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WTKLAL Chapter 26.2


Chapter 26: The Reason I Didn’t Kill Part 2

“I’ll bring you back to life, and I’ll kill you properly again….”

Lucifella muttered nonsense and ran at him. Sitting in front of him again, Lucifella found a sharp stone and tore her own petticoat.

It was made of white cotton, so it would help stop bleeding.

She didn’t know a skirt that didn’t have any utility would help in this way.

It was of course clean because it was an inner skirt, and the material was also perfect for hemostasis. It could be used as a bandage if it was torn long.

She peeled off Khalid’s tattered top and blood-soaked shirt.

His familiar upper body caught my eye. And the water bottle on the waist that he always carried on his trip.

‘He’s still well prepared.’

She opened the bottle of water, soaked the cloth, and wiped his wound clean. Then she pressed his wound with another cloth to stop the blood.

She wish she could wrap the cloth around his body, but Lucifella had no power to lift his body, so this was the only way.

While pressing down on his wound, Lucifella felt complicated.

After pressing it for a long time, the blood from his back stopped.

Lucifella looked at the sky.

If this goes on, I can’t go down to the mountain before dark.

Then she felt Khalid’s body flinch. Lucifella quickly took off the cloth and looked down at Khalid.

When he moved his body, the wound opened again and blood began to come out.

It wasn’t long before he opened his eyes. He asked, looking at Lucifella, who was pressing down on his affected area while he lying on his stomach.

“How long have I been unconscious?”

“It hasn’t been long.”

“I see.”

“I think I need to bandage it, so could you raise yourself up?”

Khalid stood up. Then, realizing that the identity of the ‘bandage’ was Lucifella’s petticoat, he made a subtle expression.

She wrapped a cloth around his shoulder, and the second wrapped his back as tightly as she could.

Khalid’s and Lucifella’s faces came closer as she put her hand to wrap the bandage around his chest.

His hazy expression as if he had lost consciousness was just like then. Lucifella averted her eyes from it and focused on the treatment.

Soon the awkward and uncomfortable time was over.

“Can you walk?”

“Of course.”

Khalid said, with a painful look on his face, tying the torn outer garment to his body.

“The sun will set soon. We’d better get down there.”

As Lucifella nodded, Khalid struggled to get up.

She unwittingly reached out. Khalid looked at her and asked dumbfoundedly.

“Are you trying to help me?”

“I should do that.”

As she whimpered, Khalid laughed. At that, Lucifella’s eyes widened.

That familiar smile wasn’t a fake laugh or a sneer. For a moment, she felt as if he had gone back to the Khalid she knew.

In that strange feeling, she bit the flesh on the inside of her mouth and looked away from his face. It was because it seemed that if she opened her mouth anymore, something would spill out of her in tears.

It was not as easy as she thought to take a step. Despite the injury, Khalid followed her lead well.

“Why didn’t you let me die?”


“You’d better let me die.”

Lucifella’s body flinched. Her mind went blank for a moment. It was because it looked like he was talking to Estelle.

Khalid continued.

“Even if I’m in charge of cleaning up, aren’t I the one who harms young lady?”


Lucifella couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t think of it. Because she forgot.

Because of the thoughts she had about this guy being hurt, the reason he was here was out of her head.

“It’s because… I owe you my life.”

With the most plausible answer, Lucifella bit her lips.

It was for such a foolish reason. They say they got revenge because their lives were taken away, and they repay their kindness because they got their lives.

“If it was me I’d probably let you die.”

Khalid seemed to provoke her.

Lucifllra was really upset and wanted to scream.

I am Estelle, your friend, Estelle who was killed by you!

But she replied by keeping her mouth shut and avoiding his gaze.

“Besides, it wasn’t me who saved the young lady, strictly speaking, His Highness the Crown Prince.”


“Young lady was very smart. I was amazed that everything you told me earlier was true. I just took his orders.”

Why is he being honest all of a sudden? Lucifella couldn’t understand his intentions.

