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TNBTW-Chapter 10


“A woman who would hold flowers and smile in front of Daniel Prause in a wedding dress…”

I said that and closed the distance with Evelyn again.

She never flinched even when I stared at her, perhaps because she was raised as a negotiating card for the royal family from a young age.

Rather, she gave strength to her neck, as if there was nothing to push.

For a while, the well-shaped lips painted in red slowly distorted.

‘I can’t lose the Grand duke to someone like Frey.’

She seemed to be grinding his teeth while thinking about that.

“Certainly, the Lady of Count Vliette is a better bride than I am. You even loved Daniel Prause longer.”

“I’m glad you know that. So at this point…”

“Yes, Young lady Will do it. The role of holding flowers and smiling in front of the Grand Duke in a wedding dress.”


Evelyn looked at me with suspicious eyes.

She asked as she tilted her head slightly as if she didn’t know what it meant.

“Princess Frey,Are you giving it up…?”

Give up?

I felt like I would burst into laughter because of the memories of my past life.

There were many times I gave up.

I couldn’t count how many times I gave up on it for fear of losing something bigger if I said I wanted it.

‘neither the me in my past life nor the current me ever gave up what I could have.’

I looked at Evelyn with an innocent face and tilted my head.

“Give up…What? I am the one holding the ceremony with Grand Duke Prause.”


“But since Young lady also said you wanted to see the Grand Duke up close, could you act as a maid?”

I showed a warm smile.

I laughing…

It was a useful skill learned from a previous life where I had to deal with the same people.

Of course, there was no way that Evelyn would take the bridesmaid offer lightly.

She trembled with her clenched fists. 

With eyes that want to tear me apart at any moment,

It was just me watching her play at the funeral.

When I thought of that time, I thought my blood would rise upside down, but I kept my composure as much as I could and opened my mouth.

“The daughter of Count Vliette. I will not forget that when my mother passed away the other day, you came to visit me with flowers.”


“In return for the flowers, I will send you a bridesmaid’s bouquet to the countess.”

‘IIf you hadn’t done such a shameless thing first, I wouldn’t have taken the Grand Duke away.’

It was a word with such a meaning.

If you are Evelyn who has been in the social world for a long time, you will understand the meaning of the words.

“Then bye. The wedding will proceed quite quickly, so take care of your health from now on.”

I left a refreshing greeting and headed to the room.

* * *

that afternoon.

In a word, the imperial palace turned upside down.

‘It’s an eye-popping event that the emperor uses the right of absolute obedience for his daughter…’

“But his partner, Grand Duke Prowth, is actually a dirty man with two out-of-wedlocks?”

‘Even if Princess Frey chooses her partner…’

Imperial faction officials could not hide their embarrassment.

Members of the royal family faction, led by the Duke of Gelon, went on a rampage.

“your majesty! You can’t just use your divine right in a place like this!”

“If you don’t take your orders, I’ll protect my absolute right to obey with death as a loyalist!”

‘If I don’t stop, will I die?’ A series of threatening appeals continued.

Of course, the empress, the prince and the couple, and the Duke of Gelon attacked fiercely, saying that they were politically incompetent.

However, the emperor, who had already decided to send Frey to the north, did not blink an eye.

“Keep in mind that if you take your own life, the territory will be returned to me, the emperor.”

I’m just wary of them, spilling things I don’t know if they’re joking or being serious.

Frey also had a busy day in his own way for two weeks after the right of absolute obedience was invoked until Grand Duke Prause was forcibly summoned.

Politics lessons, cramming in etiquette, and even market research on the North.

What makes me endure the difficult learning process is my father’s trust and support, and….

“Emma, get me a letter, I have to ask how my best friend is doing today.”

I was to send a letter to Evelyn Vliette every day and make fun of it.

If she was a coward in the past, she would not have done this, but her personality in her previous life was not so easy.

Because of recalling memories, it seems that when she is beaten, she has a personality that bites and hangs back like a mad dog and pays back twice as much.

Looking back, the letters I’ve sent so far have been very good.

[The daughter of Count Vliette. I heard you got sick. The wedding is just around the corner, and I don’t want my ‘bridesmaid’ to get sick, so I’ll send you some medicine.

-The bride-to-be Frey Obelir.]

[To the young lady of Count Vliette.

Young lady, are you feeling better? By the way, today I was just picking out a bouquet design for my wedding. I’ll also send the catalog to Young lady. Would you like to pick out a bouquet of flowers to stand next to the Grand Duke Prause and hold ‘as a bridesmaid’?]

