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TNBTW-Chapter 14


[“It’s okay without his mom and dad”]

How are you doing the same things as those kids?

But now I was not as afraid as before.

“Is it really that hard to ask you to check the water temperature?”

I tilted my head and urged the maid.

She was puzzled and looked at me.

Of course, I couldn’t dip my hands in steaming hot water.

I threw down the hot wash water as it was.

The maid, who barely avoided it, hardened her expression as she looked at the wet rug and shoes in an instant.

“It’s an accident caused by the hot water you prepared, so don’t ask anyone else to clean it up yourself and put it back.”


“Until I get back, you can do it, right? I can’t sleep without that rug, so dry it by the end of the day and bring it to my room.”

I asked, waving my hands as if telling her to turn off.

“What is your name?”

“ I am Nora.”

“Nora. I’ll tell the emperor about today. You should explain in detail why you did this.”

Nora’s eyebrows twitched as I spoke rather brazenly.

‘What, tell the emperor? Now you’re not afraid of the queen’s?’

Clearly, the expression on his face seems to be asking such a question.

But I think it was worse to bully someone who knew it wouldn’t reach power.

‘Even from the father’s point of view, it would be heartbreaking to find out later that his daughter is being bullied.’

I don’t know if my parents did the same, who left me in the hands of my cousins in my previous life and disappeared.

“I’ll even tell you that I looked at the queen with divine power that way, Nora.”

I remembered her physical characteristics once again and waved my hand toward the door.

Nora took the dripping carpet and disappeared with a bewildered face.

After she left, a maid hurried in. 

This time it was a face I knew.

It was Emma.

Fortunately, it seemed that Emma had not been replaced, but was only absent due to work.

Her Majesty’s maids talked to her on the way…….”.

she was looking at me

I shrugged my eyebrows with a relaxed face that was completely different from when I was dealing with Nora.

“It’s okay, I have a schedule with Her Majesty, so help me prepare.”

“Excuse me… The late punishment….”

“Isn’t it too late to be punished? You don’t have to look at it like that.”

‘I’m sorry if you look at me like that Emma’

‘I’ll have to be nice to Emma in the future and pay off my military debt sensitively.’

She is one of the few people who stayed by my side after my mother passed away.

Emma helped me prepare and then prepared the food.

I looked at her blankly and opened my mouth.

“What did Her Majesty’s Maids call you for?”

“Ah, that’s-“

Emma,   who had always kept her mouth shut, seemed delighted when 

I spoke to her first.

I thought you liked keeping your mouth shut, but I guess not.

It was almost the first time I had a long conversation with a maid while getting ready to go out.

Until now, I was suffering from the obsession that I might die at any time, and I kept away from people and was vigilant.

I deliberately distanced myself from people who were close to me, fearing that I would get angry.

‘But now I can afford to hang out with other people.’

The imperial bloodline was great.

According to my father, it was possible to save a person from being cursed or poisoned with my current divine power.

It meant that Daniel Prause could be saved even if he was killed in an assassination attempt.

‘Still, it would be useful if the divine power became a bit more powerful.

In the first place, divine power is power.

What about strength? The stronger the better.

So, what I need to do next has been decided.

‘I have to meet the spirit of knowledge.’

I remembered the game’s tutorial scene.

When I first ran the game and logged in, I was presented with a desperate situation that I must save because the world has been destroyed.

Around the time

[The Spirit of Knowledge will tell you what you need.]

An explanation appears like a ray of light, and the spirit of knowledge (=in charge of explanation) appears and explains various things.

‘I heard that spirits of knowledge exist in this world as well. I think he told me to touch a certain book to summon the spirit.’

If you touch the book as required by the tutorial, you can get help from the spirit whenever there is something blocked.

I’ll be able to figure out the condition of my body and how to increase my divine power.

And it will be of great help on the day when you build up intimacy with the spirit and share your unique abilities.

Fortunately, I remembered what the book looked like and who owned it.

The problem was how to contact the holder of the book.

