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WTKLAL Chapter 25.2


Chapter 25: An Unwanted Ally Part 2

The sound of military boots invaded the mountain where there were no people and left footprints. After climbing the mountain to some extent, he found a man.

“Sir Matsy!”

He was leaning against a tree. The whites of his half-closed eyes looked bad at a glance.

Zed asked.

“Who is it?”

“I am the manager of the estate.”

Zed walked over and checked his appearance. Matsy was breathing feebly. He had apparently been stabbed in the abdomen, judging by the wounds in his stomach.

When Zed winked, Bernard drugged him. Warm energy returned to his body when he was given a medicine containing the blessing of the priest. 

Then, as if he had come to his senses, he looked around and opened his mouth.

“My- my lady….!”

“Where is young lady?”

When asked by Zed, Matsy moved his stiff tongue and said.

“There… up there, up there. The lady…. Please, lady!”

Zed looked up at the sky. When he saw the sun, he felt like it was about to set soon. He must find her before sunset. The wind blew in. Maybe it was just his feeling, he could smell blood.


“I feel like we’re being chased.”

Khalid said. Lucifella also agreed on that point. The Lynx’s cry was heard faintly in the distance.

“I know.”

Lucifella answered.

“Now, you are being polite to me.”


“You’ve been speaking very briefly since earlier.”

Lucifella’s heart sank at the words. Come to think of it, she used a comfortable tone for Khalid for granted. Khalid seemed offended by the way she spoke. Lucifella was displeased with her bizarre sadness.

“I guess the person who barely saved my life needed such formality, right? It seems that you are more formal than you think. I thought he was a knight here because he wasn’t formal.”

The pretentious goodwill on Khalid’s face disappeared at Lucifella’s contemptuous words. He said with a blatant frown on his face.

“If you know who is saving your life now, it would be wise to shut up.”

“I should thank the Crown Prince. Wasn’t it the Crown Prince who put me in this bloody situation?”

Khalid’s cold eyes turned to Lucifella at the words. Lucifella was not afraid of him at all.

“Didn’t you ever wonder why I didn’t ask you why you were here? Oh, did you treat me like a fool again? No matter how much you look at it, it’s the work of the Crown Prince, but there’s no doubt that you’re the dog of the Crown Prince.”

Lucifella said with a smirk. She knew from Matsy. She could get a rough idea of how Khalid Gavrin became Khalid Louirk, though not in detail.

He was called the dog of the imperial palace, but to be precise, he was the dog of the Crown Prince. The man who stuck to the crown prince and took on all kinds of dirty work to enjoy the wealth and glory promised by the Crown Prince, who later became the Emperor, was his close friend.

“You came earlier to clean up after that people, right? It must be very convenient since the demon took care of it instead. No, isn’t it a waste since your job was deprived by the monsters?”

She was coldly sarcastic.

“You’d better try to talk.”

Lucifella opened her mouth at the low warning.

“You don’t mean to deny it, do you? You’re having a hard time kidnapping a girl. The honor of a knight is just so terrible…. ugh!”

Lucifella frowned as he clutched her neck. Khalid was looking at her face, holding her collar.

“I didn’t know that the knight’s honor would come out of the lady’s mouth.”

A cool voice she had never heard before sounded like a knock on her head. Khalid’s eyes were shining menacingly. Lucifella closed her mouth when she found a murderous intent in those eyes.

“I mean, you don’t mean to say anything.”

Khalid will kill her if she does. Looking at his dark sunken eyes, she flinched.

The danger signal spread in Lucifella’s head. She was too careless. He didn’t think that Khalid would kill Lucifella himself.

She felt helpless and humiliated at the sight of his hand clutching her collar. She couldn’t do anything about this.

How could it be so unreasonable that I could be killed by that bastard again?

Besides, why did Lucifella believe Khalid would not kill her? She gritted her teeth.

“Having power over someone weaker than you is fun, isn’t it? What’s the point of not killing me? Your Highness the Crown Prince told you to leave my body intact?”

The hand gripping my collar tightened my neck even more strongly. I couldn’t admit that I was afraid of him for a moment.

Her eyes glared at Khalid.

Khalid, who was looking at her coldly, looked at her eyes and was startled. Suddenly, the intensity of the strangling force weakened. Then his hand slipped off Lucifella’s neck.

