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WTKLAL Chapter 3.2


Chapter 3: Green Hill’s Serial Killer Part 2

The atmosphere is full of pink and yellow, like the blossoming of forsythia on a spring day.

The maids remembered Lucifella’s cruelty but did not hold a grudge against her.

To the maids, the superiors were originally like that. Also, they can’t have those feelings for Lucifella.

However, every single action she does is heartwarming to the maids.

When a person who was not originally able to do well, once they did it, it would remain in someone’s heart.

Their lady sometimes couldn’t stand the hard work of a woman.

On a subject more fragile than their own, “No, how do you guys hear this? There was a time when she was scolded by the butler a few times as the butler said ‘My lady, let me do that!’.”

The maids were convinced that their lady was not bad by nature and that she had learned only bad things.

The Count was also delighted with Lucifella’s change.

Because she gave up her fussiness and was just satisfied with the usual things, everyone got used to Estelle in Lucifella.

“What’s this?”

“The master gave it as a gift. The lady asked for it.”

In the end, she had to enter the room at the invitation of the maid.

When she entered the house, a maid brought a gift box that the Count said had been sent. The box contained what she wanted.

It is more like a fancy accessory.

The dagger’s blade was thick and decorated with colorful pearls and jewels. Even the scabbard was made of milky rimmed stone and was heavy, so portability was the worst.

She pulled out her sword from its heavy, unbreakable scabbard and looked at the blade.

Although it was quite sharp, its durability was the worst. It’s funny to defend yourself with this.

It’ll be taken away first and sold at a high price if anything happens. You’re just saying ladies should be protected by men.

She thought deeply. But where is this?

Recently, she easily found a dangerous dagger because the outside was hideous.

But she was wrong to think that she would get a real commercial weapon just because the Count got the dagger.

Hanging the dagger around her neck, Lucifella looked at the dagger for a long time.

It was as if she was looking at herself.

A sharp silver blade was crushed by an excessively colorful and heavy scabbard. It was Estelle in Lucifella.


The evening that Zed starts the investigation. Another murder occurred.

The woman died as horribly as others.

The Commander of the capital guard and members of it bowed their heads.

Eventually, he was sent from the Imperial Court to the Knights Templar. It seemed to mock him even though he had made such a big achievement. A rat-like bastard. He gritted his teeth.

The murder scene was still terrible.

The road was quite wide enough for a carriage to pass by, and the woman was mutilated with a knife, and the words “Fear of a Knifeman” were written on the wall.

The knights are sent and ridiculed that they are afraid to die.

The people who were killed were also young women as they were then.

She was a woman who worked as a clerk in the capital and was killed on her way back.

“She must has been stabbed again.”

Duke Louirk, in a dark purple uniform standing next to Zed, looked at the body and muttered indifferently.

Zed knew that too. Literally a knifeman, her body was stabbed with a knife.

The surgeon refused the examination, saying it is ominous to see the woman’s body.

“Ah, it’s terrible that seven vulnerable women have already died. Isn’t that right, Duke?”


“Did you find out anything?”

“Not at all.”

The murderer has gone from place to place.

As if he had no place of residence, he easily committed murder in this area and that area.

The people who found the bodies said there was nothing unusual about what they saw.

It’s evening, time for people to go home after finishing their work. Victims had little defensive wounds except for the first victim because she was attacked behind her back.

She wasn’t robbed, and she wasn’t raped.

Funny how the bodies of the victims were always only one block behind a crowded area. 

In addition, it may be because the time found is generally this time, which is the time with the largest floating population. Why is there no witness when there are so many people?

“Bookstore employees, restaurant employees, married women to prostitutes….”

The problem is that the victims have nothing in common except that they are women of similar ages. The living area is also different.

“Have you looked into the information guild?”

“Yes, I also only know and understand the victim’s identity. The information guild was speculating that the culprit might be a guide.”

As the area of the murder was diverse, rumors about the knifeman spread like a snowball.

Seven victims. East, North, West. South, East, and so on…He was even rumored to be a woman.

The cycle of murder is not consistent.

But if there was a ‘cycle’, it was getting shorter and shorter.

