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WTKLAL Chapter 24.2


Chapter 24: Tracking Part 2

When asked with an absurd expression, they looked at each other’s faces and barely answered.

“Yeah, but that’s for the deal….”

“What are you all doing even though it’s past time to come back? Aren’t your whole reason to be here is to protect your lord from danger?”


Then they also had nothing to say because everything Zed said was right.


The knights were frozen as if they were shocked by what Zed was chewing. Then their lady came to mind.

When the lady first visited the training ground, she was looking at them with the same expression as Zed.

Is it that pathetic? The knights looked at each other.

Zed looked at Gwain and said.

“Hurry up and guide me.”

The Duke’s eyes shone dangerously. Gwain knew something was going wrong.


Lucifella and Matsy traveled through the mountains, muffling the sound of their footsteps.

I was glad to insist on comfortable shoes because I didn’t like high-heeled shoes. Otherwise, I would have to walk barefoot on this rocky mountain.

“Are there no demons? Why can’t I see it?”


Matsy blurted out the end of his speech with a dubious expression.

“Maybe there’s no demons.”

“What do you mean?”

“At least when it comes to demons, it is said that you can rest assured. Please do not ask any more.”

Lucifella didn’t quite understand what he was talking about. What do you mean there’s no demon? Matsy was speaking in a pretty convincing tone.

Could it be that the existence of demons itself is a lie? Lucifella tilted her head. It seems that this is an issue that needs to be considered a little more. Once you survive.

Lucifella walked with her body lowered, grabbing a needlessly voluminous skirt. The sense of familiarity with climbing the mountain remained, but her easily falling stamina was a problem. She was already feeling tired.

“You’re not used to the mountains here, are you?”

“Unfortunately, yes. It has been quite some time since this place was closed due to the presence of demons.”

“It seems that rumors about the existence of demons were deliberately spread.”

“That’s right.”

She looked at Matsy’s momentum, he didn’t seem likely to answer any more questions. Once the sound had to be lowered, the two went around silently, looking for a place to hide.

However, the problem was that they were the first to go, and so were the others, so there was no way to reverse the flow of thought. What they’re thinking right now, is the same as what the other thinks too. If you overlook that basic idea, you won’t even be able to get a bone out of it.

“I’m the only one who can pass by.”

The trees were too narrow for Matsy, a man, to enter.

“Let’s turn around and find another place.”

“My lady.”

At Lucifella’s words, he looked at her as if he was scolding her. She knew what Matsy wanted, but Lucifella didn’t want to do that.

“It’s an order, follow me.”

“I will follow you later. So….”

It was when such a small quarrel was going on between them.

A man appeared in front of Lucifella and Matsy. He shouted without hesitation.


At the same time, the bird that sat on the tree flapped and flew up.

Matsy quickly pushed Lucifella behind her back and through a narrow tree.

“My lady, run!”


“Hurry up!”


Lucifella’s eyes widened. What’s with all these crazy cases? When she was Estelle, she was tired of experiencing what she had to experience now!

This, this…. I didn’t like this. As she shook her head desperately, Matsy shouted sternly.

“Come on! How can the count live without you? It was all my fault for being reassured. I’ll take responsibility!”

Lucifella bit her lip. This is not the case that has not happened. I am well aware that I cannot help it. Still, she resented that she had to follow it because she was powerless now.

She was Lucifella and she knew that there was nothing she could do.

“I will remember you.”

The only thing Lucifella could do for him, in the end, was not to forget.

With a troubled look on her face, Lucifella squeezed through the trees. When she went inside, she noticed a larger space. The branches and branches overlap like a cave.

Looking at the sunlight leaking through the gap, she stepped out of the wooden cave.

I heard the men’s shouts and the sound of something collapsing.

Lucifella bit her lip.

Damn, if only I had a sword! At least if she was armed, she wouldn’t be being so helpless.


I know it’s no use shouting. Nevertheless, I couldn’t bear it because it was unfair. Her resentment for what she had lost was bursting out again.

It was time for Lucifella to escape from what seemed to be the exit while walking through the dim wood vines.

Suddenly, a hand pushed out through the tree and pulled Lucifella’s long hair. Lucifella had to be dragged helplessly by him.

“Finally caught.”

One of the chasers smiled, bound her arms and dragged Lucifella through the crowd of men.

Lucifella gritted her teeth. They slowed down and looked at a cave-like place, so they must have been waiting at the exit.

She sighed and looked at the men. The men were all carrying swords. It seemed difficult to use the dagger hidden in her sleeve.

“They’re very persistent.”

As Lucifella raised the corners of her mouth and said, the man who was pretending to be the manager at the top stood in the middle and said.

“The lady didn’t know how to give up.”

Lucifella sighed afterward. She thought she’d ask him about Matsy, but she knew better that there was no chance.

“What are you trying to do to me?”

“I don’t intend to kill you. Don’t worry.”


The man spoke softly, but it didn’t help Lucifella.

He stuck out his tongue and licked up his lips, and looked over Lucifella’s body with a snake-like gaze. Lucifella wanted to cut out that look with a sword.

“He told me not to touch you, but I should let them vent their anger. You messed up the plan.”

Lucifella kept fiddling with the dagger in her sleeve. This seemed to be the only way now. It was then.


The ground shook with the sound of a child’s cry. In this quiet mountain where there are no people, the eerie sound of a child’s cry made people’s hair stand.

Lucifella and the men also looked around with bewildered expressions. Lucifella knew this sound. The sound of a newborn baby in the mountains. It was a monster, also a higher-level monster, Lynx.

‘Damn, you said there are no demons!’

The first thing Lucifella did, swearing inside, was to pick up her dagger and stab the man who bound her in the arm.

The man screamed and tried to strike back at her, but he was frozen, overwhelmed by the large shadow that appeared in the dark.

Lucifella quickly searched for the fastest way she could, a long pile of dark green grass.

That’s the only way to survive here. Within a few steps, she could easily find a huge pile of bushes. She jumped into it without hesitation.


“It’s a demon!”

I heard the eerie sound of bones and flesh breaking.

Aaaarrggh! Aaargh!

“Sa, save me!”


There were men running toward her, but a shot flew in the size of Lucifella’s head. A sharp claw stabbed the man in the back. The man who had been pierced in the chest was torn down. She tried hard not to make a noise about it.

Gwaa! Gwaa! Gwaaaa!

Lynx made a distinctive cry when attacking people. Following the voices of the people who were screaming at the father, other voices were also heard.

Crunch, crack, crunch.

Lucifella shut her eyes tightly at the sound of a demon swallowing a human being, and covered her ears to block herself from her terrifying scream.


I heard someone running away to see if there were any survivors. Lynx turned and chased the human. As Lynx’s tail with a pointed hook slowly moved away from view, Lucifella breathed a sigh of relief inside.

Her heart was pounding. My heart was still beating fast at the scene of a vain death I hadn’t seen in a long time.

She tried to calm herself down.

The outside, seen through the bushes, was filled with plenty of blood and flesh. What should I do? Should I go out now? Someone grabbed Lucifella’s hand as she was about to leave.

Lucifella was startled by this and tried to grab her dagger. But she couldn’t found it as she dropped her dagger in the riot.

“Young lady, it’s me.”


Suddenly, a familiar voice gave me goosebumps. As Lucifella looked back and opened her mouth, the palm immediately covered her mouth.

“Shh, be quiet.”

Lucifella looked back and saw a familiar face. The purple eyes were engulfed in a serious light. It was Khalid.


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