-Frey Obelir during bridal class.]

Frey deliberately left the sealing of the letter to Emma.

Thanks to this, rumors about Frey’s fiery personality and trickery towards Lady Vliette, which had been covered by the title of ‘coward’, quickly spread.

‘oh my god… If the Lady of Count Vliette receives this letter, she will fall with a vase.’

‘Princess Frey, after losing her coward head, she became very strong’

Frey brought the letter paper and sent Emma back,  ‘Will you do it again?’ asked Emma with a wink of her eye.

It was also her plan to spread bad rumors about herself.

‘So Grand Duke Prause will think I want a divorce.’

If you do a good thing that you didn’t even do and do a philanthropist cosplay,

‘That princess who has lost her string really wants the love of the grand duke, so she even does good deeds that she didn’t want to do!’

There was a possibility of misunderstanding…

It would be even more difficult if the Grand Duke made such an illusion.

So Frey continued to maintain the line of a princess who abandoned her personality.

‘It’s more comfortable this way.’

Of course, only Frey, who drew the big picture, knew all of this.

Because of that, the courtiers and the emperor had no choice but to spend an anxious day until Grand Duke Prause arrived.

‘Are you going out like this just because the grand duke revealed the child out of wedlock…?’

‘How did you kill that temper so far?’

Around the time when the imperial palace suffered because of exaggerated rumors that spread day by day.

“This is the carriage of His Highness Grand Duke Prause, who entered the palace by using His Majesty’s absolute right of obedience. Please guide me.”

Luke, who had been wearing the knight’s uniform for the first time in a while, had a busy conversation with the knights in the imperial palace.

It was to let the procession of the Grand Duke who had just arrived into the imperial palace.

Thanks to the emperor’s mention to the knights in advance, the carriage procession was able to pass through the front gate on time.

Luke quickly climbed onto the footrest of Daniel’s carriage and grumbled.

“Wow, I feel like a pet monkey for ladies. You can see everyone looking at us in the eyes of the grand duke, right?”

“It is the imperial palace, Luke. set an example Now, rather than playing the role of an old friend, I want you to be faithful to the role of the knight commander.”

“All right. Anyway, I can see this contemptuous gaze. I must have properly damaged His Highness’ honor.”


Daniel was amazed by Luke’s ability to turn him into an irreplaceable, promiscuous man in just a week.

Those children with transcendental powers are my children out of wedlock.

To say that they are not getting married because they do not know who the mother of the children is.

What’s even more surprising is that people are starting to believe that nonsense.

‘Maybe Prause is more enthusiastic since there have been no rumors of infidelity for generations.’

A small wrinkle formed between his eyebrows.

Even after hearing the rumors, the emperor and princess did not withdraw their absolute right to obey.

So, after paying courtesy to the emperor as soon as possible, he had to meet with the princess alone and ask for a breakup.

If she seriously admitted that the rumors were true, Princess Frey would also drop her studies and choose another marriage partner.

‘I don’t know why I don’t believe the fake rumors spread by Luke now.’

It was probably because he believed in Prause’s upright personality.

Daniel leaned against the backrest, thinking that he would do his best to betray her expectations.

He still had no intention of doing anything like love.


Luke moved to another carriage to avoid disturbing his master’s brief rest.

After entering the imperial palace, the procession was slow, so it wasn’t too much trouble.

He sat down next to the butler, Baron, and stretched.

“grandfather. How long will it take to break off the engagement and return to the grand duke residence? Two days?”

“I wish it was two days too…If something unexpected happens, it may be delayed.”

“Is it unexpected?”

Is there anything unexpected about breaking the engagement with a princess who is rumored to be a wicked woman?

Luke showed his curiosity.

Baron smiled bitterly and looked toward the princess’s palace.

“My grandfather said. The grand duke Prause is always frozen, but when he meets his partner, he becomes a different person.”

“Ah, you know that the Grand Duke is an exception because of his childhood memories.”

“You don’t think there was a story about the former Grand Duke Prause?”


“Dragon blood has a strong obsession with companions. Doesn’t the person who was like ice suddenly offer his heart saying that he suddenly found a partner, or run away in love…”

“Well, that’s how it is.”

“Luke. Please study the records about Grand Duke Prause that have been handed down in the Divine Family.”

“yes yes. I get it.”

Luke replied bluntly.

Baron kept his eyes on the imperial palace buildings that were getting closer and closer.

“So if you notice any change in the Grand Duke’s mood, let me know immediately. If we find our companion, we’ll have to deal with things differently.”

* * *

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