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WTKLAL Chapter 25.1


Chapter 25: An Unwanted Ally Part 1

Lucifella got goosebumps all over her body when she felt his chest just touching the back of her head. The forgotten anger burst in. He almost held her.

“If you go out and move now, Lynx might notice.”


Why is the dagger not in her hand? Lucifella couldn’t stand it because she regretted it so much.

She was well aware that this did not mean that there was a chance to kill Khalid. Nevertheless, she couldn’t stand having to stay still like this. She didn’t care about the existence of the demon.

“I hope you remember me. This is Khalid Louirk.”


Wouldn’t it be better to scream and both of them die?

Lucifella tried to open his mouth, but Khalid’s strength that closing her mouth grew stronger.

“If you scream now, we’ll both die.”


She can’t struggle. Lucifella tried to regain her reason with her strength.

Dog death. Yes, the sacrifice of Matsy and others is dog death. In this way, there is no real revenge for Khalid. She can’t let him die in this stupid way.

At that thought, Khalid also loosened his strength in his hands as Lucifella’s breathing and strength in her body were drained.

“Don’t scream.”

At Khalid’s confirmation tone, Lucifella nodded. Slowly, his hands were removed and Lucifella could breathe.

It wasn’t long before Lynx came back. It already had a man in its mouth who appeared to be the victim. He bit the man on the head and shook it from side to place. She closed her eyes tightly at the cruel sight.

Lynx, who ate everything with a whimper, sniffed and began to smell the surroundings.

It’s to find out if there’s someone hiding. Lucifella thought it was a mistake. As she ran away earlier, she had cut off the arm of a man she had defeated with a dagger, so the smell of his blood was on her.

Sniffing, the whole body of the monster could be seen. Its pointed ears, sharp fangs protruding under its mouth, were dripping with blood and saliva.

His big yellow eyes were spinning around. Lynx’s hooked tail constantly tapped and hit the ground.

Lucifella uttered a curse. She heard that he spread rumors about the demon on purpose, but she didn’t know that the demon really lived here.

Indeed, there has been no law that there is no demon in places where humans have not entered for many years.


With a cracking scream, Lynx wagged its tail and approached the bushes where Lucifella and Khalid were hiding.

Lucifella and Khalid held their breath. Lynx came up and sniffed the bushes. Lynx’s nose stayed just above Lucifella for a long time.

She thought Lynx would open its mouth and break her neck in two. Then the demon sneezed. It looked up unpleasantly and looked down at the bushes. It didn’t seem to be attacking any more.

As Lucifella intended, the bushes they hid had a unique scent that Lynx hated the most. It was a fact that most people did not know because it was only passed down to travelers in the forest and knights against the demon.

Lynx looked at the bushes dissatisfied and turned its back and disappeared.


Lucifella and Khalid relaxed their stiffened bodies very carefully.

“It noticed us.”

“I know.”

Lucifella said with a frown on her face. Due to the situation, there was no consciousness that Khalid should be treated with honorifics.

If the mountain is dominated by that demon, Lucifella and Khalid cannot go down safely. With its distinctive sense of smell, Lynx will come after them.

“That smart demon must be thinking about what to do with this bush.”

She nodded unconsciously. Due to the nature of Lynx, who likes to roll stones like a ball, it may move a round rock to its tail and throw it this way, or throw a huge tree to kill her that hiding in the bushes.

There was a way to wait, but Lynx hated such a time fight because it was impatient.

“I think I’ll be fine now. Let’s get out.”

Khalid, who noticed Lynx’s disappearance, looked toward Lucifella. Lucifella nodded modestly.

Then, as if they had promised, they left the bushes and moved to the opposite side of where Lynx disappeared.


“….what a bunch of things.”

It was a word that Zed uttered when he saw the devastation in front of him.

Carrying workers were decapitated, and gemstones were scattered. Were they attacked by jewel robbers?

No, why bother? If there was a difference in force, you just had to take the gemstone. It was all the more so because it was easier to sell raw stones that had not yet been worked on.

“Wha- what it is this!”

The faces of Gwain and the knights turned pale. It was after all the knights who were on duty were slaughtered. They didn’t even show any signs of properly resisting.

“It’s like this because they’re bad knights.”

Zed said mercilessly. Then, he looked at the body with a stiff face and looked at the path where the horse’s footprints were taken.

The horse’s footprints were deep. indicating that the person who drove the horse was quite urgent. Zed’s eyes shone coolly.

‘Even though I’m here, the crown prince dog concocted such a thing.’

He gritted his teeth.

He was called by Eozif before he left to subjugate the evil. In his hand, he still had a book titled “Violet Blooming at the Knight Training Ground.”

“Isn’t that strange? Where did the Duke of Louirk disappear, and even before His Majesty ordered the prohibition, the crown prince was busy bullying a black-haired woman.”

“It’s not weird.”

“Think a little more when you think about my brother’s persistence, Zed. What happened between my brother and Lady Aydin?  You know it too. It was aimed at Lady Aydin that he only caught black-haired women and bullied them.”


Zed didn’t say anything. Because he already had it in mind, too.

“You must be so stupid. How could the crown prince touch Lady Aydin?”

“My brother actually looks smart on the outside, he’s too stupid. If he was really smart, he would….”


“You must have killed me first.”

Eozif’s mouth was grinning. And there was nothing more convincing than that.

“I found the traces of Duke Louirk. It looks like he stayed overnight in one of the villages on the way to Count Aydin’s estate. Do you understand what’s going on now, Zed?”

Zed jumped right out of his seat. No way, don’t tell me.

No, actually, it doesn’t matter if Lady Aydin is in danger. No way. Does the crown prince really want to kill her?

But he was well aware of how indiscreetly the crown prince could sometimes act. Didn’t he do that to the current Empress? He could have done that!

Zed didn’t know why he was so nervous. Lucifella lingered in his head for some reason while the horse was running.

Do I feel love for this woman? That’s not it. I just didn’t like it. I said I would clean up afterward, so I have to do it. 

Even if he was ashamed, even if she didn’t look at himself easily, he didn’t know he would do something like this. He was not going to deal with low-quality provocations one by one, and he tried to endure them for future work. But how dare the Prince touches his fiancée?

He remembered Khalid’s face and gritted his teeth.

You’re not even a knight, do you accept the crown prince’s order to harm a lady? It was simply the imperial palace’s dog-like behavior.

Chewing his disgust and anger, he headed for the estate. Zed calmed down for a moment at the peaceful scene in Connot, the capital. He thought Lucifella would ask me why I came here with a unique expression. But the result was this.

The knights of the Duke of Heint and the Count of Aydin trembled automatically at the terrifying energy he scattered.

Something was about to happen at any moment.

After tracking horse hoofs for a long time, Zed realized that they were all pointing to the entrance to the mountain. It was on the left side of the two twin mountains in Aydin’s estate, where the demon was.

“This is where the demon comes from.”

Despite the sound of the demon, Zed was looking at the mountain. Count Aydin’s knights exchanged anxious glances at it.

He looked at the loose horses at the entrance of the mountain. The pursuers also seemed to have released their horse here and chased Lucifella.

Without hesitation, he got off his horse and climbed the mountain. The cold sword still flashed in his hand.

There was no order to follow, but the knights of the Duke of Heint followed him as if it were natural.

Gwain and the knights, who were wary of him, also began to follow.

As if the sun was about to set, a red sunset hung over the mountain, and the knights rolled their eyes anxiously, feeling the gloomy atmosphere of the mountain.


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