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WTKLAL Chapter 11.1


Chapter 11: Weird Dance Request Part 1

“Oh, really, in this situation. I have no luck.”

She crossed her arms and sighed, reached out, hugged his arm, and dragged him. Behind the door, there was still a moan and a cursing voice. Zed was gently led by that hand.

“What have you done?”

He heard the story roughly for now, but Zed asked out of courtesy.

“I kicked his d*ck. What a son of a b*tch.”

A thick swear word came out of that innocent face, which was unlikely at all. When I reconfirmed what I had once understood, my head was dizzy at the seriousness of the situation.

To attack the Imperial Family, even ten necks are not enough. She was frowning. Even she didn’t seem satisfied yet.

“Are you finally gone crazy?”

Zed spoke of his impression on this situation. Lucifella said with her arms crossed as if she didn’t care.

“If you’re here now, you won’t be able to hear good things because you’re tied up with me. You’d better just walk by quietly. Again, I kicked the crown prince’s d*ck earlier. And he’s stretched out now.”

This was the third time that the expression of kicking that guy was mentioned. He imagined the state of the crown prince. The pain was fully understandable as a man. But his sympathy did not go away.

“Why is that? You didn’t have to act like that.”

“Will you believe me if I tell you?”


Zed couldn’t answer any of those words. Because there was no relationship between them to trust and believe in each other. But will this person lie? Zed, who had been pondering for a long time, said.

“Tell me, I’ll try.”

Lucifella looked at him with distrust, seemed to be slightly troubled, and then opened her mouth.

“What would you do if you met someone who played with you and ask you to prove your love?” 


“Lucifella, no, I’m talking about me jumping into the Imperial Palace Lake. It’s because the crown prince ordered it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The word love was a signal, and I was played by the Prince’s jokes. What I saw before I lost consciousness was he pointed his fingers at me and laughing.”


Are you telling me to believe it? But Lucifella seemed to have misunderstood otherwise.

“Yes, it was very foolish. To fall for that kind of sugar coated words and trust him.”

Lucifella’s tone was somehow serious. At her words, as if she was blaming herself, Zed didn’t feel like she was lying to him, somehow.

Meanwhile, Lucifella dragged his arm as she was walking away from the imperial lounge to the ballroom.

I don’t know who’s escorting who. Zed thought so and was taken away as she did.

If what she says is true, I know what the situation is. Why Lucifella used an uncertain word. As Lucifella, she did her important part ten times, a hundred times, and was not enough.

Then the reason why you looked at the crown prince earlier, not because you wanted to express your sorrow to the crown prince, but because you wanted to do this?

In fact, what she looked at the crown prince was not a mournful love, but the persistence of a person seeking revenge. He didn’t fully believe it, but Zed was somewhat convinced.


He laughed without realizing it. Isn’t it funny that what she did was a felony, apart from this unpleasant love triangle that somehow got involved with the crown prince?

She really kicked the d*ck of imperial family’s! She’s done what she can imagine, but no one can do.

How can a person be so creative? When the misunderstanding was resolved, the dirty feeling all day turned into pleasantness. Besides, how did you feed the prince who was annoyed like this?

“Haha, but you kicked it there.”

“That’s the only place. Where are you kicking?”

I tried to hold back my laughter, but I couldn’t. What kind of idea of kicking there can come into young lady’s head?

Because of the current situation, he couldn’t burst into laughter, so he just lowered his voice and giggled. It was a pity that I couldn’t see the crown prince lying down in person.

“So, do you have any lingering feelings for the crown prince?”

“If I had lingering feelings, I wouldn’t have kicked it.”


At that, Zed couldn’t take it any longer and burst out laughing. It was too blatant, but it was the most obvious. Lucifella looked at him with a look of madness.

Zed thought about how the crown prince would turn out. It was clearly a felony to injure the imperial family. But the story is different if you think about the area where Lucifella attacked.

If a man who will become the most powerful man in the future is punished by a woman’s kick in his important part, it will be a laughing stock for a long time.

From his point of view, the crown prince did not seem likely to take issue with this matter.

No matter how foolish the crown prince may be, he must have a head that will not make a bubble by revenge on his family. Zed believed the crown prince’s head, which he didn’t want to believe.

