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TNBTW-Chapter 13


As expected, his arrogant face cracked.

‘Yeah, you don’t look like your father at all.’

If I had said this before, it would have been more likely that I was simply talking about his appearance not resembling his father.

But now that I’ve been identified as divine–

It’s like the divine power chose me as the legitimate successor, not you, the crown prince?’

There was plenty of room for interpretation in this way.

Even if he pretends to be calm, it will hurt quite a bit since it stabbed his complex straight.

Of course, I didn’t feel sorry at all.

‘Why are you taking away my most precious thing?’

Tahar walked past me in disgust, then sneered as if he remembered something.

“I heard that Grand Duke Prause has a child out of wedlock. Your greed has led the Grand Duke to get married he doesn’t want.”

“… … .”

I’m sorry, but I know the truth, so there was no big blow.

I knew Daniel’s picking up abandoned children and taking care of them was just out of pity.

The moment he faced abandoned children, he must have remembered his own childhood, when there was no adult to attach to.

‘When he looked at the children, he remembered himself at the moment when he lost his parents, so he continued to support them even though he couldn’t approach them properly.’

No matter how I think about it, it is a noble personality that is a waste to rub against me.

But everyone else except me will think the same as Tahar.

Grand Duke Prause said that he would not be able to marry the mother of out-of-wedlock children because of the princess’s greed.

Because of the emperor’s absolute right to obey, he would ostensibly marry the princess, but he would think of the women who shared his body every night.

‘Actually, he’s a modest man who hates women.’

A snort came out inside.

I don’t know who created the rumor and turned him into a promiscuous man, but his skills are amazing.

As if he had no idea what I was thinking, Tahar still pressed me with a cold voice.

“The great right of the imperial family was used for your own sake, so it must be an unsatisfactory result for everyone.”

I spit it out at him who could stop talking until the moment I left.

“Tahar, with all due respect, the right of absolute obedience is not simply an oath between the Prause family and the imperial family. ‘Only’ commands are allowed to those who possess divine power.”

“What are you talking about now…….”

“If my father doesn’t use it anyway, it’s a right passed down to me who has divine power, so I’ll make the decision.”

He trembled with rage and gnashed his teeth. The blood in his eyes turned red.

“If you’re thinking of laying your hands on the children to get the attention of the Grand duke…..”

“I have no intention of doing that.”

Tahar’s forehead wrinkled.

It’s because he thinks I’m cutting him off.

However, the Crown Prince was misunderstanding, so it was necessary to correct it.

“”What’s wrong with children doing that? I’m not like you.”

My words wiped the smile from Tahar’s face.

The same was true of the members of the nobles faction who were firmly behind him.

No one knew that the Crown Prince was giving his daughter Lydia Obelir a very intensive education.

There is only one reason.

This is because Tahar’s daughter Lydia is a “chosen child” like the two children Daniel is protecting.

They the heroine of this story..

‘It’s only a few years later before the world knows that the two children the Grand Duke insists are out of wedlock are the chosen ones.’

Tahar thought that his daughter was the only child of prophecy authorized by the high priest.

So, on the pretext of developing her daughter’s talent, she was running intensive theory classes and magic practice rounds and rounds.

His unforgiving attitude toward his daughter must have been seen favorably by others.

“Fray, you’re right.”

“I don’t know if you know, but I am kind to children. I will not leave my child alone or lonely.”

“You must be very kind to the child that Grand Duke Prause made with another woman.”

“Well, I don’t like it very much that my future husband has two children out of wedlock, but……”

No, it doesn’t really matter.

“ If I turn away and bully them, they will be lonely and sad. Little children should not feel that way.”


“Children who are just born are innocent. There was no option to choose their parents.”

By the time I finished speaking, Tahar’s expression had become even more formidable than before.

How uncomfortable it must be for a lowly bloodline to dare to express its opinion in front of me.

There will be many days in the future when I will face off against Tahar and other members of the nobles faction, so I decided to leave at this point for today.

“Then I’ll go in first. I’m tired.”


The officials standing behind Tahar were personally concerned about the state of my manners.

I got out of my seat, carelessly fiddling with my blonde hair, which only resembled the emperor’s.

Daniel Prause arrived in the capital, so she had to move even more quickly.

* * *

“She must have lost her mind after losing my mother.”

“To believe in the setting sun and stand upright… ”

After Frey disappeared, the nobles’ ministers quickly began to speak for Tahar’s discomfort.

These were the words that the princess had been holding back for a while, fearing that she would personally retaliate if she heard them.

“It’s ridiculous, but she inherited the divine power.”’

“I didn’t expect the day to come when I’m reading Frey’s face.”’

Tahar, who was caught on the edge when it came to giving her daughter a intensif education, struggled to hide her discomfort.

