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WTKLAL Chapter 29.2


Chapter 29: The Knight Laugh at His Own Honor Part 2

She seemed like an unpredictable person.

At the same time, Zed checked if there was anything he said that would make her feel bad.

“Is she upset because I said I’ll teach her sword?”

“No way, the young lady isn’t even a swordsman.”

It is a great insult for a swordsman to say ‘teach a sword’ to another swordsman who is equal. It’s because teaching them was like looking down on them, saying it was still a long way off.

It was often used to provoke an opponent in a duel.

“No way, the young lady is not a swordsman, right?”

“No way.”

As Bernard said, he can tell just by looking at the body. If she pulled out the sword with that thin arm, it would surely drop without being able to overcome the weight.

A sword with such a thin body, that’s ridiculous.

Zed also looked at Lucifella, who was walking away as if he had just said it.

Then he beckoned to the Knights of Aydin, who were watching from afar.

For some reason, he thought her intuition was related to the ‘knight’.

The knights rushed forward when the Duke of Heint, whom they respected, called.

The armor the knights were wearing glistened in the morning sunlight.

“The armament seem to be well managed.”

Zed’s words made the knights look proud.

In fact, rather than being well maintained, the weapons were all new.

“I guess Count Aydin doesn’t spare this kind of support, right?”

Gwain looked perplexed at Zed’s words.

Then a young knight said.

“It’s thanks to the lady, Your Excellency!”

Zed asked looking at him.

“Is it because of the lady?”

“The lady sold her dresses….”



At Gwain’s call, Kevin shut up as if he had realized his slip of the tongue. But Zed had already listened.

“Sold her dresses?”

Gwain glared at the young knight. It was a fact that Gwain didn’t want to reveal.

This was a problem that the Heint family could misunderstand the financial condition of the estate.

If this is the beginning of a feud between the two families….!

Gwain was at a loss as to how to rectify this huge slip of the tongue.

However, Gwain couldn’t say that ‘it’s because of the lady’s dress’ and that lady said, ‘Then I’ll sell my dress.’

This was directly related to the honor of the knights. However, Duke Heint asked an unexpected question.

“Is young lady interested in knights?”

To that, Gwain hesitated on how to respond.

“She’s interested a bit. She’s coming out in the morning to watch us….”

Zed interrupted the remark and nodded.

“That’s how it happened.”

Zed took a look at them and left with a blank face.

Seeing that expression, Gwain let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, what he was worried about was not going to happen.

As Zed disappeared, Gwain glared at Kevin.

The young knight admired Duke of Heint so much that he even said something he shouldn’t have said.

Gwain realized that he had to train the knights to be silent. It seemed that strict discipline was really needed between them.


On the way back, Zed stroked his chin and said with a serious expression.

“Yes, she was. The young lady was someone who thought very much of the knights.”

For some reason, a part of his heart was reluctantly saying no, but Bernard nodded his head.

“Is the financial condition of Count Aydin’s estate that bad?”

“No, it’s not like that, but as we investigated the last engagement, the Count has no interest in knights. Selling the dress to cover the armor must have been something the lady did voluntarily.”


Zed realized that he had made a big mistake.

He said it as if he were mocking her, who was so affectionate that she sold her dresses for the armament of the knights and watched them in the morning with the pretext of exercising her physical strength.

“I can’t even say that she’s a…”

Zed, who was muttering like that, couldn’t continue and sighed. However, he was aware that his words could be very unpleasant to hear, depending on the person.

Zed was rather quiet, but he had a knack for making people feel strangely bad when he brought it up.

He was cynical, and he was outspoken when he expressed his thoughts.

That’s why he didn’t have any particular people called friends.

And it was not hard to guess that this kind of evaluation offended Lucifella.

But Zed also had something to say.

The incompetence the knights showed when Lucifella was in an accident was enough for him to underestimate the level of Count Aydin’s knights.

In the end, he tried to boast that he was competent but failed.


Then he realized that he was acting like a child. Why did I act like that? It was so childish that I was trembling.

Zed then thought of Lucifella’s clothes.

Did she support the Knights by selling her dresses? Because she disagree with her father?

Come to think of it, the clothes she wore these days were plain clothes, not the clothes she often wore in the past.

Although they looked a little old, the dresses also had their own charm, so Zed thought Lucifella in them had sense.

But that’s because she sold her dresses?


How can a lady sell her dress without hesitation. It was the same act as a knight selling a sword.

Zed was well aware of how extravagantly Lucifella was dressed up, to the extent that she was called the Morning Star of Jansgar.

Zed frowned at the thought of the process of her casually selling the dresses for the Knights.


“A letter has arrived, my lady.”

A servant came to Lucifella who was sitting in her office and handed her a letter.

It was the mark of Count Aydin. When she opened it, it said that Count Aydin was coming down here in a hurry after hearing the news.

He seemed surprised to learn that his daughter had an accident. Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? There were only worries.

She had a feeling that something was ticking her off. In any case, she was the only remaining blood relative of Count Aydin.

She let out a heavy sigh. This incident was planned by the crown prince. And it could not be denied that the cause was her own actions.

‘But who knew that he would do something like this just because I kicked his d*ck?’

She, too, is fed up with this crown prince’s insanity.

She frowned as she recalled the cluttered situation in the castle.

While she was lying down, Zed handled the urgent matter, but Matsy, had been badly injured, so there was a pile of work to be done.

She first read the documents Matsy’s aides brought.  As small as the territory was, the things that came up were not so complicated.

“First of all, you guys living here will know better about the dispute, so take care of it on your own. But I’ll ask Matsy later to hear how she handled it. Oh, and here I will give separate instructions to the knights to investigate this theft.”


“And the most urgent thing is, how do I catch the guys who made me like this?”

She said, biting her lips.

“That’s he…. No, His Excellency has taken care of it. If anyone wants to sell ruby gemstones in large or small quantities, make sure to report to me.”

Lucifella continued, frowning.

“Information guilds are filtered in once, so it’s cumbersome to ask the merchant guild for help, but it’ll be easier to catch them. We also need to know how he infiltrated from the top of the Terro that we traded with.”

The aides, who were listening to her with a slight nod, looked at each other’s faces and looked puzzled.

This is because the instructions were too detailed. They thought she would just tell them to take care of everything, but it was unexpected.

“Again, Gav… No, for the Duke of Louirk, I’ll continue to treat him, and…. As for the Duke of Heint….”

She slurred her words. The aides perked up their ears.

They were fully expecting the lady to instruct them to treat her fiancé with utmost care. However, they doubted their ears when they heard what was said later.

“Just, is there any way to get him out of here quickly?”

Lucifella was getting annoyed.

Khalid said he was unable to move to the capital right now because of his late recovery from the wound. Zed seemed to be pressing it, too.

When two intrusive men stayed at the manor at the same time, her annoyance reached its peak.

In particular, Zed’s words, ‘I’ll teach you sword,’ resulted in turning her annoyance at Khalid’s treatment toward Zed.

Teaching me sword, how can you say such rude things!

But Lucifella knew that words didn’t matter. She’s just jealous of Zed for being able to say that. She let out a heavy sigh.


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