‘I don’t have any personal connections.’

As I was thinking of this or that method, Emma came over and said.

“Princess, I’ve narrowed down five different dresses.”

“huh. I’ll take the one that is the easiest to wear and the most comfortable to move around.”

After all, Daniel wouldn’t be interested in whether I wore a jacket or a chemise.

* * *

“Meet the moon of the empire.”

“It’s late, Frey. It looks like you overslept today, right?”

The queen’ voice was gentle, but thorny. Her complexion was also pale.

It was because at the moment when Frey gained divine power and her blood pressure rose, and the emperor could not sleep because he even used the right to absolute obedience.

Dark blue eyes, identical to Tahar’s, moved rapidly up and down.

‘The way she shows off her beauty without even knowing it’s a vulgar job resembles her mother.’

Eye-catching red eyes and dazzling blonde hair that came down to her waist.

Frey Obellir was dazzlingly beautiful, as if it were made of the material of the setting sun pouring over the gold.

The appearance reminded her of the emperor, which further upset the quen

Frey thought to herself with a meaningless smile.

‘This side is more troublesome than Tahar, who openly shows hostility.’

There was only one reason why the queen, who obviously hated her, had sent someone to invite me.

‘I think my image is terrible.’

As a royal family, among the nobles and a former Zelonist, the empress tended to value face.

Could there be a better event to show off her power as a queen than having her husband’s mistress’s daughter come to me?

‘she must have had this kind of pretentious smile when she heard the news that my mother had passed away.’

It felt like my reputation was getting stuffy.

However, Frey had no choice but to come here according to her will.

In any case, the opponent was the queen, who was the next highest being after the emperor.

The queen, who was well aware of this fact, pointed to the table with a slightly relaxed smile.

“Even though I used the right of absolute obedience… … anyway. I prepared it for Frey, who is about to get married, which she has always wanted, and I hope it fits.”

“… … .”

Frey frowned as he savored the aroma of the prepared tea.

The smell of chocolate that suddenly feels bitter to the point of suffocation.

‘I can’t believe I’ll be meeting herbs I’ve only read about in a book.’

This was a herb used only by middle-aged couples for contraception, as even a small amount of it caused problems with reproductive function for several years.

If it wasn’t for the unique scent, it was clear that I would have drunk it without knowing.

“I heard that Grand Duke Prause already has two children. Three kids is too many.”

The empress touched Daniel’s out-of-wedlock issue with a calm face.

‘No matter how much it is, it’s openly trying to make it sterile.’

Frey laughed as she clenched her fist under the table.

“Because I haven’t shared my child plans with him yet. It seems too early to drink this tea.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have had time to talk to you separately. Grand Duke Prowse must have been brought in without knowing why.”

The queen, who had won one victory first, raised the corners of her mouth.

“The reason I called you today is to attach a maid to take with you when you go to the north.”

“A maid?”

“Yes, If you go to the north, you’ll have to socialize, but you can’t go there without a trusted maid, right?”

Someone who knows it well has been playing around with my maids.

Frey gnashed his teeth inside.

However, that was not the end of the queen’ tricks.

“I’ve selected candidates for maids by myself, so choose from them.”

As the queen signal, the maids opened the door.

Then, even at first glance, the young ladies who seemed far from social activities entered the greenhouse hesitantly.

All of them are from southern families who seem to have never stepped on the northern, let alone have connections with the north.

‘I should have met these people at the library, not here….?’

Frei, who was carefully looking through the family’s writings that the young children had, soon smiled with her eyes.

‘It was definitely that sentence.’

Frey traced the sentence of a young lady with her eyes.

An owl, a symbol of wisdom, spreads its wings wide.

It was the coat of arms of Baron Holt, a small southern family.

If Frey hadn’t been able to recall his previous life, she would never have been impressed with the small noble family of the South.

However, as long as she knew the flow of this world, zhe could not forget Baron Holt’s sentence.

“”I don’t know what to do with your care, queen.”

Unlike usual, Frey’s voice now contained sincerity.


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