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WTKLAL Chapter 3.1


Chapter 3: Green Hill’s Serial Killer Part 1

Zed entered the palace at the Emperor’s behest and had a blatantly disgusting look.

It was because of the Duke of Louirk approaching this way across the hall.

There were so many things that Zed disliked, but one of it was his expression.

“It’s nice to see you, Duke of Heint.”

A soft smile appeared on his gentle face.

Blue hair and purple eyes. His face was delicate and beautiful as if made by a Goddess. But Zed seemed to be nauseous at the moment.

“It’s not a pleasant sight to face, but I’d like you to take a hint, Duke Louirk.”

“Haha, unfortunately, you can’t. I think we’re heading to the same direction.”


The smile of the Duke of Louirk thickened as he frowned. The beautiful smile was so beautiful that Zed wanted to slap him in the face.

Like water and oil, ice and fire, they were inseparable.

Maybe the same goes for that guy.

Zed hated the Duke of Louirk so much.

It’s not enough to say he doesn’t like it. If there is a class that Zed dislikes, it would be the same class as the Duke of Louirk. Because he…

“You’re going to see His Majesty, aren’t you? So am I.”

“….Damn it.”

He spat out curses in a low voice. In the end, the direction was the same, so he had no choice but to pass the same hallway.

There was, of course, only one passage that led to the audience room.

“By the way, I’ve heard you’re engaged.”


“I heard that your fiancée was the famous young lady of Count Aydin, who is called the Jansgar Morning Star. Is that true?”


“Ah, I’ve seen Young Lady’s face several times from afar, she is so beautiful that his highness the Crown Prince is fascinated for a moment.”

He was mocking that she was a woman the Crown Prince had played for a while.

Zed twisted his lips. Even with his sword, he looked nobler than a knight.

Zed didn’t like that elegant mockery of the Duke of Louirk either.

“Count Aydin would have been delighted to see the Duke. Surely you did, right? I’m sorry to hear that she’s not feeling well.”

He even mentioned that ‘his fiancée’ was miserably rejected while clinging to the crown prince and jumped into the imperial palace lake. Silent, Zed opened his mouth.

“You seems to have more affection toward his Highness the Crown Prince than for Lady Aydin.”

“I think if anyone hears it, they’ll misunderstand it. I am a servant of his Majesty the Emperor.”

“Yeah, well, let’s say so.”

It was a waste of time to describe the actions of the Duke of Louirk as a minion of the crown prince.

Zed knew it, and Louirk knew that Zed knew it. He just smiled effortlessly.

“I really enjoy hearing the news of your hard work.”


“Well, most of them are in vain. Still, I will tell His Majesty about it.”

“Well, thank you for your excessive attention.”

Louirk faced him and smiled.

Childlike a raccoon. Zed’s maroon eyes glanced sharply at Duke Louirk.

The two men did not say anything while walking down the corridor.

Fiancée. Zed’s mood subsided. In his head came a woman who was his fiancée.

In terms of aristocratic physiology, Lady Aydin deserved to welcome him.

Even though she had no other choice but to marry him, she had arranged a way to survive through her engagement.

Well, he was surprised at how normal she was talking about his father’s death, but after all, she was immature because she was supremely cold to him.

Her face was like, ‘I couldn’t marry the crown prince because of you.’

She didn’t even offer a seat as if she didn’t want to see his face.

Come to think of it, she ‘hates’ him, just as he detested the Duke of Louirk.

Zed thought he or his family had done something to Count Aydin or Lady Aydin.

However, when delivering the marriage proposal, he wrote a very polite letter, and the Count seemed to be pleased to see that he also replied right away.

Even before that suicide commotion.

Even though I greeted Count Aydin while passing by, we were not interested in each other. But why are you looking at me like that? But then again, there was something strange.

‘Her tone was strangely like a man.’

I couldn’t think of it because I was dumbfounded by her action that I responded informally.

The men’s way of speaking came from the beautiful, well-trimmed face.

In addition, the feeling and tone felt like a ‘soldier’.

It was so natural that I didn’t know it then. Had drowning into the lake made you crazy? I don’t want a crazy wife.

But Jed was not by nature a man who exaggerated unrealistically.

Are you really crazy? It’s probably because she’s just rude.

The unpleasant first meeting made me frown.

She said she would divorce as soon as they married, which made me work. I was annoyed at the thought of the future.

Eventually, the two men reached the audience room and went inside.

“Long live Your Majesty, The Emperor of Jansgar.”

“Long live Your Majesty, The Emperor of Jansgar.”

