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WTKLAL Chapter 5.2


Chapter 5: How the Lady Escapes the Killer Part 2

What Lucifella felt strange was the strange smell of the carriage. Well, this carriage wouldn’t smell fragrant, but it smelled strange.

She hadn’t bothered thinking about Liam for a while, but as soon as she inadvertently concluded that this was the smell of blood, she stopped her complex thinking.

Isn’t it a smell that I’ve smelled so familiar? I only met fragrant things and good things in a month, so I forgot this thick smell.

The first thing that came to mind as soon as I smelled the blood was that I had to get off this carriage immediately.

This carriage was driven by a dangerous man.

However, the window leading to the coachman was closed.

As she reached for the doorknob, thinking she should open the carriage door, she realized that the door was locked from the outside. This was certainly not a normal situation.

She gave a twisted smile. The story of a serial killer told by the maid came to mind.

How unlucky am I? No, it would be more correct to say that she was the perfect target for crime than to be unlucky.

If it wasn’t for the madman, she could have been robbed, and the young woman’s body was also in danger.

She was so insensitive because she had the confidence that she could handle it alone no matter what happened because she still acted as Estelle.

Even though she knew that living as another person does not only change the surrounding environment, she stepped into danger. Of course, the situation was bad enough to achieve enlightenment.

The window was too small to shout and ask for help, and she seemed to have already entered a certain area.

A river that crosses the city, and a forest around the river.

It was not long before the carriage stopped. Thinking about what to do, she decided to wait for the carriage door to open first.

Then she decided to find out what purpose this man drove this dangerous carriage for.

She took out the dagger hanging around her neck and hid it, then waited for the coachman to approach her.

She intended to stab the vital part of his neck, but the coachman wore a thick handkerchief around his neck, whether it was for wiping sweat or something else. Stabbing the neck was too likely to fail.

At that moment, something forced her to attack the man’s left arm, who seemed to be fiddling with a weapon in his pocket.

Then she recklessly ran into the forest. She assumed the worst, judging from the absence of the coachman who was following her.

She may be on the verge of being caught and killed by a madman who only kills womans.

If it was a robbery, there was a lot of risk for one person to prepare everything. People were around, so he had to catch her immediately and achieve his goal.

Also, she felt strong killing intent. In other words, his purpose was to kill her.

She didn’t know what the probability of surviving would be, but the first priority was to ride a horse.

You can’t get out of here with just two feet. But the problem was physical strength, this woman’s physical strength. She didn’t have the stamina to play so-called ‘hide and seek’.

In addition, the forest. It was a forest where there were only about 20 trees planted. There was no place to hide. If she goes to the plain, she will be caught up right away, as she runs slowly.

She hesitated about what to do. The attacker was following her. A cold sweat ran down her forehead.

She sighed.

The end is death at best. Even when she was Estelle, she died unexpectedly, but she was prepared to die and thought she might lose her life when she went to find Liam.

She lifted up the corners of her mouth and laughed. Estelle, who was a knight, always laughed like that, although it didn’t fit the situation she was in.

And that smile always brought victory.

“If you just come out, I’ll kill you nicely.”

The murderous voice was already approaching. Kill me nicely. Who knows how to die nicely?

The man she had just met was indeed a real bastard.

Estelle hated that kind of guy the most. Talking and joking around as if they had won because they had the upper hand. Lucifella, the person who just stabbed his arm, seems it hasn’t entered his head yet.

First of all, she thought she had to give him a shot to solve her problem. Lucifella’s eyes had a cool glow.

The knifeman chased the woman.

He knew this place better anyway. Now it was a piece of cake to catch her.

He thought about how to kill her. I’ll strangle you to death. However, he had no grip strength to break her neck.

It wouldn’t be bad to enjoy the touch until she stopped breathing.

A woman will be crushed to death under the despair of having no one to help her. Then you will realize how big a mistake you have made.

“If you just come out, I’ll kill you nicely, come out!”

He shouted. The woman didn’t come out.

But it will soon be noticeable. This place was narrow, and there was a river behind it, so there was no place to go unless you jumped in.

In addition, the river was also shallow, so if you went in, you could quickly notice it with the sound. She was wearing a skirt, so he could catch her even if she jumped in.

“Miss, hurry up and come out. I don’t have much patience.”

He tried to speak softly. But this unlucky smart woman didn’t even stick her head out. She wouldn’t have gone far. Where did she go?

Then he thought about the carriage he had left behind. It was obvious that it was the idea of the fugitives. Securing a ride right away!

He got out of the woods. Then he ran to the carriage.

Then he saw the woman running to the horse of the carriage.

Oh, I almost missed it. What a rat!

Still, excited by the joy of catching the prey, he chased the very woman.

Luck must follow him. Even the stupid girl fell while running away.

Perhaps she had fallen hard, and the prey could not get up for a while.

“Now I’ve got you.”

He immediately chased and kicked the woman in the stomach. Her stomach bent and crouched weakly, and she lay down, showing her belly.

He climbed onto her body, slapped her in the face, and strangled her.

It was a pity that it was not the hand he used to use, but he had enough power to kill this woman.

“You thought you could run away, right?”

She fluttered as his hands tightened. He gave more and more strength. The hem of her skirt went up in that struggle.

“You stab me? How dare such a little girl like you?”

The man was concentrating his whole mind on taking her breath away. He thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to strangle her.

He could feel it with his fingertips as she struggled to breathe. He murmured in exultation.

“What do you think? Scary? You’re scared to death, right? You’re going to die.”

The woman looked at the killer with silver-blue eyes.

Somehow it was clear that dazed-looking eyes were facing him, but he gave more power to his hands. A smirk appeared on his lips, and saliva was dripping down.

He talked without even knowing what he was talking about.

“Because I enjoy killing women like you. Huh? You always ignored men with that pretty look, didn’t you? It’s better for me to kill girls like you who are very flirting with men and raise their heads proudly.”

Dirty bitch, dirty bitch.

He told all the cursing he could do and how he had killed women.

He wanted to brag. He wanted to show off.

He smiled and gave more strength to his hands, hoping the woman strangled by his own hands would end her life with that pretty face trembling in fear.

However, since he wasn’t used to his left hand, he didn’t have much power.

However, if this also caused her pain, he was willing to endure this time.

Then he felt a stabbing pain in his back.


He screamed in great pain. It felt like his back had been burned.

Something pierced him and was pulled out. Something warm flowed down his back. It was blood. It hurt so much. What the hell happened?

The knifeman couldn’t endure the pain and kept screaming.

“Argh! My back, my back!”

He didn’t know what had happened, so he tried to put his arm behind him, but he couldn’t reach the wound.

Lucifella, who could barely escape from the man, coughed and put her arm on the ground. Then it happened at once.

Even then, the knifeman did not seem to understand what had happened to him.

“You thought you could kill me, son of a bitch?”

She said, staring at him.

Even though the knifeman was in agony and in pain, the voice gave him chills.

He raised his head and looked at her face, screaming at her. Her silver-blue eyes were burning bright blue. It was an eye he had never seen in his life.

He was overwhelmed by her momentum. She glanced at him with her wavering gaze, and a dagger was soaked in blood in her hand.

He realized that it was a dagger in her hand that had hit his back. She said after, taking in her breath.

“I tried to cut your throat, but I failed again. I am not used to this body yet.”

It was then that the knifeman realized that it was she, not himself, who had dug a trap.

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