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WTKLAL Chapter 4.2


Chapter 4: The Lady Is in Danger Part 2

While making an apology to the maid, who she doesn’t know the name of, whether it’s Rouisa or Royza, in fact, there was no need to.

Lucifella, who succeeded in escaping, tried to blend into the crowd as much as possible.

She lowered her head as much as possible because she was aware that Lucifella’s beautiful appearance stood out.

I don’t know the geography of Jansgar’s capital, and I don’t know where I can meet Liam, but I’ll have to do something about it.

She didn’t lose much. If she couldn’t find him, she could go back to the Count.

She thought about Liam and serial murder.

The serial murder was bizarre. The body was found around the street as if to ask people to find it. The murder was not in a limited place, so there were rumors that there were accomplices.

As Liam is pointed out as the culprit, it seems that it becomes a masterpiece crafted by the remnants of Ersha, but a woman?

Absolutely not. He can’t kill a woman. He was weaker to the weak.

Especially because of his size, it was the most worth seeing he was embarrassed by women or children that were smaller in size than him.

Rather, he might destroy the bell tower or kill a powerful person, but he was never a person who would attack women.

Then she had to look at serial murder and Liam separately.

First of all, we don’t know who the serial killer is, but Liam was spotted in the capital, and the knights of Jansgar were looking for him.

The most important thing was not whether Liam was the murderer who killed the woman but whether she could meet him.

The first thing she had to do was to cash out her belongings. She was just wearing a jeweled earring.

She went into the right place. There may be a threat, so a back alley is a no, and a sales office operated by a large upper house must have a sure identity guarantee, so it’s not allowed.

A decent place, a moderately shabby shop. She was walking in an area selling clothes and jewelry, so such a store was quickly discovered.

A woman with a beautiful face glanced at the merchant as he glanced at her earrings, which she held out for sale.

However, her confident and relaxed expression and informal speech made the merchant think that Lucifella was a lover of some noble family.

He offered to pay the bill, but she asked for cash that was convenient for her to carry.

She roughly put the money in her pocket, thinking that the unit of Jansgar’s currency would be similar to Ersha.

As my pockets grew thick, I thought about buying a horse, but seeing that there were no women on horseback, it was obvious that she would be caught and taken away quickly.

That was then. On the highway, I saw the knights driving their horses and running at high speed.

The horses were leaping menacingly. Anxiety stood on the faces of the people at the tense appearance of the knights.

Eight knights rushed down the street, and people looked at their backs and chattered.

“What’s going on?”

Though she knew the answer, she asked the nearest middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was startled by her look and coughed as Lucifella brushed her tangled hair, revealing her pretty face.

“Liam Hirka, they’re making a fuss to catch him. It appeared in the northwest of the capital.”


As she opened her eyes wide, the middle-aged man seemed to be in a good mood for it.

“Yes, the Second Knights and the Duke of Louirk turned on their eyes to catch him. Sooner or later, he’ll be caught.”

“…… Which side of the capital is this?”

He laughed and said whether he thought Lucifera was scared.

“This is the safest place to live because it is Southeast and has nothing to do with it. And you….”

As the man tried to continue his speech, Lucifella’s figure had long disappeared.

We have no choice but to ride a horse.

She saw a red carriage on the side of the street as she was walking around to see if there was a place selling horses near here. When she looked at the carriage, the seal that seemed to belong to the capital was engraved.

Oh. Private carriage, why didn’t she think of this?

She had seen it in Ersha.

Unlike aristocratic families who could always prepare a carriage and a coach, ordinary people did not have the money to buy and maintain a carriage. So, the concept that was created was ‘private carriage’.

The commoner, who has a lot of distance to travel, paid a fare and rode in a carriage.

It was unpleasant for the aristocrats to have commoners who copied them, but this private carriage was in the spotlight for everyone because the economic effects of widening the travel distance were greater than expected.

Lucifera saw some people waving and calling the carriage.

She waved awkwardly, too. The carriage came to a stop.

“Where are you going?”

“It’s Northwest.”


“You can drop me off anywhere in the Northwest.”

The coachman frowned and shook his head.

“It’s too dangerous to go there. Why don’t you go back home?”

The carriage passed before Lucifella could say more.

Lucifella bit her lip.

After that, she then called a few more wagons, but the result was the same.

It was no use saying that she would pay more.

For once, people seemed frightened that Liam had knocked down the tower. That was when she thought it might be better to borrow a horse, too.

“Where are you going, Miss?”

Another carriage stopped in front of her.

Lucifella said it was the northwest, thinking she would ride a horse if she was rejected again this time. The coachman looked troubled.

Lucifella thought this driver was not too cold, but he wore a thick coat. Then the coachman said.