As soon as she could breathe, Lucifella coughed. Her vision was blurred and tears flowed through her eyes due to reflex.

“You trash bastard.”

When Lucifella finished her cough and managed to catch her breath, Khalid’s eyes suddenly grew cold again.

Estelle thought Khalid’s eyes were always warm purple. But she knew for the first time that his eyes could have such a cold glow.

“Shut up before I throw you at Lynx.”

“You must have a lot of time to talk with your mouth? I think you’re the one who’s thrown at Lynx.”

Lucifella said, touching her neck.

The strange sense of betrayal and anger continued to hold her back. She couldn’t believe he was such a trash. Was it an illusion that he always smiled at Estelle?

She felt nauseous.

Lucifella left Khalid behind and walked away. She didn’t care if Khalid followed or not. It was impossible for Khalid to kill Lynx by himself anyway.

It would be possible if he’s with Estelle. It was the same for both to die if they were caught by the devil. She didn’t want to be dragged around by him if she was going to die anyway.

It was then.


The chilling cry of Lynx rang out again.

Lucifella and Khalid looked up at the same time. On a stone cliff, Lynx was crying at them.

When did you stop here? She knew it would follow her, but she didn’t know it would catch up so quickly. Fortunately, the cliff is a high place to jump.

There was still time before that guy came down. Lucifella and Khalid ran at the same time without exchanging any signals.

The flat land with less trees stood out. Without hesitation, they hid behind a tree surrounding the flat land.

Flowers were blooming on the flat ground. Lucifella and Khalid saw it and hid behind a tree. This is because the scent of flowers will temporarily paralyze Lynx’s sense of smell.

Besides, the flower field was flat, so he was able to freely attack with a sword. Lynx’s anomalous movement living in the mountainous area was also simplified when he went to the flatland, so it was easy to grasp the movement path.

The moment they were nervous, Lynx appeared shortly after.


Lynx ran with a sharp cry.

Lucifella looked at her hand. There was still blood on it as she ran away. Like before, there was a high probability of being caught. It’s over now.

Lucifella closed her eyes, opened them slowly, and looked at Khalid. Khalid also looked at Lucifella while focusing his mind on Lynx’s approach behind his back.

The two eyes met each other. Lucifella unknowingly winked toward Lynx, pointed at him, and pointed at Lynx.

In any case, this place is flat. There was no better place to wield a sword. Then it was really better to be bait. She can be the bait, and he hit Lynx’s neck.

In fact, this was a pincer attack that the two people had to make, but there was nothing they could do about it. Because she is powerless. In fact, standing like this is also a miracle.

Lucifella pointed her thumb at Lynx and pretended to slit her neck.

‘I’ll lure it, and you hit it on the back of its neck.’

To sum up, what she sent just a moment ago was such a sign.

When she looked at Khalid as if to confirm, Khalid nodded. Then he looked at Lucifella with a surprised expression as if he had realized something. But it was already after Lucifella ran out.

As she ran to the flat of the flower field, Lucifella saw Lynx running towards her.

It was clearly over that tree, but it was so fast that it quickly came close.

A flash of fangs caught her eye. The claw was right down on her.

She managed to escape its claws, perhaps by chance. Instead, she had to roll.

Then she saw Khalid. Where are you and what are you doing….

Where Khalid was standing, Khalid was not there. Could it be that she has been left as bait?

Lucifella was stunned for a moment. What did she believe in that short moment and instruct Khalid to attack? To that traitor! It was the moment she regretted.


The sword came out through Lynx’s neck. Lucifella opened her eyes wide. It was a sword thrown by Khalid.

This stupid bastard! How can you use a weapon? t was as she tried to avoid Lynx struggling with her own wounds. Suddenly, its tail was swung at her.

Ugh! At this rate at minimal is my gut rupture!

This is how she dies. As she closed her eyes tightly, then someone hugged her and threw her to the ground.

There was a sound of flesh tearing with a hissing sound. She and the person had to roll around, perhaps because of the great force she pushed. Lucifella saw the man who had saved her.

Khalid saved her. On his fallen back, there was a red scar that passed by the hook of a sharp tail.


Lucifella screamed involuntarily.


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