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WTKLAL Chapter 27.2


Chapter 27: A Special Heart Part 2

“Wouldn’t it be better to ride the carriage?”

It was unpleasant to ride alone with Duke Louirk, but it would be better for her to ride in a carriage.

Zed realized this time that he was too focused on himself.

Lucifellla and Duke Louirk were also patients.

Khalid was none of his business, but the disapproval of the two of them together was only his personal feelings.

“No, just leave like this.”

“If it’s hard, I’ll put you in the carriage on the way.”

Lucifella nodded weakly. Zed thought of driving the horse as quickly as he could to get there as soon as possible, but he thought she would have a hard time, so he drove it gently.

“You’d better go to the village and rest…”

“No, I think it’s better to go to the estate.”

Lucifella said.

“There’s no guarantee that the village is safe.”

Zed accepted the words. Unlike the capital, which has its own nature, there were fewer people in the village.

If someone had to clean up and bring the soldier, they could have been helpless.

As a result, they headed to the city rather than the nearby town, although it was a little difficult.

Zed looked at the back of Lucifella’s head, which was right in front of him.

As it was black, as if she would melt away in the dark night sky, but somehow her hair was clearly visible even in the dark evening.

He was lost in thought, looking at Lucifella.

As a result of tracking her whereabouts, the conclusions he came to were the only things he couldn’t believe.

The knights who were guarding her were decapitated, and in the meantime, she escaped and went up the mountain. Besides, she even saved her life from a monster.

‘At this point, wouldn’t it be a coincidence that you survived the murderer the other day?’

Thinking so, he felt Lucifella’s gaze toward him and almost missed the horse bridle.

Because she raised her chin, tilted her head back, and looked at him. Although her demeanor was a mess, her face, and her eyes as well, sparkled cleanly.

Perhaps because she tilted her head back, he touched the back of her head as she leaned over Zed’s body. It made Zed feel indescribable.

It was only then that he realized that this was the delicate posture of holding her between his arms.

Her round head rested against his chest.

He felt strangely itchy. He wasn’t talking about the touch. Something was tickling deep inside.

Has he ever felt this way for other women? Come to think of it, there wasn’t.

Isn’t the relationship between a man and a woman really simple? Between meeting and parting by necessity and desire.

The feelings of meeting the opposite sex were not so special or serious. It meant that it didn’t take a big part in his mind.

The only thing that was a little thrilling was the sexual tension he felt with the opposite sex.

So Zed was unfamiliar with this feeling. But he frowned at a sudden thought.

The woman who was looking up at him now must not be feeling this way at all. For some reason, the thought gave him heartache.


Zed’s voice went out too bluntly. Lucifella didn’t seem to mind, even though she might be offended by it.

“Did you catch the guys who chased me?”

“All the men who chased were wiped out. And the men who stole the jewels are being tracked.”

“I see.”

Lucifella blinked her eyes slowly. Fatigue clung to her eyes.

“You don’t have to worry.”

Zed said flatly. Her eyebrows frowned at the word ‘worried’.

However, Zed, who saw it, decided to admit that Lucifella’s eyes were not beautiful, but attractive.

He knew that her face was pretty from the beginning, so what was the problem with realizing that her eyes were attractive?

He has always been a rationalist. That ticklish feeling just now is because those eyes are pretty. It’s like seeing something beautiful and being moved.

“Worried. Do you think I’m worried?”

A smile crept across Lucifella’s red lips.

“What do you mean?”

“Of course, you’re there. Why? Then, did you intend to watch with your hands off if something happened?”

Zed put a blank look on his face. What stood in those eyes was firm trust.

Zed thought Lucifella didn’t like him very much. Perhaps he does too. Nevertheless, apart from Lucifella’s feelings, she believed in him.

A simple, trustworthy word rather than ten words of praise.

Although Zed was full of pride from the beginning, he felt better because he was proud that his unknown fiancée believed in him.

“I suppose so.”

Zed tried to lower the corners of his mouth and answered, pretending to be calm.

Who is this lady? Why does she only do what she wants or say what she likes?

The memory of the quarreling with her had long since faded from Zed’s mind. Even Lucifella’s rude way of speaking has long been adapted.

Lucifella raised her head against his chest again and looked straight ahead.

It was a pity. Again, he could see the small back of Lucifella’s head. Zed, who had no need to hold back his laughter, laughed.


It was three days later that Lucifella was able to get up and move properly.

As soon as she got back, she almost fell asleep.

It wasn’t enough that she climbed the mountain, she ran away from monsters and people who chased her. It was not too much with Lucifella’s weak body.

She had to clean up, but first of all, it was possible only when her stamina was supported.

It seemed like Zed came and went a few times, but she couldn’t remember what he said.

“I have to go out.”

Lucifella, who had risen on the bed, spoke with a blank expression, Royza nodded.

After this incident, Royza seemed determined to do whatever the lady asked her to do.

“Would you like to have breakfast?”

“Yes. Please tell the guests too.”

A maid in the castle ran quickly at those words. Others were looking at it with jealous eyes.

“Wear a nice dress this time.”

“No, bring what I usually wear.”

At the excited words of the maids, Lucifella said with a frown. Just because there’s Zed, she didn’t want to show off her pretty face even if she died. Besides, she also had another guest…..

Lucifella chose a dark green dress worn by her mother. Rather than dressing up with colorful hairpins, the hair is braided down and tied beautifully with the same color ribbon.

Looking in the mirror, she could see a slimmer face after losing weight.

‘I should eat a lot again.’

How can I gain more weight here? Somehow, her very slightly trained stamina was put back in place by lying down sick this time.

Lucifella thought how nice she would be if her wrists were thicker, and she touched her face and lowered her hand.

Looking in the mirror now, Lucifella’s face, which felt strange to her, had long been adapted. Is she getting used to it?

“What happened to Duke Louirk?”


The maid opened her eyes wide at Lucifella’s question.

She thought the lady would ask about her fiancé’s safety first.

The maid looked rather flat as she prepared to talk about how well His Excellency the Duke of Heint handled the matter.

“I’ve got him a room in the corner of the castle.”


The maid looked hesitant to say anything more, but Lucifella didn’t notice.

“If he dies here, it’ll be my fault, right?”

“What are you talking about!”


Lucifella thought of who would be waiting in the dining room, and she said let’s go downstairs. After a long time, the lady in the castle moved.


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