Come to think of it, this person in front of me was really a different kind. The last time she met a killer, he thought she was stupid, but he didn’t know she was smart. After laughing for a long time, he suddenly said unknowingly.

“If anything happens, I’ll take care of it.”


It was refreshing to think of the prince screaming because his d*ck was kicked, and Zed decided to be generous because he thought her revenge had its own cause. That’s why the word came out.

Lucifella blinked as if he had heard something unexpected.

“And such a rude way of speaking, if you use it in front of others, it is an insult to the imperial family. Be careful from now on.”

“Yes, I’ll be careful in the future.”

She nodded her head again.

Come to think of it, she seemed stubborn, but she seemed to have a cool personality without hesitation in acknowledging her mistakes.

They say you can’t judge a person just by looking at their appearance. Who would have thought that the words ‘son of a b*tch’ and ‘d*ck’ would appear on that face? He smiled again at the thought.

“Stop laughing, why don’t we dance?”


Lucifella grabbed him by the arm again and led him. As she pulled him, she held Zed’s arms tightly.

“I mean dance. I was waiting here to do it.”

For Lucifella, there was nothing to do anyway, and the goal was to dance and rest, Zed seemed to be acting cute with his fiancée.

“It’s a weird dance request.”

I can’t believe a woman asked me to dance like this. The reason it wasn’t so bad was probably because of the funny thing that woman did. Zed grabbed her arm and led her alone.

When Lucifella and Zed appeared together, all the eyes of the people in the banquet hall were focused on them.

Come to think of it, where did the crown prince go? Many people searched for the crown prince, but the crown prince was nowhere to be seen.

People thought it would have been a sight to see if the crown prince, Lucifella, and Zed were together, but it was a shame.

Zed and Lucifella certainly seemed to be lovers beyond the obligatory betrothal. It was because of their tight posture.

Her expression was stiff, but she was hugging Zed’s arm, and Zed also stood still and slowly adjusted to her steps.

“Still, it looks like you’re taking care of her as your fiancée.”

It was the first time that Duke Heint had shown such a friendly appearance, so everyone talked with interest.

Unlike the previous Duke, Zedekiah Heint was one of the few figures who rarely appeared in the social world.

Even as a boy, he spent most of his time training swords on the estate. Even when he grew up to some extent, he remained in the territory and subjugated monsters with the knights, except when the previous Duke deliberately called him.

When he became a young man, he participated in the conquest war caused by the Emperor, and from then on, he began to show a clear presence as a knight, not as a Duke of the noble family.

However, if he was the Duke of Heint, he was honest, it wasn’t like that. When he appeared at the party, only the most beautiful lady could be next to him among the crowds.

In this splendid and decadent capital, Zedekiah Heint was like a trophy for a young lady who wanted to show off her beauty.

A handsome face with a tall height and a solid body that is much different from other men, and a man’s unique hard straight face.

He was not particularly ascetic or conservative but had a cool edge like a knife.

Although he was quiet, the sarcastic tone that sometimes came out whenever he opened his mouth froze the child of a powerful family, such as a young lady who ran at him.

The Black Lion on the battlefield, who only goes back and forth on the battlefield, inherited his title at a young age and finally lived in the capital. With his nose pierced by his fiancée, who is not well-received.

People thought Zed would despise and stay away from Lucifella. Because what she did was such a big deal. However, if it were to say that Lucifella had a good personality, that is not the case.

Her only strength is her face. She only had a beautiful face, and she knew it so well that she was always sharp, cold, and nervous.

It was natural for people to point fingers at such a person. Therefore, Zed’s cold attitude had to be applied to Lucifella as well.

But look at those two. It is nothing more than the appearance of a fiancée who is nervous about people’s eyes and a fiancé who protects her.

Even Zed looked back at her from time to time. If you look closely, it seems that her hand is also held by Zed. 

As the eyes of the people stayed and murmured, the eyes of the Emperor, who was talking with the ministers, stayed with them. Zed and Lucifella went to the dance floor to the music and began to move slowly.

It was very rare for Zed to dance. She moved her feet a little awkwardly, but the dress was wavy and painted a plausible picture. Lucifella, who was facing Zed, smiled brightly.

One white hand held Zed’s waist, and the other held his hand tightly. She who always frowns is more beautiful than anything else when she smiles.


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