Two weeks to one week, one week to five days, five days to three days, two days to one day. One day…

“Guide. There must be guides, right?”

“What? Yes.”

“Bring in the guides.”

The guides were those who were paid a certain amount of money by travelers and merchants who came to the capital for the first time, explaining where to set up along with sightseeing.

Of course, they knew every corner of the city and always rode horses, so they were free to move, unlike ordinary people. And So he was the first to be suspicious.

As the intelligence guild pointed out about the criminal, Capital Guards are not a bunch of fools, so the investigation into the guides must have been over.

With that said, Zed was looking more closely at the woman’s body.

I was about to feel something strange.

“Your Excellency!”

One of the knights ran in.

“What’s going on?”

“There are reports that Liam Hirka has been spotted.”


Louirk and Zed looked up at the same time.

Liam Hirka was one of Ersha’s remnants.

On the day the Kingdom of Ersha was destroyed by Jansgar’s army, the persistent men cried for the independence of the kingdom of Ershah, even though the King’s throat was cut.

One of the remnants of Ersha.

Even though the Ersha Kingdom was destroyed, these remnants existed.

It would be better if they stayed still, but they sometimes cry out for the independence of Ersha in a radical way.

It was the same even though the king they served had been cut off on the day that the kingdom of Ersha had already been destroyed.

In particular, the most terrible act they committed was to destroy the bell tower built in the counties of Bavand, which strongly insisted on the subjugation of Ersha at the time.

They hated the so-called ‘rebellion’ the most and strongly hoped for the death of the renegade.

In particular, Liam Hirka was one of the most intimidating anti-Jansgar factions. Silence enveloped them.

“Isn’t he supposed to be the culprit of the serial killer? No, he’s a terrorist, not a serial killer.”

At the smooth words that came out of Louirk’s mouth, Zed looked at that calm face with disgust.

The knights nodded and murmured at Louirk’s words. Then all the strange things were right.

If Liam Hirka came, their ‘ministers’ also came.

The word “Knifeman” engraved with blood on the wall indicates that ‘Liam’s job’ was a knight of Ersha’s job.

The cycle of killings was shortened because they had to gather their comrades to oppress the Emperor.

Also, the reason for the killings in various districts is because of the accomplices, namely the independent support forces of Ersha.

They warn by showing off their power through the radical means of murder. Execution of traitors and independence.

“The Second Knight are now looking for Liam Hirka’s neck. Let us dedicate his neck to His Majesty.”

Louirk said quickly. The knights of the Second Knight rushed to the horses. And Capital Guard also followed them.

Louirk glanced at the woman and turned towards the horse. Louirk looked at Zed’s eyes and said.

“Heint, if you don’t hurry up, you may lose your credit. Our knights are pretty good.”

“Well, I’m looking forward to it.”

Zed truly hated Louirk. Is he aware of what he is doing now?

Looking at the Second Knights disappearing by horse, the First Knights looked at Zed with a puzzled expression.

They also looked urgent, not wanting to lose. But Zed said.

“Duke Louirk, you don’t have to work hard because I’ll catch him even if you have the liver and gallbladder removed. We just patrol the Capital to see what’s going on.”


The deputy commander spoke to Zed as if dissatisfied. Zed’s reddish-brown eyes were directed at him.

Overwhelmed by his cool, sinking eyes, he could not move.

Zedekiah Heint was a knight and a living war God on the battlefield.

Zed looked at the woman’s body when he saw the deputy commander who was twitching his tail.

A woman is lying in a bed stained with blood. It was so unpleasant to see a woman’s body. At that time, it was the same when I saw the fall of the Kingdom of Ersha. Especially her neck.

Zed approached the woman’s body. The imperial palace will take care of it, but it is because he thought that he had to compensate these families on his own before that.

Zed’s eyes narrowed as he laid the woman down properly because he felt something was missing.

What the hell is the problem? His sharp eyes glanced at the woman.

And a bright light lit up in Zed’s head.

The blood shed by the woman was too little.

It was Zed, who had been on the battlefield and only looked at the bodies.

He saw the word ‘knife’ engraved on the wall. As soon as I found out the identity of the sense of incompatibility, the answer was too clear.

Then the guides were coming. You’ve picked the right time.


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