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WTKLAL Chapter 20.1


Chapter 20: In a New Place Part 1

“You should have called us to change your clothes!”

At her maid’s words, Lucifella pouted her lips.

“Why, this is not the capital city.”

“Even if it’s not the capital city! The lady here is like a princess! You have to be well-formed!”

Royza approached and grabbed Lucifella’s shoulder.

‘If you say it wrong, you could be punished for treason.’

Lucifella decided to warn Royza later.

When she got up and left the room, she was immediately dragged back in and had to wash her face first.

Unlike Estelle, who didn’t pay much attention to her eye gunk, the people here couldn’t stand even a single grain of dust falling on her long eyelashes, let alone gunk in her eyes.

“Hurry up and change your clothes! But where is the dressing room……”

“I’ll guide you, my lady!”

One of the castle’s maids ran quickly and dragged her to the dressing room.

Lucifella frowned slightly. This is because the servants of the castle crossed their arms to support her.

‘Not like the maids from the capital, the maids of the castle didn’t really hear about Lucifella as they seem very brave.’

Of course, the maids who work here also heard rumors of Lucifella.

But the capital and provinces were far away, and they had not experienced her fear firsthand, and for them, Lucifella was nothing but  the young lady who fear somewhing like a werewolf legend that would bite her when she cried or a story of a demon living in the corner of a twin mountain.

Nevertheless, the fear remained, but first of all, Lucifella’s first impression broke theie fear. What would anyone be afraid of if they came to sleep in a state of throwing tantrum? Furthermore, she looked quite meek even when she was awake.

Besides, isn’t she beautiful? The lady was so beautiful that she could not be compared to those who were known to be pretty in this city. The maid of the castle had no reason to run away for fear of Lucifella.

Suddenly caught by the maids here, Lucifella stepped into the dressing room.

“Oh! I should show my lady the dressing room! Did my lady think I was going to take her to that small dressing room?”

“Unlike the mansion, the castle’s dressing room is very spacious, isn’t it? I guess you didn’t know.”

“Then you have to go back to the lady’s room with the clothes. My lady is weak.”

The maid of the castle shut her mouth at the words. Come to think of it, she was right.

“Since I’ve moved, guide me.”

Lucifella looked at the maids of the castle and said. The capital maid looked at Lucifella with resentment, but Lucifella patted them on the shoulder indifferently.

The faces of the maids in the capital were stained with pride.

For Lucifella, it was much easier to deal with these maids than with the knights who suddenly put the sword in and spit out their blood. Aren’t they really cute people? Having had enough sleep, Lucifella could be generous enough.

Lucifella arrived in the dress room with a subtle look on her face. The dressing room was full of dresses, as I had expected.

Lucifella sighed. Where the hell does the Count get this budget? Do you have that much money? It seems to be the case when you look at the splendor of the mansion.


Lucifella crossed her arms.

“I don’t want to wear anything.”

The maid of the capital raised her chin as if to look at Lucifella’s honest words.

“Dress here has long gone out of fashion. I’d rather get a new one.”

Her face turned red as if she were ashamed of the castle’s maids.

“No, I mean, I don’t want to dress up here. Don’t make me sound weird.”

Looking at the capital maid, she looked sullen.

Lucifella went around the closet like that and looked at each dress one by one. All of them were eye-catching dresses that could only be worn to a royal banquet.

Still, she seemed to have to choose one and wear it, even considering the sincerity of those who prepared it.

Then Lucifella’s eyes fell on the dress that was gathered in the corner of the room. It was different from other dresses at a glance. The colors of these dresses were mostly monochrome, and there were no fancy decorations.

“These things.”


“What about these?”

“Ah, my lady! That’s not new. It’s late Madam’s.”


If it’s Madam, she’s referring to Lucifella’s mother. But it was strange. Unlike the colorful Lucifella’s dress, the dress in front of her was so simple that she looked shabby.

“The dress is different?”


“I meant it looked simple.”

She raised her hand and touched the dress. Even though it was an old dress, it was well taken care of, and the fabric was smooth as it did not wrinkle. It was too frugal for the countess’ taste.

“I’ll take this.”

“What? But, my lady…..”

This time, the maids of the capital and the maids of the castle looked sad at the same time. But Lucifella’s thoughts have not changed. Rather than pursuing thrift and frugality, I just wanted to wear comfortable clothes that didn’t hurt my eyes and did not tighten her waist.

“With this.”

Lucifella then looked the maids so that nothing more could be said, choose a dark green dress among her mother’s dresses.

After the maid groomed her, Lucifella was barely able to step outside the room. The maids were busy praising her beauty, saying that wearing a simple dress made her look more beautiful.

Next, I passed the hallway to eat breakfast and went down the stairs, where two men were standing.

“Are you awake?”

The thick voice of a man, in contrast to the thin voice of woman certainly drew attention.

Lucifella and her maids looked over there. A middle-aged man with his mustache and a skinny old man with his hair neatly combed caught her eye.

“My lady, this is Matsy.”

Looking at the man who lowered his head as if it was natural, Matsy, she was puzzled but felt familiar. Perhaps he is someone Lucifella knows.

“What should I call you?”

“Call me comfortably.”

“Okay, Sir Matsy.”

Matsy’s expression did not change as if the title was wrong. She hesitated about how to treat this man, who she doesn’t even remember anyway, but decided to speak frankly.

“I don’t remember much, but it’s nice to see you.”

When you don’t know, you have to be bold. Matsy nodded his head as if he knew she would answer that.

“On behalf of the Count, I am in charge of the overall management of the estate.”

That’s right, it seemed to be understood as an aide concept.

“And here this is the butler, Yamin, who is in charge of the castle’s management.”

Even if you told me his name, I wouldn’t remember it anyway. Still, I guess I’ll have to pretend I know for now, so Lucifella nodded her head. The butler who was next to her then spoke carefully.

“Oh, my lady, do you remember me?”


Of course I don’t know. Lucifella’s memories were fragmentary, and only memories that were meaningful to her came to mind occasionally. Everything else was just a blur.

“You must not remember me because we’ve met when my lady was still too young.”

Seeing the excited eyes, Lucifella nodded her head sullenly. And there was silence between them.



Is he waiting for something? Lucifella, who couldn’t stand it, tilted her head and asked.

“What, do you have something to say?”

“Oh, no. I’m sorry! I should have prepared more thoroughly!”

Yamin bowed his head and said. Lucifella tilted her head. I thought it was a time to greet each other, but why did it turn into a time to repent of sins?

“I tried to match the clothes and the room to the lady’s aesthetic. It wasn’t good enough. It is far from the fashion of the capital, please forgive me.”


Let’s wait and see what he is saying. Then, the butler said with a more desperate look as if he mistook the silence for anger.

“I know you hate coming here. Nevertheless, I’m sorry for this lack of appearance.”


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