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TNBTW-Chapter 1


“Princess Frey. Again, I am a very promiscuous man.”

Daniel said with a tired face.

The royal maids bowed their heads deeper, not knowing what to do at his shameless reaction.

The rumor that grand duke Daniel Prause, who was thought to be docile, was in fact messing around with women was famous even in the capital.

However, being promiscuous was not something the duke proudly say when discussing the wedding schedule with the princess.

‘No matter how disappointing Princess Frey is as his marriage partner!’

Besides, wasn’t he in a state where he had no choice but to obey the imperial family because of the agreement made by his ancestors?

‘Even if the princess doesn’t like it, as long as His Majesty has exercised his absolute right to obey, he won’t be able to cancel the marriage.’

‘But why is Princess prey just listening today?’

If it was the way Princess Frey had shown her in the meantime, she would have to stare at him with trembling or white eyes, asking what that meant.

“Oh, I liked the grand duke’s promiscuity, so I asked you for marriage. Don’t worry and just relax.”

She just smirked.

Daniel’s eyes crinkled slightly at the answer that seemed to be nothing.

When it comes to women, he delivered the final blow as advised by his subordinate.

“As you know, I already have two children out of wedlock, and there are more to come.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I love children too.”

“The princess wants the children… ?”

Frey sipped tea calmly after answering the doubt-filled question appropriately.

She was laughing at Daniel’s efforts to ruin the marriage.

Out of wedlock? He lied, he couldn’t help but pick up abandoned children.

In addition, the keyword given by fans who used to be a fan of him, who only saw his handsome face and had a small amount, was “the mysterious handsome man”

A man with an impure and transparent past. 

‘He is trying. But It won’t have any effect.’

Of course, from Daniel’s point of view, it was only natural that he would try to break off the engagement somehow, since he suddenly ended up marrying a princess because of the promise the previous grand duke had made.

All men and women want to avoid a shit truck rushing at them.

But Frey couldn’t take care of his situation.

‘I have to crawl into this man’s mansion somehow to prevent the ruin ending.’

She lowered her eyes to see her face reflected in the teacup.

Colorful blonde hair and red eyes worthy of the honor of being the best beauty in the empire.

An evil woman villain in the game (The Abandoned World), based on the romance novel, has the same name.

Because that was herself, ‘Frey Obelir’.

‘I’m on the villain side, but I’m lucky because I know the future because I was reincarnated in a game I played like a dead person in my previous life.’

It’s a long time before the start of the original work.

The main characters of the game are children who are being protected by the Grand Duke.

And the game starts after the world collapses due to the conflict caused by the villains.

In a word, the situation in which Frey can be safe only when the villains are prevented from installing it.

‘There is still time until destruction. The proof is that the relationship between the imperial family and the grand duke did not fall apart.’

In order to change the future, Daniel’s marriage, which is the beginning of destruction, had to be sorted out first.

So Frey spoke in a very determined tone.

“I’m sorry, but since the emperor already used the right of absolute obedience, I can’t give up on the marriage.”

“It must have been the princess who requested that.”

Daniel frowned.

However, Frey got up from her seat and laughed shamelessly.

“yes. But I’m a little serious about the promiscuous handsome man.”

“… … .”

“Then see you in two weeks, my groom ”

She got up from her seat with a smile on her face.


About a month ago.

“Don’t let your mind wander!”

“It may not be an ordinary poison, so bring the priests, hurry!”

The fishy smell of blood wafted out whenever people moved around. 

Some of that blood was mine.

But most of the blood was gushing from the mouth of my mother, Lady Roselia.

“I have already… … Ugh!”

The mother coughs up blood and clutches at her chest.

It’s hard to think that she was enjoying dinner with me 10 minutes ago.

I was also not in a good condition.

‘These symptoms….’

A tingling sensation near the heart and a feeling that the blood throughout the body is cold.

This was a characteristic of the curse of the wizards from the empress’s family, the Duke of Gelon.

I was getting distracted by my injuries, but I knew what situation I was in.

‘Did the prince and empress try to kill us while my father was away?’

everything was obvious

My father was an emperor who rejected the empress for political reasons.

My mother was from a commoner who was favored by such an emperor.

This fact alone made the empress anxious not to bother me and my mother, but recently another decisive reason came up.

My mother, a commoner, was pregnant.

It was a huge thing that another person inherited the emperor’s blood.

