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TNBTW-Chapter 12


Just now, Daniel was clicking his tongue inwardly, peeking at Frey’s future.

To strip a man and kneel down.

Isn’t it a perfect future for the idiotic princess who is just doing bad things?

‘It’s pathetic to cry in front of a woman.’

I couldn’t see the man’s figure because the vision was not stable and blurry, but I could see the tears falling to the floor.

The scene soon became clearer and the man’s appearance became clearer.

Daniel looked at the future with a sullen look.

Looking closely at the background, it seemed that Frey was staying in a place other than Grand Duke Prause’s residence.

As she said, it must have been a real divorce.

“As the princess said, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the divorce……”

Daniel, who was speaking in an insensitive voice, paused for a moment.

It was because the man’s voice in the fantasy was so familiar.

[“Fray, you can’t leave me.”]

The identity of the pitiful man kneeling naked in front of Frey is—

[“Daniel, before marriage, you were afraid that I would not divorce you, so you used your ability to see the future, right?”]


Daniel Prause was himself.

The shock made him forget to breathe for a moment.

‘That messy clinging man…….’


Daniel doubted his eyes.

Meanwhile, Frey asked.

“If he has silver hair, he must be from the north. Does he have a familiar face?”

“It is a familiar face.”

I couldn’t say I didn’t know my own face.

No, it is weird to say It’s me?

“I think I was mistaken.”

Daniel changed his words.

Unable to accept what he saw, Frey’s future was out of sight.

However, it was after the image of a man with the same silver hair as mine kneeling with his shirt off was imprinted in his mind.

Even the purple eyes unique to the Prause bloodline.

When I concluded that I was clearly not mistaken, the question shifted in a different direction.

‘ me to Princess Frey?’

Daniel looked at Frey with a puzzled face.

She was certainly beautiful with her voluminous blonde hair.

It was clear that any man who was even a little interested in the love business would be dizzy just by talking to Frei Obelir.

It seems to be true that even roses in full bloom lose their light next to the Princess.

But that was it.

He wasn’t interested in a princess using her father’s authority to complete a jewelry collection.

But why…

“Grand Duke Prause. Did you see any interesting scenes from my future?”


Daniel could now declare that he had no crush on her in the slightest.

In addition, he had a mission to protect the order of time as Grand Duke Prause.

Like his father, who was crushed by his mother’s death, love could not make him irresponsible.

‘But what the hell happened in the future?’

Frey asked Daniel, who was confused.

“Didn’t the future me give you a divorce?”

Daniel answered Frey’s question in a slightly sullen voice.


Rather, he was cold-hearted to the man who threw off his top and fell to his knees.

Daniel struggled to deny what he had seen and rose from his seat.

“As the princess said, we seemed to have divorced around that time.”

It was Daniel who didn’t bother to say that one of the two couldn’t accept it and looked soggy.

Frey found his reaction strange.

“Yes, what… … As you can see, I’m going to give you a divorce. There will be a lot to gain from Prause too,”

“I understand. I’m tired from traveling, so I’ll go now.”

“Is that all you have to say to me?”

“Right now, yes.”

He had no doubt that something was wrong with his ability to see the future because of the fatigue of the long journey.

* * *

I couldn’t figure out why the Grand Duke suddenly turned pale.

I thought he would show a little more interest in my proposal if I confirmed the fact of the divorce.

‘Could I have been having fun with my future lover?’

If #a man who was not interested in women, saw such a future, it was understandable that he was shocked and did not want to mix words with me.

“Then see you in two weeks, My groom.”

I got up from my seat with a smile on my face.

It would be better to get out of the seat quickly before eating away at the bottom of the favorability rating.

‘What the hell was the future me doing….’

I still have a bad image, but it gets worse because of the future.

At this rate, the Grand Duke might be in hiding to avoid marriage.

I was very embarrassed, but I tried to soften my hard face.

I had to refrain from revealing my uncomfortable planting in the hallway where everyone walks.

Besides, isn’t it after coming out alone with the man I’m going to marry in two weeks?

If you weren’t trying to create useless rumors, it was right to hide your emotions as much as possible.

As I walked with that thought in mind, I saw someone approaching me.

Clean shoes without a single speck of dust, dark gray hair neatly combed through, and insensitive blue eyes.

It was a man who radiated coolness and life from his body.

“Long time no see.”


“Did you miss the welcoming ceremony because you were hiding in the corner like a rat?”

Crown Prince Tahar Obelir.

