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WTKLAL Chapter 30.1


Chapter 30: The Lady Smiled at the Dress (1)

“You failed?”


The vase on the table broke against the wall.

Temir tried to catch his breath as he whimpered.

“Louirk, how stupid is that guy, he makes things like this, huh!?”

Duke Idris shut his mouth. It was because it was better for the prince’s anger to be directed at the Duke of Louirk rather than directed at himself.

“Ho-Hold on, Your Highness. That’s…. It seems that Duke Heint’s sudden visit has messed things up.”

“That son of a b*tch!”

At Count Bavand’s words, the prince sweared and hit the desk with his fist.

He searched for something to vent his anger on, but there was no suitable object. These days, the lower ones he mainly used to be the targets of abuse were visited at a minimum per day at the order of the emperor.

“I’ll kill you!”

He gritted his teeth and shouted. His green eyes filled with madness.

“Heint, that bastard, now get in my way in everything!”

Temir also had ears to listen to. He knew that he had secretly tipped off his actions to the Emperor, and that he had restrained himself.

“I’ll slit that smug face!”

Everyone said the emperor was weak against the crown prince, but if you look closely, the story was a little different.

The Emperor was generous to him. But that didn’t mean he was satisfied with Temir.

“It would have been nice if you were at least half of Prince Heint.”

Since Temir was a child, the Emperor always used to say that.

The humble and stupid Eozif was not even in the Emperor’s head. However, the Emperor has compared himself to a man only a year younger than him.

Zed appeared at banquets only occasionally.

However, even though he had an inaccessible position as the crown prince, everyone, including the Emperor, praised Prince Heint for how outstanding he was.

It was natural for them, who were only a few years apart, to be compared.

The envy of the nobles.

An Emperor who was blunt to him but friendly to Zed.

For Temir, it was stranger not to hate Zed.

That bastard, who drew everyone’s attention whenever he appeared in the capital, hasn’t shown his face since he went to the battlefield after he became an adult.

He cursed him to die right there, but it was not the obituary that came back, but the victory news that he always rang. His presence always weighed down on Temir even without looking at his face.

Temir hated him.

It wasn’t once or twice that he wanted to cut off his head, as he was a dignified figure despite being a duke, a servant of the emperor, and a personal knight of the imperial palace.

“The knights of Count Aydin are also fiercely tracking them this time.”

“Don’t worry if it’s Count Aydin! Because that stupid bastard is going to be punished. Do you think it’s gonna change if the guy who’s stuck with me figured it out?”

Temir gritted his teeth and said. Duke Idris replied with a firm face.

“Of course, your Highness is right. If it were Count Aydin, he would ask rather than bring this to the surface.”

After hearing those words, Temir let out a sigh of relief.

Temir knew that Count Aydin, the docile coward, would not dare reveal this. He did it because he knew.

“Still, Your Highness, this time Duke Heint is also tenaciously pursuing. It looks like he is rummaging through the top of Tero.”


“I think the top of the tero will fall off.”

“What kind of bullsh*t!”

He yelled again. The quiet room resounded loudly.

“How can he act like this to catch those who touched her?”

Temir gritted his teeth. Still, if Duke Heint, who had never clashed with him, came out like this, something would have happened.

No one expected him to be very interested in Lucifella and move for her.

Temir was furious. I wanted to catch one person and tear him to pieces.

That b*tch! I want to catch that b*tch, but why can’t I get my own way!

It wasn’t that Temir didn’t know that Zedekiah Heint ignored him. So he always tried to crush and torment him.

How happy he was when he said that he was Lucifella’s fiancé! He couldn’t have felt better than this, that he was a duke picking up the woman he had been playing with.

The face of Lucifella, Zed’s fiancée, came to mind again.

The hatred towards Zed turned to Lucifella again.

“You, dirty b*tch!”

She was blindly loved him and was a little bit cute, but now she betrayed him? Did you do that to yourself?

