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WTKLAL Chapter 21.1


Chapter 21: The Tragedy of Count Aydin Part 1

This was the general review that Lucifella made while looking at the castle she lived in for a few days.

“It’s not a good thing or a bad thing…..”

It really was. The castle was old and outdated.

Unlike the mansion, which had a separate bathroom, the maid who had to bring a wooden bathtub and bathe each time was cumbersome, and the torch was lit on the castle’s stone walls every evening.

This place played a greater role as a fortress for defense than a residence.

“It’s really an old castle.”

If there is a stream and a bridge around this castle, wouldn’t it be the perfect ancient castle on record?

It would have been nicer if that was the case. Then it would have been cooler.

As she nodded her head alone, looking at the castle in front of the gate, the gatekeepers looked embarrassed. Said Matsy, who was next to her.

“A few hundred years ago, this was the border between the Kingdom of Jansgar and Karajan. It was a very important defensive zone.”

“Yeah, well, I guess so, it looks like it.”


“When I came by carriage, I saw the structure surrounding the city with a wall, and considering that it costs a year to build a wall, the cost of the wall covering the entire city would have been enormous, so it must have been an important defensive city……”

“Are you familiar with this?”

Matsy asked, wondering. Lucifella thought, even though it was too natural for her, but not for Lucifella.

Looking at Matcy’s expression, Lucifella said after coughing.

“I saw it in a book when I was in the carriage. How boring a carriage trip is. I also read such boring books.”

At Lucifella’s words, Matsy seemed convinced. Lucifella looked around the castle again, sighing of relief inside.

The crooked gray stone was dull because it looked old, but it looked solid as it endured many years. Lucifera didn’t hate this kind of thing.

“But I don’t hate it.”


“I mean, I like it. It’s just cool.”

Matsy was puzzled by her and said with a smile.

“Didn’t you hate this castle because it was old when the count asked you to go down from the old capital?  That’s why you never came.”

“How can a person always be the same?”

Lucifella said, waving her hand. After looking at the castle for a long time, she nodded her head and went inside. Matsy followed after her.

“No matter how you look at it, this place doesn’t look wealthy. Why are mansions in the capital city so glamorous?”

At Lucifella’s words, Matsy put on a puzzled expression.

“That’s the place the lord has prepared for you.”


Looking at the splendid mansion, Lucifella tilted her head.

Wouldn’t it be better to decorate this castle with that money? However, money does not overflow just because it is a noble family, so it may not have enough money to decorate the castle.

In her view, Count Aydin was the kind of person who felt proud of spending all his money on his daughter.

“Come to think of it, usually where’s my father while in the castle?”

Was it too late to ask?

“Most of it the lord spend time outside, but when he come, he’s in the study or in the south room.”

“South room? Where is it? I don’t think I’ve ever been there? Right?”

While I was exploring this place, I had memories of going to the library, but I had no memory of going to the south room.

“Yeah, that…. This is the room where the portrait of the Madam is placed…..”

Matsy’s words gradually gave way.

“Is it strange that there is a portrait of my mother? Your words are getting weaker.”

Lucifella raised her eyebrows. Does my mother have anything else to do?

“Come to think of it, the Viscount did not say a word to me about the portrait of my mother.”

Matsy spoke cautiously at her question.

“Isn’t it a fact that she hurts even the lady?”


As Lucifella tilted her head, Matsy shook his head.

“Because you lost your mother.”

Lucifella felt uncomfortable about it.

What would it have been like if she was real Lucifella? She didn’t feel anything about losing her mother because she wasn’t Lucifella. Instead, she gave the best answer she could.

“I must have heard from my father that I lost my memory, and I don’t really remember anything about my mother.”

Come to think of it, Lucifella’s memories of her mother were the only ones that were not in her memory. She should have had at least a piece of her that memory, even though Lucifella said her mother died when she was nine.

“Whatever the past is, I won’t collapse easily because of it, so don’t worry.”

Matsy nodded at Lucifella’s calm words. Still, he looked worried. Well, I understood that he was worried because it was a mental problem that I came down to the castle in the first place.

There was an uncomfortable feeling, but the reason why I wasn’t offended by it was that Matsy was genuinely concerned and concerned about herself.

‘What a beloved lady, Lucifella was.’

It’s just that Lucifella wasn’t satisfied with the love.

When the door of the south room opened, Lucifella walked in with a careful gait.

“My lady, at least this…..”

Matsy put a cape over her shoulder. As she looked up at the wall, blue cloth was covering something.

As Matsy approached and pulled the string, the cloth went up, and I saw a portrait hidden under it.

Lucifella was sure. If you pick the most spectacular thing in the estate, it’s not her own dresses, but it’s this.

The frame was delicately crafted with platinum, with sapphires, large and small, glittering in this dark room.

However, Lucifella’s gaze went to the woman in the portrait, not the frame.

She was as beautiful as the moon. The fine black hair was down to the waist, and the red cheeks were pretty like peaches. Her eyes were dark blue, like sapphire, embedded in a frame.

She was wearing a dress the color of her eyes, looking straight ahead and smiling playfully.

“It’s pretty.”

It was Lucifella’s honest appreciation. Is that what Lucifella feels? She reached out to sweep the portrait with a strange feeling. Then I felt a bumpy brush mark.

“Why did my mother die?”

When Lucifella, who was sweeping the portrait, asked, Matsy said.

“Really, you don’t remember at all?”


Even if it was Estelle’s mother, she had no memory of Lucifella’s mother. If it’s a special memory, shouldn’t it come to mind? Lucifera felt sorry for that.

“She died of a red fever.”


If it was red fever, her face would turn red and the fever would rise and fall, and eventually, she would vomit painfully to death. When I lived in a back alley as a child, I had seen a person die of that disease.

The contagion was uncertain, but people avoided being around the person. However, only Estelle offered water occasionally. And the patient vomited out a sip of blood and died. It seemed that the disease did not discriminate whether it was aristocrats or commoners.

“My mother died here.”

Matsy’s expression changed at Lucifella’s words.

“Do you remember?”

“I don’t know, I just said it.”

Lucifella frowned and faced her mother’s portait.

“But the red fever, she need to use the medicine, but why didn’t my father get the medicine?”

Matcy’s expression hardened at her words. It was an unexpected attitude to ask such a question. Wasn’t the knowledge of illness something the ladies shouldn’t know? So why does the lady know? He felt stuffy.

“The medicine is extremely expensive because it contains very precious herbs.”

“You can save it. You couldn’t get it from our estate?”

“At the time.”

Lucifella’s face hardened when she realized the meaning of the word. She alternated between the clothes she was wearing and the figure of Luana in the portrait.

The accessories and dresses worn by the countess were simple even in the portrait. I thought he was just a frugal person, but he didn’t seem to have that much money.

It was a fact that she knew that the cure for red fever cost an enormous amount of money. However, if you look at the money the Count spends on Lucifella, you would able to get it, but it seems that the circumstances of the Aydin family were very different then and now.

‘Without money, the nobles die the same way.’

Lucifella smiled and wiped the portrait. She then looked at the Countess, who had a beautiful smile on her face. Then she suddenly stopped all her actions at the sight of her painful face that suddenly appeared.

“My lady?”

“Wait a minute.”

In this southern room, where there was only a portrait, there was a bed and a flowerpot in her memory.

“Luana, please, I’ll do everything I can to get the medicine, I’ll get the medicine…..”


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