My body shrank a little when I faced his face, which looked nothing like the emperor.

I think it was because of the fear that was deeply ingrained in me.

[“The lowly thing does not even know the subject of the imperial event.”]

[“Tahar, I was just on my way to my room after a walk.”]

[“Isn’t it impossible to judge the situation with a foolish head? If I had an idea, I wouldn’t have gone back or left the room unnoticed.”]

When Tahar clicked his tongue, I lowered my eyes and froze.

I went back to my room and cried and screamed for hours.

‘When the prince looked at me like this, I couldn’t even sleep because of fear and contempt.’

Even now, Tahar was looking at me as if he were looking at livestock.

His face was full of contempt, as if he 

was counting the days to slaughter a difficult beast.

Besides, he was always with someone.

Those behind him now were either the heads of noble families with strong bones, or members of the Council of Elders who had turned their backs on the emperor and sided with the empress.

In particular, the betrayal of the elders who had been on the emperor’s side for generations to discuss state affairs came to me painfully.

‘Because my father’s divine power perfectly blocks the undead monsters, not only nobles but also commoners in the capital forget the importance of holy power.’

Originally, Tahar could not manifest his divine power and had to resign from the position of successor when he was over twenty-five.

However, the empress’ family quickly formed public opinion to protect Tahar.

[“The undead monsters have degenerated and are of no use.”]

[“Now is the time to lead the empire to prosperity with the power of the Duke of Gelon and the Mage Tower, not the old-fashioned divine power!”]

From the nobles to the commoners, and finally to the elders. 

People who were accustomed to peace began to criticize the importance of my father’s service and divine power.

In a word, they were looking at me as a thorn in the eye.

{thump, thump}

The fear imprinted on the body causes the heart to go wild.

I tried to calm myself down by bringing up memories from the distant past.

‘It’s okay. You’ve seen this look in your past life.’

[“mom! Why did you pass my clothes on to her?”]

[“she is. Then do you want buy new clothes?”]

[“I don’t know! Seeing her wearing my clothes makes me feel bad. Can’t I just throw away my clothes instead of handing them over?”].

It’s a face similar to the one I saw on my cousin who used to point and shout at me.

So there was nothing to be overly frightened of.


‘I have divine power that this man doesn’t have. Because of that fact, Tahar is spewing even more murderous spirits.’

The day I touched the Divine Power Sensor in the Great Temple, I heard that Tahar had destroyed countless pieces of furniture and decorations in the room.

The life he shows me is nothing but jealousy and envy stemming from an inferiority complex.

I’m having a seizure because I have something I’m not confident about.

I reassured myself and opened my mouth.

“It’s been a while, Tahar.”


It was only natural that his face was crumpled like paper and veins sprouted from his forehead.

In the meantime, I couldn’t even look at him, when I talked to him.

But you must have been offended that I just looked into your eyes by calling your name as if you were on an equal footing with me.

“What did you just say?”

Tahar said in a voice full of displeasure.

I emptied my head and answered naturally, just like I did when dealing with a guest in my previous part-time job.

“It seems like it’s been a while, so I said hello.”

“Are you finally going crazy after all the bad things, or are you trying to flatter yourself in order to save your life?”

In the first place, Tahar Obelir was a great man who would go over to the young lady and save his concubine’s daughter.

I had never even considered that option in the first place.

“No. I’m going to marry Grand Duke Prause soon and leave the capital, so I’m going to do it.”

Tahar let out a mocking laugh.

“Ha! Frey, since your father used the right of absolute obedience and gave you the Grand Duke Prause, do you think you have the whole world?”


“You must have inherited your mother’s vulgar appearance and a poor instinct to seduce a man to fix yourself.””

A sharp gaze that takes my breath away.

He, of course, and the family head and elders who followed him reprimanded me with bitter eyes.

As if he knew that if I did, I would get scared and lower my tail.

However, when I cleared my fears and thought about it calmly, I felt sorry for the situation.

It’s like a person called the crown prince who will take care of all people in the future, talking about his bloodline and arguing about where he came from.

‘He can’t be a good emperor. Even though he actually becomes a tyrant.’

Tahar is an emperor who self-destructs because of greed and complexity.

Thinking like that so relieved my tension.

He was the one who talked about blood and lineage first, so I decided to touch his complex with a smile.

The empress and prince had already resorted to tricks against me and my mother, so there was nothing to hold back.

“But in terms of appearance, I look more like the Emperor than you.”


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