In the imperial family, only one child with divine power is born per generation, 

but the crown prince born between the empress and the emperor turned out to have no divine power.

When I was young, I could have hoped that my divine power would be manifested naturally, 

‘but…It’s been a long time since the age of twenty-five when all innate powers are manifested, so there’s no chance that the crown prince will gain divine power.’

I also avoided being killed by the empress because it was determined that I did not have divine power in several tests.

But my mother had a child again.

Since the prince and I did not have divine powers, the probability that the next-born child of the imperial family would have divine powers was very high.

That’s why the empress had resorted to a trick.

“Frey, come here… Whoops!”

The mother coughed and blood soaked the carpet.

For some reason, my mother’s condition was much worse than mine.

If my father had been there, he would have used his divine power to do anything, 

‘But..he was away because undead monsters suddenly started rampaging.’

I helped and approached my mother who was calling me anxiously.


A cold, trembling hand touches your cheek.

My heart tightened with fear that my mother might disappear from the world forever.

She spoke in a volume that I could barely hear.

“Pretend you don’t know who’s behind it.”

‘The only way we can survive in the palace is to pretend we don’t know anything.’

Mother’s eyes said so. I sobbed, but couldn’t answer anything.

“If I disappear, ugh, it will be fine…Please only you…”


“Only you are happy—”

“You must live”

My mother say that and closed her eyes.

I grabbed her hand as it landed on the bed.

Still, My mother did not move.

“Uh, mother…?”

“Princess, please move away!”

The doctor took all sorts of medical measures after holding onto my mother and pulling me out with difficulty.

The priests who were with him quickly memorized healing spells.

However, despite the first aid that followed, the mother could not come to her senses.

No wonder.

Because it was a curse made using the magic of the Duke of Gelon, the most delicate in the empire.

‘But even if I made that claim, the empress would say it’s a framer with no evidence.’

The feeling of cold blood and numbness are only subjective sensations, so they cannot be accepted as evidence.

There are plenty of poisons that can cause internal injuries, so they’ll put up a suitable fake behind them to cover it up properly.

Then everyone will be able to hide my mother’s death.

‘Why are you doing this to my mother and me?’

I muttered in vain and reached out my hand toward my mother.

I was even more confused when I saw a white cloth covering her face that resembled mine.

At the same time, the appallingly cold voice of the empress rang in my ears.

[“Hey. If it has anything to do with the throne, you and your mother will not be safe.”]

I was only five years old at the time, but I could hear all the quiet words and the warnings in those serpentine eyes.

The moment you covet the throne even a little bit, you die.

Even if you unintentionally gain people’s support and are mentioned as the heir to the throne, you will die.

Even if a knight who liked your appearance swears an oath of allegiance on his own, you will be accused of using a knight to threaten the crown prince and the imperial authority, and you will be oppressed until death.

‘So I lived quietly holding my breath. But why…’

With a thump in my heart, I realized.

The fact that no matter how stupidly I obeyed, like the tongue in my mouth, the empress would have killed my mother and me anyway.

Why did I only find out now when my mind is fading?

Why only after my mother died…

“Princess, wake up!”

“His Majesty the Emperor has just passed through the main gate of the Imperial Palace!”

The priests attached to my mother moved to me and recited healing spells, but my body showed no signs of getting better.

Gelon’s Curse is powerful.

My eyes are getting blurry as if I was also fatally wounded by the curse.

[“Fray, please only you… … Only you, ugh, happily… … Live.”]

I wanted to keep my mother’s last request with a brave face.

Contrary to the will, the strength gradually drains from the body.

Wouldn’t it be the same if my father appeared and healed me completely with divine power?

The empress and crown prince will continue to torment me, a thorn in my eye, and even if I lose the most precious person, 

I won’t be able to change my future.

Because i have no power

I was afraid that I would fall outside their eyes, so I never even thought about gaining strength.

‘It would be nice if I had the power to take revenge.’

No, if I survive the curse, I will no longer live as before and will somehow gain strength to avenge my mother.



The moment I thought so, unfamiliar scenes poured into my dark vision.

‘A flashlight? no this…’

This is my previous life

“Fray, no!”

The pain slowly subsides along with the father’s urgent cry. It seemed that divine power was purifying my body.

I looked through the memories of my past lives rushing in my head without thinking what to answer.

And I soon found out.

‘Isn’t that our imperial palace burning brightly on the game screen?’

That the world I live in now is in the game where I used to play like a loser person in my previous life.


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