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TNBTW-Chapter 11


Princess, They say that Grand duke Prause has just arrived at the imperial palace.”

said Emma, combing my hair.

I thought he would intentionally cause a carriage accident in the middle, but it seemed that he arrived calmly unexpectedly.

Does that mean you want to break up your marriage with me that much?

“thanks. Emma,  I will ask you to prepare me.”

I also only thought of meeting Grand Duke Prause and handing him a proposal.

However, Emma, who interpreted my impatience at will, made me dress up several times more gorgeous than usual.

Well, to everyone else, I’m finally coming face-to-face with my old crush.

It wasn’t unreasonable for Emma to put a flashy accessory on my head instead.


Emma,   who finished my dressing up with perfume, clasped my hands tightly and trembled.

“Princess….You are so beautiful. 

Grand Duke Prause will surely agree with you.”

“Thank you, Emma.”

‘Since he is a man with a self-proclaimed private life, would you be interested in my appearance?’

I got up from my seat, barely holding back the words I wanted to say.

It was because Grand Duke Prause, who had arrived in the capital, decided to attend a ceremony to show respect to the emperor.

“Princess Frey. Come this way.”

As I entered the main hall, my father’s assistant directed me to a seat in a corner.

A place out of sight of everyone.

A place where there are many blind spots, so even if someone whispers while looking at me, I can go over without knowing.

Whenever members of the imperial family and great nobility gathered, my mother and I always occupied these seats.

today… I was alone.

[“Mother, I can’t see well.”]

When I was very young, when I asked that question, my mother would answer the day I sat on her lap.

[“Fray. Do you love your father?”


[“Then let’s just sit here today. On a day like today, if we occupy the seats next to the emperor, your father will be in trouble.”]


[“Instead, let’s stick close to your father in other places. Understand?”]

Even though I was young at the time, I think I understood what my mother was saying.

Since I was also a princess, I didn’t want to embarrass my father by begging him for a good seat.

I didn’t want to leave my mother alone in a corner like this.

More than anything, I couldn’t come forward because I was afraid of the eyes of people who would despise me sitting in the sun.

But now, the reason for enduring this position in silence was different.

“Grand Duke Daniel Prauss greets His Majesty the Emperor, the owner of the empire.”

People cheer with his stance.

I couldn’t see the Grand Duke in my field of vision, but I could clearly see the young ladies falling into ecstasy.

I also wanted to go to a bright place and see what a man he looked like, but I held back.

And it wasn’t long before I heard the news I had been waiting for.

“Princess Frey… … A man just gave me this and left.”

Emma looked at me and handed me a letter.

[Princess Frey…

I’d like to meet you briefly before the welcome banquet begins. We will wait for you in the glass greenhouse of the villa.

– Daniel Prause.]

‘It’s faster than I thought.’

After all, if you wanted someone to approach you, it was best to be in an inconspicuous place.

* * *

There was not much time between the greeting of the Grand Duke and the welcome banquet.

I wonder if I don’t have enough time to explain my plan in detail to him.

I had to explain what I could give him as briefly as possible.

And I hope he agrees with those suggestions.

As soon as I entered the glass greenhouse of the detached palace, I involuntarily thought of Daniel Prause.

‘Wow, he shines just as I heard.’

Daniel, wearing a uniform buttoned up to the top and sitting in an undisturbed posture, looked like a statue of a great temple.

Silver hair that shines blue and purple eyes that are mysterious just by their existence.

Perhaps even the appearance of this man is ‘I’m a courteous virgin.’

‘I wonder if I can seduce such an innocent man into a Contract marriage.’

His innocent beauty was almost nonexistent, and it was enough to bring my guilt to the surface.

AA face that makes sense why he dug a character who died and had no narrative.

“Daniel Prause meets Princess Frey Obelir.”

Even to the idiot who forcibly summoned me, he politely greeted me by placing his long finger on his wide chest, which made me feel guilty.

‘Of course, I have no intention of handing over the right to absolute obedience.’

After sitting down and exchanging awkward greetings, I took a sip of tea.

He immediately got to the point.

“Princess Frey. Again, I am a very promiscuous man.”

You’re only trying to push me away with such a sweet and kind face, right now?