They knelt together and saluted the Emperor of Jansgar.

Baidu, the Emperor of this country, was active in the war of conquest against the kingdom.

And he finally invaded and ruled Ersha, his brother’s country, and from then on, he crowned himself the Emperor.

The kingdom of Jansgar became an empire, and the royal palace became an imperial palace.

The reason he became Emperor was simple.

He just wanted to own a large piece of land. So Jansgar attacked the neighboring country Bern and Turingen in the south.

And along with the northwestern powerhouse Izahill, the tribal nation next to it, Karajan fell into his hands.

Wide plains and forests, mountains with abundant support. Everything was done under the very simple and brutal logic of the ruler, simply ‘I want’.

The Emperor, who made this tremendous change, was now frowning with anxiety.

The old man rested one hand on his forehead, which showed the severity of his anxieties.

And from the wrinkles between his eyebrows and his eyes, there was a deep blue in his eyes.

Zed guessed why the Emperor was angry. Perhaps the same goes for Louirk.

The Emperor ordered them both to rise.

Patience had disappeared from the Emperor, who did not value formality but did not belittle it.

“Duke of Heint, Duke of Louirk.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Emperor sighed, lifted the hand on his forehead, and looked at them. Zed and Louirk also stood up to him.

“Why are my people dying?”


“Why do you think my people are dying miserably?”

The Emperor was talking to the main point, disregarding the greeting.

They remembered what was happening in the capital these days. It was about a series of murders in Green Hill, the capital of this empire.

They only kill women. Even detective novels that make a miserable situation even if killed are no longer considered clichés.

It was happening in the middle of the peaceful capital after the war.

Patrols, guards, and even the capital guard were dispatched to investigate the murder, but the murders continued to take place.

I knew it was a serial murder case by the same criminal because of the cruel method of murder and the word ‘I’m a Knifeman’ written next to the blood from the second murder.

The women’s bodies were brutally slaughtered and killed, and the wall became red with blood with the word “I’m a Knifeman” written on it.

The damage to the body was too gruesome to be called a simple robbery.

Young woman. Murder regardless of status. The streets of Green Hill, which were thought to be a simple murder case, suddenly became ferocious.

“If you are the commanders of the first and second knights, you know what to do.”

Zed thought he was screwed. He was the head of the First Knight Commander, and the head of the Second Knight Commander was the Duke of Louirk.

In fact, the title of First Knight Commander was an honorary title for him.

Unlike Louirk, all of the practical work of the First Knight corps was performed by the Deputy Commander and his aides.

Because Zed was used to commanding on the actual battlefield rather than royal affairs inside the capital.

The Emperor bestowed him the rank of Knight Commander, but he wandered around the battlefield as a commander.

If the Emperor called their position, it was clear that he would do something as a commander.

And if Zed’s prediction is correct,

“Three days. I’ll give you three days.”

The Emperor ordered them to catch the murderer.


“My lady, please stop.”

Hear maid’s plea, Lucifella slowed her pace. Gasping for breath, her heart pounded.  Sweat flowed down and clung to her body.

It was the appearance that anyone would think she had acted harshly, but unfortunately, Lucifera had only gone through her garden twice now.

She wasn’t even running, but her pace was a little faster.

Lucifella’s body was a great disaster for Estelle. She couldn’t do anything she wanted.

She could not understand how this woman had the stamina to do her makeup and go to a party.

The first thing Lucifella decided to do was very simple.

She first wanted to build her stamina.

Even though she couldn’t handle her body like Estelle with this poor body, she wanted to walk a little. If possible, protect herself.

What danger would come to Lucifella, who was raised as a forbidden jade, but she wanted to.

“My lady!”

“I’ll do whatever I want.”

“I’ll tell the Master.”

“It’s no use though. Because I want to do that.”

The maids quickly realized that their Lady had always been sharp and venomous has become a little stubborn but still gentle.

So the maid knew that Lucifella looked kind to them to some extent.

Their Lady, who had lost her memory, was somehow a little clumsy, generous, and even cuter. Even though she was an adult, she accepted their care like a baby bird.

“Then I’ll put on a parasol.”

“Why bother putting that on, your arm will hurt. And I’m taller. And your name is…..”

“It’s Royza.”

“Yeah, Royza.”

Oh, and if there was anything else that changed, she was friendly to the maids and made an effort to remember their names.

Of course, the effort was ineffective, and she was always confused about their names.

The mansion, which seemed to be walking on thin ice, somehow became peacefully warm because of their lady’s nervousness.


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