‘I must have done something that was a waste of minerals in my previous life for these days.’

Frey recalled a funny scene from her previous life.

I had to save money for living on my own, so I couldn’t have expensive hobbies.

That’s why I started the game <Abandoned World>.

It took an instant to get the highest level by releasing stress through a game, and the content I selected after reaching the highest level was…..

‘It’s a mine waste. I only wielded a pickaxe in the mine while others were going around and catching monsters.’

Now that I think about it, I think I was obsessed with jewelry because I had never actually owned anything precious, including a stone ring.

Even if it was a fake jewel, I was happy if something precious came out.

Thanks to that, I was confident in creating new jewelry or items by combining minerals.

‘If I make money using it, I’ll be able to buy a lot of delicious food for the future male lead the grand duke is temporarily protecting, right?’

Of course, those children were terrifying enough to turn the world upside down, but since they were still young, there was plenty of potential for them to change for the better.

Frey smiled at the thought of the children who would stumble and pick up snacks.

I have a history of working as a kindergarten teacher, so I might be able to get close quickly.

Thinking of the children coming in her arms warmed her heart.

‘Judging from the fact that the Grand Duke has been quiet so far, it seems that he has decided to accept the marriage contract under conditions of divorce.’

Thinking things were going smoothly, Frey hesitated as soon as she turned the corner.

“Princess Frey.”

It was because Daniel Prause, who had no smile on his face, called me as if he had been waiting.

‘It’s a face that hasn’t accepted marriage yet.’

Frey pretended not to see him and tried to pass by, but eventually stopped.

“Duke Prause, did you rest well? 

Yesterday, you stopped reading the future and even frowned.”


Daniel’s eyebrows wrinkled once more as he recalled the future he had glimpsed yesterday.

“I came to see you because of that.”

“Oh, is that so? From now on, even if you don’t have business, come back comfortably. We are getting married soon.”

Daniel pretended not to hear Frey and moved on to the main topic.

“Yesterday, I seem to have had problems with my ability to read the future due to fatigue, so please give me another chance.”

“Do whatever you like.”

Frey held out her arm without question.

I had no intention of making the use of the absolute right of obedience a thing that never happened, so I had to do Daniel’s favor in this way.

‘Because if you see me with another man, you’ll know that I’m not lying about giving you a divorce.’

There would be no conditions that were so attractive to the Grand Duke.

Daniel’s magic seeped into Frey’s outstretched arm.

Daniel read Frey’s future as he had done before.

However, this glimpse into the future was not very different from the previous ones.

‘ Why am I begging again?’

Although he was properly dressed this time, his future self was holding on to Princess Frey again.

I’m so sick of it…

[“Daniel. Did I keep all the other promises I made to you? The North is rich now.”]

[“That I know.”]

[“So I have to keep the last promise, is divorce….”]



As soon as the word divorce came out, my future self was greatly shaken.

Then he gritted his teeth and muttered lowly.

[“shit. I want to beat up the past me who tried to reject you even after seeing such a future. stupidly…”]


Daniel, who felt threatened by his cool gaze in the future, frowned again.


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