He tried to play and abandon her, but when he heard that she had become Zed’s fiancée, the prince called her.

Since she was a girl whose head was empty anyway, it was obvious that she would do as she was told, so he was going to play with her and mock Zed at the place where her engagement was announced.

That’s what Lucifella was worth.

Pretty appearance, naivete, stupidity and blindness that will always be there if he reaches out. And the means to mock Zed.

But she went to Zed too. You must have gone!

He knew very well that if she didn’t, she would be a stupid bitch who would do whatever he wanted.

Temir was unable to tell anyone what he had suffered at the time of the autumn banquet. In particular, he was even more nervous that Zed would know about it.

Even that was upsetting, and he shuddered at the fact that Zed and Lucifella danced after it.

So he secretly brought her to the capital and taught her who she belonged to.

But even that failed!

Zed was relentlessly pursuing him, and the Tero tops, which had been on the side of the prince, seemed to be falling apart due to related matters.

Why did this happen!

The prince shouted again in anger. The nobles of the prince’s faction were watching with concern.



As soon as he got off the carriage, the Count ran into Lucifella. Lucifella gave the Count an awkward look.

Zed was puzzled by Lucifella’s expression. It’s been a while since she saw her father, so why is she making such an awkward expression?

“I’m glad you’re okay. I’m so glad.”

As the Count tightened his arms around her and almost cried, Lucifella’s hand awkwardly stayed in the air and was placed on his back.

Everyone was looking at this warm reunion with tearful eyes. Zed also tilted his head to see if what he felt was unfounded.

This atmosphere was awkward, so his eyes were on Khalid, who was standing on one side.

It was a face he hadn’t seen in a long time. Khalid stayed in his room most of the time, and Zed also tried to avoid meeting him because he couldn’t bear to fight in someone else’s territory, so they never met.

It is said that Lucifella also did not meet him except for the first meeting.

However, when the owner of this castle visited, this unpleasant encounter could not be avoided.

Fortunately, even when facing him, Khalid was quietly watching, so nothing intrusive happened.

“Thank you, Duke Heint.”

At the count’s words, he drew his eyes on Khalid. When the Count tried to bend down, however, Zed stepped forward, held him by the shoulder, and dissuaded him.

“I just happened to visit. You don’t have to thank me.”

“Thank you, though.”

He took his hand and tapped Zed on the shoulder. The count’s eyes were on Khalid.

“Duke Louirk.”

“Long time no see, Count Aydin.”

Zed was slightly offended. It was because the face of the Count, who had been a little stiff to himself, brightened.

Even so, he’s his daughter’s fiancé. But why are you kinder to him?

“I’ve heard the story. You got hurt trying to save Lucy?”

“Well, that’s what happened.”

“Have you been treated?”

“Yes, Lady Aydin took great care of me.”

Meanwhile, Khalid looked at Lucifella.

Lucifella also avoided Khalid’s gaze with an uncomfortable expression as she looked into Khalid’s eyes, seeking consent.

Who’s calling whose name now?

Zed glared at Khalid with a blazing stare.

“Didn’t you even get hurt trying to save Lucy? You never know what might have happened to my daughter if the Lord hadn’t found Lucy first. No way to express my gratitude would be insufficient.”

Zed became more uncomfortable. Khalid was the henchman of the crown prince who tried to hurt Lucifella, but he was receiving even more sincere thanks.

The reason he first discovered Lucifella must have been because he was with them.

“Please rest in peace while you are here.”

The Count didn’t even say that to Zed. Make him frustrated.

He winked at Lucifella. It was childish, but he wanted Lucifella to tell the Count how Zed had saved her at the crucial point. But Lucifella was lost in thought with a slight frown.

Judging from the fact that she did not flinch, her anger still seemed to have not eased.

Then the Count, who had finished her conversation with Khalid, approached Lucifella and looked at her affectionately. It was an affectionate look at a glance.


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