At that time, Daniel, who had been quietly watching the confrontation, appeared.

“Meet the Little Sun of the Empire.”

“Grand Duke Prause.”

Tahar put the gentle prince’s mask on his crumpled face.

Daniel Prause.

A transcendental figure who protects the order of time.

However, from the perspective of the imperial family, the grand dukes of Praus were only priests who obeyed well.

He was physically honest and not very good at lying.

Most of them were like docile animals, the same inside and outside, and unadorned.

“I never thought I would see Prause’s family head in the capital. It wouldn’t have happened if the emperor hadn’t used the right of absolute obedience.”

It was just the final push of the immature princess, which wouldn’t have happened anyway if it wasn’t for the right to absolute obedience.

Thinking so, Tahar felt a little pity for Daniel.

“No matter how much he uses his absolute right to obey, you really listen to every command.”

“It’s sudden for me too, but a promise is a promise.”

Tahar started quietly into Daniel’s eyes.

It was the eyes that Tahar didn’t know what he was thinking, but he didn’t seem to ask personally to overturn his marriage.

“Even if it’s terrible, are you saying that you don’t reject it because it’s the emperor’s order?” It’s definitely Prause.”


“When I become emperor, I will take care of your hard work first. If you’re a noble Prause, you’ll never break your promise to the imperial family.”


Tahar patted Daniel on the shoulder and left first.

Daniel stayed and pondered over the conversation between Tahar and Frey.

Precisely, the words that Frey seemed to take for granted.

[“I will not leave the child alone nor will he be lonely.”]

[“Because if I turn away and bully the children, they will be lonely and sad. Little children shouldn’t feel that way.”]

Frey said that in front of Tahar.

Even if she had obtained divine power, would she have been able to make up words she hadn’t even thought about in a confrontation with the person who would become the next emperor?

‘They didn’t seem to notice that I was watching them.’

If so, that means..

‘It might be sincere.’

The princess was only a little better than rumors, but she didn’t seem to have a special place. Her divine power was also weak compared to the blood of the imperial family.

But only her suggestion is attractive.

Daniel imagined the northern state with the opening of the direct gate to the capital. Just the look of a prosperous estate he wanted.

If Frey had given her a divorce in time, she could have benefited considerably from surrendering the title of Grand Duchess for a few years.

‘I’ll have to check again if my ability to see the future returns to normal.’

He frowned as he remembered his future self clinging to Frey.

* * *

After using the right of absolute obedience to summon Daniel to the capital, things progressed quickly.

Those who received the order of the emperor hurriedly prepared for the wedding.

Members of the nobles faction tried to stop the wedding with all sorts of excuses, but of course it didn’t work.

The empress mobilized the members of the duke Gelon and repeatedly filed petitions, but they could not change the result because they did not have the sacred power and were not parties to the contract.

‘Daniel avoids marriage while spreading rumors about promiscuous men, and now he is quiet.’

I hope you like my offer and be quiet.

Thinking so, I went out of the canopy and saw the maid standing there expressionless. It was the first face I had ever seen.

‘Where did Emma go?’

Besides, the woman in front of me was not at all kind to me.

It seemed like a lot of strength was put on her shoulders for a maid.

“Who sent you?

“I was originally an attendant of Her Majesty. Her Majesty the queen has ordered Princess Frey to be prepared.”

Oh, then it is.

The queen used to replace my maids, saying that the affairs of the women in the imperial family belonged to her.

The maids changed frequently, except for Emma,   who had a relationship with my mother and was persistent by my side.

or suddenly return home.

Getting married and leaving for another area to live in a house.

For that reason, I couldn’t help it.

‘I wasn’t a kind owner either, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable for me to leave.’

Whatever the background, I couldn’t take a good look at the person that the queen sent this time either.

“Oh right. Didn’t you unilaterally notify us of the schedule late yesterday?”

I barely fell asleep because of insomnia, but thanks to that, I woke up.

I paused as I tried to dip my hand in the wash water that a lady with a soulless face was pushing out.

Excessive heat rose from the fingertips as if there was something to scald people’s flesh from the morning.

Steam is rising, but you can’t even show sincerity to hide it.

I looked at the maid and spoke in a kind tone.

“I’m not fully awake, can you put your hand in and check the temperature of the water?”

The queen used to have a maid to harass me gently.

Since the affairs of the women in the imperial palace were under the care of the queen, it must have been easy to control them.

Above all, the intensity of the bullying was tolerable, so it was ambiguous to tell my parents about it every time.

If I thought I was going through this every day, my parents would take issue with this, and then the queen would harass me even more persistently and meanly.

‘Because I’ve always been afraid that the queen would retaliate for carrying the Duke of Gelon on her back.’

Since I didn’t run to my father, the queen would have had a small taste of harassment.


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