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WTKLAL Chapter 11.2


Chapter 11: Weird Dance Request Part 2

Zed was also gazing at Lucifella Aydin’s face, dressed in a gorgeous dark green tuxedo. They seemed to focus on each other as if they were really in love.

Their engagement was revealed to the world as they danced and held hands. Some sympathized with him, saying that Zed was unlucky, and those who had a heart for him pointed fingers at her, saying that the Duke was too good for her.

Anyway, they were a really beautiful couple. To the extent that it feels like only their surroundings are shining brightly.

Of course, the fantastic and perfect image they saw was an illusion.

As Lucifella stepped on with her heels slightly faster than the beat, Zed quickly moved and avoided. Zed’s lips curled up at her expression of regret.

Lucifella was dancing as she had learned from Madam Irene. With the exception of the beat of one’s feet.

It wasn’t noticeable because her heels were slightly exposed, but her steps were sometimes fast and sometimes slow. The reason, of course, wasn’t that she didn’t know the beat. The goal was clear.

“It looks like young lady going to break my foot.”

“No, it’s not necessarily like that.”

I just asked for a dance. He dodged another step. A clear sound of heels rang out again. Lucifella’s skirt shook gracefully.

“Can you explain why you’re doing this to me?”

Even after breaking the friendly atmosphere at best, Lucifella did not answer. As she moved on to the crescendo part and the music grew, her heart thumped. But Zed lightly avoided it.

“You must have been aiming for my feet now.”

“Yes, I don’t like you very much.”

I could guess from this behavior even if you didn’t say you didn’t like it. Still, should I say I’m glad only my feet were attacked, not the middle one? Zed was dumbfounded.

“Is it that hard to step on your foot?”

Lucifella grumbled when the blow did not work.

“Why should I be stepped on?”

“Because I want to step on it.”


“I wanted to step on you at least once.”

It was a childish fight. But Lucifella really wanted to step on his foot. In the past, Estelle once thought she wanted to put her fist on his face when she saw Zed.

Now, there was no strength enough to punch the face, and it was not senseless enough to kick the same place as the crown prince here.

She had to learn manners for a week for this dance, so she wanted to make her wish come true by stepping on his feet.

“Really, young lady is special.”

“It can’t be normal.”

There’s no way it’s normal when there’s a knight in Lady’s body. It was also useful to be able to dance properly.


Lucifella frowned and made an irritating sound with regret. Again, Zed narrowly avoided her foot.

When Zed saw that expression, it started to get interesting. In fact, he was able to avoid it easily from the beginning, so it wasn’t very unpleasant.

“Did I do something wrong to young lady?”


It was a simple curiosity, not to reflect on the mistakes made to this woman or to solve the atmosphere.

“The fault is…..”

The problem is that you’re Jansgar’s knight. And he’s a bit of a jerk.

Lucifella bit her lip. She hates herself, but did Lucifella like Duke Heint?

No, when I recall the vague feelings I felt when I regained my memory, the real Lucifella was crazy about the crown prince. Engagement with the Duke is probably no different.

Either way, that guy is pathetic. Neither Estelle nor Lucifella will ever love that man.

“Is it because I haven’t been interested in you? I’m sure all the other men were interested in young lady.”


“To explain, I played with someone who approached me. And you weren’t particularly interested in me.”

“Why are you saying this to me when you’re not interested in who you played with?”

Lucifella said with a puzzled expression. He couldn’t even find a piece of that feeling of jealousy. Zed was dumbfounded.

If you’re tied to a relationship called engagement, you’re supposed to be married anyway. The past is the past, but at least there will be some discomfort about it.

But Lucifella really didn’t seem interested at all. All she was interested in now was Zed’s feet.


When Zed was about to say something, Lucifella quickly stepped on his foot. Lucifella’s face was bright with a smile. Zed smiled sadly.

She doesn’t know now that the shoes he’s wearing are thick leather, and that she weighs less than him. It wasn’t that he wasn’t sick, but it was itchy.

Nevertheless, she smiled as if she had achieved her goal.

Looking at that face, I could only laugh. If he raises his stepped foot now, she will lose her balance and suffer more embarrassment.

Lucifella smiled as if to see it. The curve on the red lips gave a pretty beautiful feeling. Silver eyes glistened with chandelier lights.

Zed acknowledged her beauty. In particular, those eyes had a charm that could not be described.

When he saw her smile like that, he thought that he would let her step on his foot once and that it was a cheap price. He wanted to give a slap on his head for a moment.

What are you thinking? Am I crazy?

“You didn’t do anything wrong to me.”

She looked at Zed and said.

Zedekiah Heint didn’t do anything wrong to Lucifella. Even to Estelle personally, rather…

Then after the song, Lucifella took her hand very lightly. The intended purpose was achieved. She felt good.

“You stepped on my foot…. What are you going to do now?”

“Well, I’ll have to go home. I don’t think I’ll be able to hear good things if I stay here.”

Zed then looked around her. All those who looked at them were unfavorable to Lucifella.

“You can’t help it. I deserve it.”

Also, looking at her face, which speaks coolly, I felt that it was my fault, but I couldn’t help but feel sympathy.

Do you believe this woman that the crown prince ordered her to do such a thing?

Zed believed. He didn’t feel worth doubting her. Whether or not the prince ordered it, this woman’s choice has not changed, and she accepted the result calmly.

“Next time…”


“Contact me next time you attend a banquet.”


I’ll go with you then. Zed was about to say that, and then bit his lip. I didn’t even know I was too excited to give a shot to someone I didn’t like.

You are not making a cumbersome promise not to take responsibility in the first place. He felt embarrassed because he thought he had been a little over-kind. So he decided to send Lucifella quickly.

“Come on, go home.”

Since almost all the nobles gathered at the harvest festival banquet, there was no need to greet the royal family separately unless they were close to them, so there was no problem with her returning.

“First of all, to my Father…..”

“I’ll tell Count Aydin about it. Let me walk you to the carriage.”

Was he this kind of person? Is it because you’re engaged? Or maybe he’s always been like this to a woman.

“Are you always this kind to women?”

Lucifella asked, raising the corner of her lips.


What nonsense are you talking about? Zed’s eyebrows twitched.

He was in a bad mood because Lucifella looked like she was laughing. It was as if she knew everything, just like the expression Eozif sometimes makes.

“Should I remind you that you almost got killed a while ago?”

“Oh, right. Then are you taking me home because you’re worried about it?”

Even for that reason, if you ask me with that kind of expression on your face, I want to say no for nothing. Although the killer confronted her, Lucifella also contributed to the cause.

I was considerate of her for fear of psychological trauma, but I felt dirty when I was looking at her as if she was making fun of me like that.

“Just go back alone.”

“I will.”

Saying it coolly, she turned her back and walked away. Again, this feels like this.It wasn’t a bad attitude at all. Isn’t it too cold? 

Zed considered whether he was unattractive as a man. And the conclusion was that it was not at all. It was rare for him to enter the social world, but whenever he came out, a woman approached him.

He knew he was quite attractive as a man. But that didn’t work for Lucifella at all. Do you really hate yourself? How can you hate yourself?

Then Zed felt people’s eyes. It was obvious that if you sent her alone again, it would be rumored that you had a fight. Zed chased after her.


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