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WTKLAL Chapter 27.1


Chapter 27: A Special Heart Part 1

Zedekiah Heint had that grumpy expression as always. Nevertheless, Lucifella looked at the eyes as if possessed.

His eyes were also directed at Lucifella.


I didn’t know what to say. I was just curious rather than glad that I lived.

How is this man, this man who is supposed to be in the capital, here. Why did he come here to save me?

“Duke Heint, long time no see.”

Then Khalid’s voice came to his ears. Only then did Zed’s eyes narrow when he noticed his existence.

“Help Duke Louirk.”

Zed gave instructions to the knights. At that, his arm wrapped around Lucifella’s neck. Lucifella saw Khalid’s appearance. She was dazed as if she had just woken up from a dream.

Just then, Zed approached right next to Lucifella. His eyes gazed over her face and body. Lucifella stood blankly in that gaze.

“You have a scar on your cheek.”

The touch of a rough finger caressed her cheek. She had a strange feeling. This Duke of Heint seemed to be worried about her.

Just like Khalid worried about Estelle in the old days.

Zed put his sword into its scabbard and held out his hand. As Lucifella stared at the hand, Zed said.

“You must have had a hard time in the mountains. I’ll help you.”


Lucifella held out her hand. His firm hand caught her. Then she felt strangely relieved.

The warmth made her stare at Zed. He was calmly organizing the scene.

Then Lucifella looked at Khalid again. The Duke’s knights were politely supporting him.

“Let’s go.”

Then Zed grabbed and led her, so she looked forward again. And she realized that she was now holding hands with Zed.

What did I just feel? Relief? I felt relief holding this hand?

She wanted to slap her cheek. She tried to pull her hand away from him, but Zed tightened his grip.

She tried to say more, but he walked ahead, so Lucifella had to follow him naturally.

Whether it was worth training her stamina or not, this time she didn’t feel the ugliness of collapsing unseemly. However, her legs hurt.

Most of her inner skirt was torn, so her body temperature was lowered and her body shivered.

As Lucifella shoulders shivered slightly, Zed took off his cloak and put it on her.

In response, the knights of the Duke of Heint and the knights of Count Aydin rolled their eyes and exchanged glances.

As they guessed from the sudden visit to the estate, the Duke of Heint seemed to be in love with the beautiful Count’s daughter.

Even though the situation was like this, the painting was completed by itself as two people with good looks were attached.

“Uh, hmm.”

Sir Gwain coughed and stood in front of Lucifella.

“I’m so glad you’re okay my lady.”

Lucifella nodded and asked.

“Did you find Sir Matsy’s body?”

“Fortunately, he’s alive.”


Lucifella’s pale face smiled brightly. She laid her hand on her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Is he seriously hurt? He must have been attacked?”

“Although he was injured, they said he will recover completely if he is treated well.”

“That’s a relief, really. I’m glad.”

Lucifella’s wide smile was too beautiful, and Gwain didn’t know where to look at for a moment.

“Enough of the story, go down and talk. Do you know that you can’t walk properly?”

At Zed’s words, Lucifella frowned again. It was because she didn’t like being interrupted in her own conversation.

“It’s strange.”

“What’s strange?”

Lucifella said.

“You talk as if you’re worried about me. Do you even care about me?”

The quarrel baffled Gwain.

‘How could he not worry!’

Who would come down here from the capital and search the mountains for her, if not for concern!

“Well, let’s say so.”

But Zed’s answer was surprisingly neat.

Let’s say so? Are these two talking properly? If it’s right to worry, shouldn’t you say it’s right?

Zed fastened the cape flowing down from Lucifella’s shoulder again.

“If you can’t walk, tell me.”

“Why? Are you going to carry me?”


Gwain saw the figure and slipped away, thinking he should be there.

It was because there was a belief that Duke Heint would act separately if there was something wrong with the lady’s safety.

Meanwhile, Lucifella was determined not to say that she could not walk, even if she crawled on all fours. But as soon as she took one step, she stumbled over a stone.

The cape that had barely been fastened fell off.

Seeing it, Zed sighed and bent down to pick up his cape.

Then he looked at the stone stuck in his foot. It was a strange rock. Zed quickly covered the stone he picked up with a cape and put it in his pocket.

He glanced at Lucifella, but she didn’t notice.

Zed made a slight frown. It occurred to me that Count Aydin may not be a ‘stupid seeker of power by sticking to the Duke of Idris and the Crown Prince’.

It was already dark when she came down the mountain. There was a sense of relief that she had lived on a flat land.

Then Gwain approached Lucifella.

“We have the carriage ready.”

“A carriage?”

Lucifella looked at Gwain again. It was surprising that there was an additional effort in preparing a carriage in this situation.

Suddenly, Zed coughed. Lucifella ignored whether he coughed or not and said.

“The carriage is…. no, I think it would be better to carry Duke Louirk with it.”

He has a wound on his back, but if he ride a horse, the wound may get worse.

Lucifella just didn’t want to be embarrassed for worrying about him, she excused herself.

“But it’s for you to ride….”

Gwain looked at Zed and said.

“He won’t be able to drive a horse because he has a wound on his back.”

When Zed spoke to Gwain, Gwain stood beside her to take her away. But Lucifella raised one hand to stop him. 

“Put Duke Louirk in the carriage. I forgot to tell you that he saved my life.”

Zed frowned at Lucifella’s words. He regained his composure and said, as if to say something.

“How is a young lady going to drive the horse alone with that body? Are you going to ride in a carriage with Duke Louirk?”

At Zed’s words, Lucifella asked in a bewildered manner.

“I thought you were going to ride with me?”


“Then you were going to let me ride alone?”

At those words, Zed’s eyes widened. Then he made a confused face.

There was a subtle atmosphere again.

Gwain wanted to bang his head hard on a huge tree at the entrance of that mountain right now, bang! bang! he wanted to hit it hard.

Lucifella was dumbfounded. By the time she decided to bring Khalid with the carriage, she had already intended to ride the horse with Zed.

It was obvious that she wouldn’t ride alone, and she couldn’t ride with another man over her fiancé.

Did the person who said “worried” about his feet actually want to ride the horse alone? 

Did the person who was so ‘concerned’ about her feet really intend to tell her to ride the horse alone? Lucifella thought Zed was stupid.

“That’s right.”

She guessed he really didn’t think of that. Lucifella shook her head.

As Zed held out his hand in front of the horse, Lucifella stared at it and carefully grabbed it and climbed on the horse.

At that moment, Lucifella made eye contact with Khalid, who was looking at her.

She pretended to tidy up her disheveled skirt and avoided that gaze.

Zed immediately got on the horse.

As the weight increased, the horse gave a disgruntled hiss, but Zed suppressed the displeasure by tightening the reins.

“Holding on to the mane.”

Lucifella nodded her head.

Her face was pale enough to be seen at a glance, even though it was dark around.


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