“It’s a role that appears when those guys put their hands on the young lady’s body or harm her life.”

Lucifella was disgusted by the calmness of the way he smiled.

The Crown Prince was also a strange man. At the same time, I wondered why he said this openly.

“….don’t you think it’s too straightforward?”

Khalid smiled again at the hostile gaze. He seemed to be in a good mood for some reason.

“How did you get on his bad side, my lady? It seems like you’re pretty disrespectful that he want to kidnap you and secretly bring you to the capital.”

Kidnapping? Isn’t he crazy?

I knew it, but when it was confirmed by Khalid’s mouth, I was dumbfounded.

Lucifella bit her lip.

You’re doing this just to kidnap me? You only got dumped once?

Are you taking revenge because you’re ashamed to take issue with it directly?

There could be a big problem if it was known that the Crown Prince had instigated someone else to harm the noblewoman without obtaining an official justification.

There seemed to be an overflow of unconventional people here and there. Jansgar was not a very different country from Ersha.

“Young lady?”

“Oh, excuse me. I was shocked at the unexpected small problem, and I was at a loss for words.”


At Lucifella’s words, Khalid made an expression that he had heard something unexpected. Then he lifted the corners of his mouth slightly.

“Why, are you offended for cursing your owner?”


Khalid blurted out the end of his words. Lucifella looked up, but he remained silent.

After that, they went down the mountain carefully and said nothing.

Lucifella was exhausted. Khalid also leaned more against her, losing strength in his body, as if he were tired. It wasn’t long before Khalid spoke quietly.

“….I think we’re both destined to die here.”

Lucifella sighed as if she agreed with him. This is because the cry of the baby Lynx began to be heard here and there.

Judging by the low sound, it seemed that these were the offspring of the Lynx killed then.

“I didn’t expect a baby.”

“Because monsters can reproduce by themselves. It looks like they liked it here.”

He groaned low and struggled to reach his sword.

Yellow eyes filled the gaps between the trees.

It is not as big as the Linix I caught earlier, but they were all as big as adult dogs. It was threatening enough for themselves, who were nothing short of disarming.

“Step back.”

Khalid stood in front with Lucifella behind his back.

Even at this moment, Lucifella was deeply offended. This is because she was now hiding behind Khalid’s back.

She couldn’t bear to think that the end had come, and that she was only being protected behind his back, let alone revenge. She wanted to tell him how she felt. And she wanted to say who she was.

“Any last words?”

It just so happened that Khalid asked Lucifella.

She hesitated about what to do.

The time of hesitation was short. But as soon as she opened her mouth, a baby Lynx jumped at Khalid.

At that moment, she could see steel glistening with red flames. It was a torch.

At the same time, the sound of fierce fighting was heard along with the shouting of men. She heard the screams of the desperate death and the smell of blood hit her.

Lucifella turned her head around.

People, people have appeared to help! Lucifella was in ecstasy.


But Lynx’s cry was heard right behind her back as if mocking her.

Lucifella and Khalid looked back at the same time.

A large Lynx was bent down to attack them.

Khalid dragged Lucifella behind him. However, this distance was now within Lynx’s attack range.

One leap and you’ll be torn apart before the help arrive.

Lucifella stepped out and stood in front of Khalid.

She was accustomed to protecting others in a situation where someone was in danger because it was like her habit as a knight.

Lucifella didn’t take her eyes off it as Lynx leaped.

Then, a silver flash flashed.

Suddenly, a man jumped in and cut Lynx’s body in two with great force.

“Young lady.”

Blood was dripping from the man’s sword.

Unlike Lucifella, a man dressed in unfairly neat clothes looked at her face.

At that moment, the bright torch light illuminated his face.

His face was clearly visible at the suddenness.

Red-brown eyes that seemed to burn red with flames were visible.

The man in black stood with such a clear presence, just as he did when she first met him.

Zed, Zedekiah Heint. Her fiancé is here.


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