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WTKLAL Chapter 23.1


Chapter 23: The Heist Part 1

Gwain Rutherford, the Knight Commander of Count Aydin in Jansgar, had been feeling strange lately.

Every morning he felt a surge of energy. He’s not even taking a pill.

It was because of the lady who suddenly came.

As for Gwain, he was the eldest son of the Rutherford family, who produced a third-generation Knight Commander. When his father retired from the rank of Knight Commander, he took over the rank of Knight Commander.

Gwain admired his grandfather and father. And he thought he would be a minstrel or a ‘knight’ like in a fairy tale book.

Knights who fight against evil with a sword and remain in the arms of the goddess Astra with glorious death to become an eternal star.

How happy he was when he was appointed as a knight.

However, as a result, the knights only had to inspect Connot the main capital of the territory, in the evening, or to monitor whether the jewelers would steal the gemstone.

The time when force is most needed is when the land is in turmoil. However, the territory was peaceful, there was little to fight, and the knights’ swords were dull, and their teeth began to fall out.

Gwain tried to set the discipline straight, but it didn’t work out.

The Count was not interested in this, the support was insufficient, and the people did not have much respect for the lord.

The Count even acted as if he was unaware of Gwain’s existence, and when he did, he had more to do with his retired father than with Gwain.

All he knows about the Count is that he is a man of great love for his daughter.

Occasionally he heard from Matsy and was saddened to hear that the Count had given the support for his little girl, Lucifella.

That’s why when she came down to the estate, the screening was twisted when he saw the colorful carriage.

So Gwain didn’t go to greet the lady, and she didn’t show any interest in them as expected.

Gwain was pleased with the lady who came to the training ground, but was angry at what she pointed out and made a slip of the tongue.

His father would always point out Gwain’s hot-tempered personality. Even with age, that personality has not been fixed properly.

Anyway, as a result, the lady listened to what Gwain wanted.

Taking issue with the dress, she coolly disposed of all the dresses she was wearing, leaving at least the ones she was wearing.

Gwain was irascible at the time. The knights also huffed and puffed to show the ‘cheeky’ lady how outstanding they were.

But as a day or two passed, he changed his mind. The eyes of the knights were full of will, and the training, which had been tedious in the past, began to work with enthusiasm.

After doing this for the first three days, the discipline gradually began to take hold.

There was one more reason why the knights worked even harder to train.

It was because the young lady joined the training every morning.

It would be difficult to wake up at dawn, but the lady would come out with a face without makeup and walk around the training ground.

She made a ridiculous excuse for it as ‘physical training’. The first few days were unpleasant because it felt like surveillance, but Gwain’s thoughts began to change.

Wasn’t all the lady’s plan?

Now this was the ideal situation that Gwain had so hoped for.

Shiny armor, nutritious meals, and high-quality iron swords were made and distributed to the knights.

Even these well-edged warhorses were to be allocated one per person. It was a level that could even play a horse race that had been held a long time ago.

The knights glanced at the lady. When the lady’s eyes were on them every morning, the knights would train harder with more discipline.

The knights, who always protected the ladies and received envy, started to really look at the lady. It was a natural result for Gwain to be energized.

“Actually, she was harsh on her words, it was all because of us.”

The knights, like Gwain, began to realize the lady’s intentions. Even in the driver’s opinion, there was nothing wrong with what the lady said.

“Still, I’m glad she’s a good person.”

Unlike the indifferent count, the lady was even praised for overflowing with compassion.

“I heard she go out of the castle a lot these days, right?”

When Lucifella was bored, she went outside the castle to play.

The lady was weak in stamina, but she liked to run around. Even wearing her sassy dress, the young lady went out of the castle without missing a single day.

At first, the knights thought that the lady who went out was unusual, but they soon accepted it.

The same was true of the city. They cheered at first when a beautiful lady came out of the castle, even got out of the carriage, and walked around the city, but soon accepted her naturally.

“You know what? I heard that the reason she came down is because she was out of her mind. That’s how rumors are spread in the capital.”

“It’s a rumor, obviously. She’s just a little unique, but there’s no one who’s that normal. People in the capital are stupid, too.”

The knights were indignant at the rumor in the capital.

The knights were slowly changing. Perhaps they would have changed really ‘slowly’ had it not happened in the future.

Without knowing what the knights were thinking, Lucifella groaned and rolled her feet. That’s also called training. In the middle of winter, you have to take off your clothes and rub in cold water, wasn’t it the standard of training? Not knowing what would happen, I had to train to the extreme.

What was even worse was her current physical condition. How can a person’s whole body be exhausted by just one lap around that training ground?

This is why Lucifella, who thought she would only be looked down on by those knights, went to training every morning. The knights think it’s an interest and don’t even know they’re moved.

“There is going to be a deal at the top of Tero.”


Lucifella was wondering how to turn those knights into usable human beings.

The jewelry trade Matsy said was not her concern. This is because the Count was proceeding, and it was beyond Lucifella’s authority. So she answered Matsy’s words with a deep voice. But the next word baffled Lucifella.

“They says they wants to meet you there?”

“Why me?”

“Since you have come down to the estate with a lot of effort, you can see their face and say that you want to show your sincerity because it is a place where we do business often…”

Lucifella frowned slightly. The reason was not very convincing.

The agent for the deal was Matsy, and seeing Lucifella’s face or showing their sincerity did not benefit the deal.

“If I go there, I don’t have the authority to decide anything, do I?”

“Yes, we’ll probably set the right deal price on our own. I’m sorry, but I can’t listen to your opinion.”

“Then why do you want to see me? Being nice to me doesn’t mean this deal is going to work in your favor. Is it because you want the next deal to go smoothly?”

Matsy shook her head at Lucifella’s question.

“I think it’s because of the rumor.”

“The rumor that I’m crazy?”

“My lady!”

Royza, who was combing her hair from behind, said something else. I’m sure she’s saying the way she talks isn’t how the ladies talk. Lucifella, who had no intention of answering each of them, was in agony.

She wouldn’t mind going unless she actually had any authority. It wasn’t unusual at the top, and if you didn’t go out, rumors of her being out of her mind would spread even more.

“All right.”

The decision was made as cold as ever.


“You bad girl!”

“You! You arrogant little girl?”

Lucifella was watching the fight unfolding with an expressionless expression.

It was Lucifella who wore a nice dress for the first time in a while because it was nothing else but meeting the person at the top of the deal.

The maids from the capital decorated Lucifella in the capital’s manner. It seems that the complaints from the maids here were considerable, perhaps because they monopolized the young lady.

There was a quarrel among the maids who were waiting in the lobby after preparing to go out.

“I have to go with the lady! Do you know any of your manners?”

“You’re hired! We’ve been waiting for the lady for a long time!”

“What are you waiting for! Did you wait to prepare that tacky dress?”

“This is really!”

One of the capital maids grabbed the head of the most vocal estate maid.

Lucifella stood with her arms crossed and she unwittingly began to analyze the fight.

The reason why women have no choice but to grab hair when fighting is that women usually have longer hair than men, and they did not formally train in martial arts.

The most effective way to subdue an opponent with a weak force was to hold their head.

Well, it’s better to lose some hair than to cut off your arm with a sword.

She ended grasp that the maid on the estate side was small, but the strength of her grasp prevailed in this fight.

They grabbed each other’s hair and shook it like crazy without knowing that Lucifella was watching their fight.

The same was true of the maids who were watching. They were so obsessed with the fight that they did not realize that Lucifella had arrived. Among them, Royza was also included.

As the fight overheated, they all rushed as if they were going to fight.


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