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WTKLAL Chapter 23.2


Chapter 23: The Heist Part 2

When Lucifella frowned and looked at the butler Yamin, he bowed his head shyly. She finally opened her mouth.

“Can’t you quit right now?”

The voice froze the maids.

Lucifella sighed and pointed to one of the estate’s maids who stood still without getting involved in the fight.

“I’m not taking anyone but her.”

The maid’s faces were covered with sadness and injustice. Lucifella, who also saw tears in their eyes, weakened but decided to stay calm. Because Royza was also one of the maids who participated in the fight.

The distance to the Twin Mountains was shorter than expected. Lucifella was looking forward to it, recalling a mine mining jewelry inside.

It’s like a cave, right? How fun it would be to go inside the cave!

Originally, she liked to explore new places.

The miners’ faces are full of coal powder, and if they light candles in the cave, shiny jewels will be shining.

She decided to climb the mine despite Matsy’s dissuasion, as there were still hours before the top reached the village.

“Isn’t the place next to me the Twin Mountains I’ve only heard of?”


“Oh, then, don’t gems come out there too?”

At that, Matsy hurriedly shook his head.

“Ah, no, this is the place where the gem was discovered, and the mountain on the left is full of monsters and you cannot enter.”


Lucifella saw the mountain next to it.

First of all, there is a certain distance between Connot and the village, so it seems safe, but don’t you usually increase the number of knights to get rid of the demon in the mountains? Did they leave it there because the military power was terrible? No, then why didn’t they provide military support in the first place?

A question arises, but Lucifella struggles to shake it off her head. Maybe it’s the difference between Ersha and Jansgar, or maybe there’s a reason.

“So, where should we go? Where are the gems mined?”

Lucifella asked, looking at the villagers who were squatting down to pick up stones if they were tying a field in the mountains.

Should I walk up to the top? If I had stamina, I could go up.

Seeing that Matty just brought it, it might not have gone up that much. I want to go quickly. Are there any bats?

“My lady, aren’t you working here right now?”


Lucifella saw people working with their backs down below her with a bewilderment look.

You’re working on this? Where’s that coal mine she thinks, that deep mine?

The villagers were digging for gemstones in the same outfit as grandfathers and grandmothers who dig for herbs to kill time.

“Weren’t you digging?”

Lucifella looked down at them with a puzzled expression. Looking at it, picking up cobblestone was like clearing a gravel field.

“Is that a gemstone?”

“Yes, that’s how jewelry is. They sort out the good stones there.”

Lucifella opened her mouth in a bewildered look.

“Ah, here, if you break this pebble, you’ll get a gemstone. If you collect these stones and sort them by weight, you get a pretty ruby gemstone. Look at this.”

Matsy picked up a white stone rolling around.

“What’s this rock?”

“Look closely at this here.”

As Lucifella frowned and focused, he saw something reddish attached to the white stone.

“Is this a gemstone? This bean is the size of a chicken’s eyes?”

When Lucifella asked curiously, Matsy nodded. Lucifella’s response seemed to be very satisfying.

“Haha, the people who come first always expect something grand. That’s where the sapphire comes out, and that’s not much different.”


This was the first time Lucifella had a proper culture shock. Because not everything was where Lucifella thought it would be.


Lucifella, who had not even started and finished her adventure, entered the village formed by the miners in a bad mood, waiting for the people at the top.

The scene was so peaceful that she yawned, but she endured it with a lot of patience.

In the meantime, the villagers carried the pieces of stone on carts and broke the stone with an iron hammer to separate the stone from the gemstone.

The stones I thought would be large to some extent were as small as a bean as I saw earlier, and were as small as sand.

Lucifella fiddled with the ruby gemstone that lay in front of her. It was amazing that these pieces, smaller than baby nails, were so valuable.

It wasn’t long before the merchants came.

In Jansgar, they showed their symbol, the rose mark, as if to prove that they were the people of the top of the Tero, famous for their size.

The men at the top of the Tero were all dressed in colorful clothes, they had led many strong men as bodyguards.

As a habit of her, Lucifella counted the number of the escort knights.