‘In the meantime, your voice sounds sweet.’

When Daniel came out decisively, the maids started to stir.

But I was told with a smile.

“Oh, I liked the grand duke’s promiscuity, so I asked for marriage. Don’t worry and just relax.”


Daniel’s eyes wrinkled finely, as if he hadn’t expected me to come out like this.

He spoke like someone about to deliver the final blow.

“As you know, I already have two children out of wedlock, and there may be more in the future.”

I was wondering when did you ever talk about this out-of-wedlock?

‘Because I’m dying to see the main characters when they are babies.’

I tried not to let out a selfish laugh.

“Oh, don’t worry, I love children too.”

“The princess wants the children… ?”

“sure. Theymay hate me, but I will never hate them. I’m the type who values family more than it looks.”


It wasn’t an expected development, but it must have been a surprise.

It was quite amusing to watch Daniel confusion.

He thought for a moment pretending to drink tea, then suggested.

“Princess Frey. Can we just talk for a moment, just the two of us?”


As soon as I agreed, the hirelings moved away.

A chill grew in his eyes.

I wasn’t particularly surprised to know why he hated things like love and women.

‘My father committed suicide leaving me as a child because of love, but it’s strange that I like him.’

The story of how the Grand Duke of the North, who loved humans, took his own life when his companion died, was very famous.

Because of that, for Daniel, who had to endure all kinds of threats and grow up alone, love and everything else must be traumatic.

So I had no intention of seeking real love or attention from him either.

Shall we start making proposals?

“I fell in love with Grand duke Prause and I want to start a family together, but I think it would be better for both of us to divorce after living together for 2 years, 7 months and 18 days and not getting along.”

By that point, it would have been after he prevented the assassination attempt on the crown prince and built up intimacy with the baby Transcendentalists.

At a strangely specific time, Daniel’s eyes crumpled.

“If you were the Grand Duke, you would have heard that I have divine power, right?”

“That’s right.”

“If we use our holy power, we will be able to solve the problem of undead monsters in the north to some extent.”


I raised the holy power in my palm so that he could confirm it.

I could tell at once that he was interested in my power.

“If we solve the problem of undead monsters, you can open the gate directly to the capital, and the north will develop remarkably based on resources.”.

As if to imagine, he shrugged his eyebrows, and Daniel seemed a little agitated.

“Princess Frey. Are you offering me a deal now?”

“Well, can I replace it with an explanation that I was emboldened by the loss of my mother?””

“I’m sorry about Lady Roselia….”

“It’s all right. I’ll feel better if the Grand Duke married me.”

I sprinted on and continued the explanation.

“A dowry given by the imperial family to a beautiful wife. Elimination of the direct gate to the capital and the right of absolute obedience.”


“After that, I’ll even give you a divorce, so I don’t think it’s a loss from the grand duke’s point of view.”

Of course, since he had already used the right of absolute obedience, he couldn’t disobey it.

Daniel asked in a suspicious voice.

“I think the princess might change her words after the wedding.”

I also thought it would come out like this.

Because I was pretty shallow.

It was an expected rebuttal, so I dealt with it calmly.

“Duke Prause, why don’t you peek first? I know you can glimpse into other people’s futures.”

“How else did you know that?”

“Well, as the princess, I picked up a lot of things. You may not believe it, but reading is also my hobby.”

I held out one arm.

From the grand duke’s point of view, it would be better to use future foreknowledge now.

Other conditions are attractive only if a sure divorce is guaranteed.


As expected, Daniel grabbed my hand.

At the part where their skin touched, magic power rose like a haze.

Daniel’s eyebrows wrinkled as he watched the vision.

“A man is taking off his shirt in front of the princess.”

“Oh my goodness.”

Future me, you’re having a good time.

“Besides, that man is kneeling in front of the princess.”

Thanks to the Grand Duke, I know what kind of person the future me will be involved with.

This was an unexpected situation.

I waited patiently and asked him.

“I am curious. What does he look like? What color is his hair?”

“It’s silver hair, but—”

“If he has silver hair, he must be from the north. Does he have a familiar face?”

But why?

“It is a familiar face.”

Daniel Prause, who was silently looking into the future, frowned as if he had seen something he didn’t want to see.


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