“Get on.”


“Why are you stopping by the Capital all of a sudden? Commander, we have to catch Liam right now.”

Zed, who ignored the deputy commander’s question, eventually stared at him at his urging.

“The guards, the patrols, and the Capital Guards are all people who haven’t been to the battlefield properly, so they probably didn’t see it very well. So, with his hardened head, he still couldn’t catch that bastard. The head is just a decoration for them. I’ll have to kill the doctors too. How can you delay a task that would have been completed so quickly if you had only looked at the corpse properly?”

Zed’s angry remarks left the deputy commander puzzled.

Zed threw the list to the deputy commander. The deputy commander accepted the list. It was a list of private wagons registered at the capital.

“I compliment you for thinking about the guide. However, if the murder occurred in several places, you should have checked the means of transportation first.”

“But wasn’t it reported that there was no suspicious person riding the carriage at that time?”

“The coachman, not the rider of the carriage. You didn’t think that the coachman would be the problem, did you?”

The deputy commander’s face was stained with wonder at the words.

“It’s ridiculous. If he had killed a woman, he should have gotten out of the carriage and looked for targets…. Isn’t the carriage too cumbersome to do that…..”

“You never thought there was too little blood for being stabbed, did you?”

“You mean blood?”

What I realized while on the battlefield was that human beings were really a chunk of meat made up of blood and fat.

Blood is a component of the human body.

But the blood the women shed was too little.

If it had been stabbed so many times, the surroundings should have already been a sea of blood, but it ended up flowing down from the body and stagnant. The deputy commander seemed to realize that, too.

In fact, it was difficult to connect a murdered woman with a corpse on the battlefield.

They just moved on because the woman’s and man’s bodies were a little different.

All those killed were commoners. The doctors refused to examine the body of a woman, especially a person of low status, as ominous, and so everything got tangled up.

Everyone was so incompetent that they were helplessly beaten by that bastard.

“That bastard killed the girl somewhere else and took the body back.”

The carriage was nothing more than a cart carrying the body.

There were crazy people who enjoyed killing people even on the battlefield. However, if such crazies were hiding in such cities, these would be the result.

The stench-like blood-carved handwriting was also an expression of the desire to show off and a smokescreen.

Because the letters were engraved with blood, the amount of blood seemed to be large, and at the same time, I thought that the murder took place here unconsciously. Everyone paid attention to the ‘grotesque’, so they couldn’t see anything else.

“Then…. carrying the body.”

“It was a carriage. He was playing a very funny joke.”

He said with a crooked smile.

It was only then that the deputy commander realized why Zed stopped by the capital.

The place where Zed visited was the capital that ran a private carriage. These were all people with the economic power to use a private carriage.

“There are three tops that run private wagons. This is the last one, right? Check everything out. If we don’t solve it today, we’ll find another body in a few hours.”

The deputy commander nodded, his eyes shining. If the real thing is caught but the criminal is not caught, the honor of the Knights will be ruined.

“We focus on those who own several wagons among the coachman. Because it’s impossible to use the carriage that moved the body right away. The smell of blood lasts quite a while.”

The floor of the private carriage is made of iron, but the chair is made of wood. Unlike aristocratic wagons, it was easy to wash because there was no cloth.

At that moment, shouts and cries were heard from inside the building.

Exchanging his glances with the deputy commander, wondering what was going on, he went down to the lower floor of the upper building with his hand on the sword handle. There was a familiar man there.

“Count Aydin, what brings you here?”

The shout must have been the sound of Count Aydin.

The neatly arranged man’s hair was disheveled, and his face was red. He looked at Zed and shouted.

“My, my daughter! My daughter Lucy is gone!”

Now looking at it, tears welled up in the Count’s eyes.

Well, she could disappear. Are you making a big deal out of it? I’m so busy right now. Zed, who was already angry about the bastard, frowned even more.

“In the mansion?”

“No, here. She’s gone from here! She ran away in maid’s clothes!”

Handmaid clothes? Here? What does this mean?

“Please explain what’s going on.”

Hah. Zed sighed after hearing the whole story from the Count.

I almost spit out the damn curse just now. It’s not enough to focus on finding that bastard, but now I’m going to waste time looking for a person.

I thought she would at least have a head stuck in the house if there was a serial murder. But now, she runs away in maid clothes? She must be crazy.

At that time, the assumption came to his mind.

That assumption was close to worry.

But coincidence can’t be so exact. The odds of her riding in a private carriage are slim… She didn’t. With a pretty high probability, she’ll ride in the carriage.

That woman, she must be very weak. What’s the probability of riding in a carriage with that rat?

After a moment of worrying, Zed ordered the knights.

“Five knights cooperate with the guards to find Lady Aydin.”


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