The number of knights was reduced because too many escorts could cause inconvenience to customers.

Even so, you have almost twenty two escorts, but I only have five on my side, so on the contrary, aren’t you being too rude?

But this side has to carry jewelry, so there must be a lot of workers. Lucifella was angry by herself and convinced herself.

“Nice to meet you, my lady.”

Lucifella saw the trader at the top of Tero bowing politely to her.

Matsy, who was standing next to Lucifella, stepped out.

“Nice to meet you. Has the person who’s been dealing with us come?”

“If you’re talking about Mr. Shane, the person in charge has changed to the other side.”

The man smiled and held out the paper with seal on it. Matsy looked at it carefully and nodded. There seemed to be no problem.

“Is it done now?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. It’s better to be careful about the deal.”

“I understand.”

The man smiled. He wore fancy clothes and had a smile on his lips, but Lucifella couldn’t like this man.

Because as soon as he saw Lucifella, he looked up and down with a strange smile.

Lucifella greeted with courtesy, and implicitly revealed that the rumors that she had lost her mind was false.

The person in charge offered her perfume with beautiful glass, saying that he had heard rumors about Lucifella’s beauty. Lucifella handed it to the maid because it smelled not bad.

“Now then, let’s talk about the deal…..”

“Wait. Can we go back to the city and talk?”

The person in charge looked through the jewels and asked. The man smiled at Matsy’s puzzled expression.

“If it is of this level of quality, we will trade everything without even looking at it. But our craftsman and appraiser haven’t arrived yet. When they arrive in the city, how about proceeding with them?”

“Didn’t you say that deals are usually made here?”

Matsy answered Lucifella’s question.

“If there is a lot of volume trading, sometimes it is done in the city. There’s no harm in having a lot of trading.”

I see. Lucifella, who didn’t know much about these significant deals, nodded at Matsy’s words.

I was going to come to this jewelry mine anyway, and I decided to pay attention to the tour, and Lucifella prepared to leave for the city.

“Oh, my!”

“What’s wrong?”

The horseman, who tied the horse to the carriage at Matsy’s words, pointed to the wheel of the carriage. There was a crack in the wheel.

“If it keeps going like this, I think I’ll be in big trouble. Oh my lady. I’m sorry.”

The coachman scratched his head and lowered his head. The person in charge, who was watching it silently, clicked his tongue and said.

“My lady, why don’t you take the carriage with me?”

Lucifella shook her head firmly after thinking about what would be like.

“I can’t be indebted to you. I’ll ride on the horse with Sit Matsy.”

“Don’t do that, wouldn’t it be better to ride?”

What, somehow, feeling uneasy about something, Lucifella rushed her way to Matsy.

“My lady, I think it would be better to go by carriage.”

Lucifella was annoyed by the dullness of Matsy, but she didn’t show it and said.

“It’s only two hours away anyway. I can ride a horse.”

‘If you oppose more, I won’t stand still.’

Matsy, who read Lucifella’s eyes, do as she told in a cold sweat.

Lucifella climbed the horse lightly. It was a formal dress, but there was no discomfort in the legs even if I rode a horse because the skirt was abundant. But Matsy felt uncomfortable letting the lady ride the horse, so he’s sighing behind her.

What can I do when I don’t have a good feeling? I didn’t want to be in the same space with that guy.

“Let’s go.”

The knights surrounded at Lucifella’s orders. The maid was also riding a horse sitting in front of the knight, unable to ride a carriage instead of the lady.

After that, the village workers loaded the gemstones they had decided to trade on horseback. The members of the top were silent as they walked.

It was time for them to hurry on their way to the city on horseback.

“Hey, crazy! Scatter!”

Lucifella screamed in realization and kicked the horse with her feet. The horse raised his front foot and cried with his waist up, and began to run at a tremendous speed.

“My lady!”

The knights and Matsy were embarrassed by Lucifella’s unexpected behavior.

The knights quickly chased their lady and turned the horse around. She reflexively looked back at her. For some reason, all the top crew members had silver blades in their hands. As they swung their swords, the necks of the workers who were carrying the gemstones flew away.

They were all thieves.


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