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WTKLAL Chapter 29.1


Chapter 29: The Knight Laugh at His Own Honor Part 1

“What are you talking about?”

Lucifella got goosebump. Has Khalid noticed?

Lucifella looked at him searchingly.

What will happen if Khalid finds out that she is ‘Estelle’ here?

Lucifella was worried about revealing her identity, but when she encountered this situation, she didn’t know how Khalid would react.

Will he repent in tears?

Will he be scared?

Or will he kill her again?

Startled, Lucifella’s body trembled. She had no faith left to deny the last thought that came to her mind. This man in front of her could have killed herself twice.

Seeing the wariness on Lucifella’s face, Khalid smiled reassuringly and said,

“No, I’m just a little curious. In the end, young lady survived alone in the midst of that. Normally, it would be impossible.”

Phew, Lucifella sighed in relief.

“I was lucky. It’s an honor to hear that from a knight.”

Lucifella said with a smile. Khalid’s gaze scanned her face.

“But why are you curious about that?”

“Shouldn’t we at least make an excuse to the Crown Prince?”

Lucifella’s face hardened at those words.

Khalid came here on the orders of the Crown Prince. To clean up the mess of the kidnappers who kidnap her.

“Do you like the Crown Prince that much? Why are you offering your allegiance?”

Words leaked out of Lucifella’s mouth without she realize it. She couldn’t understand. She hoped that at least if Khalid had acted like this, she would have been able to convince him.

Having already killed her, she still wanted to believe Khalid had one last pride.

“Don’t you have the honor of a knight?”

Khalid, who was listening to that, smiled wryly.

Lucifella hoped that she would lose her reason again, as she did when they were alone on that mountain. She hoped that once again he would tell her that he had the knight’s honor. However, Khalid only burst into laughter.

“You’ve been saying funny things ever since. The honor of a knight, did you ask me about the honor of a knight?”


“There is nothing as foolish as the honor of a knight. Isn’t that obvious? It’s just a high position, but it’s like a regular soldier. A knight is someone who lives as someone else’s sword and is killed by a dog. I hated that.”

Lucifella’s face turned pale when she saw Khalid’s face.

Not yet. She still wanted to believe it’s not. But this is Khalid’s nature. She knows it too. Lucifella bit the inside of her lips.

The sense of betrayal and disgust at him again suddenly engulfed her in a violent impulse.

She wanted to shout into his face. Where did the honor you were proud of go, and are you satisfied by abandoning the honor of the knight, prolonging your life by kill me, and maintaining your position?

Just because he saved her by throwing himself, her mind was too weak because of his past appearance. This is the guy who killed her. And there’s no guilt about it either.

The more she knew, the more she felt like the mask about Khalid was coming off.

Lucifella said, hiding her slightly trembling lips by biting them.

“I will release the pension, but I hope I don’t see your face as much as possible. I won’t immediately expel you from the estate at the cost of your life. I suggest you disappear as soon as possible.”

Lucifella turned her back and walked out of the room, saying coldly as if shooting back.

Khalid narrowed his eyes and looked at her figure from behind. The smile on Khalid’s lips was gone.


Feeling uncomfortable that he might face Khalid, whose pension was released, Zed headed to the training ground in the morning with his knights.

“I think I said it last time, but it’s a mess.”

It was a word that Jed uttered after seeing the knights of Count Aydin.

To that, Bernard and the knights of the Heint family nodded their heads in agreement.

Weapons and armor were new, and even this wide gymnasium was theirs, but they were training passively in one corner, overwhelmed by the might of the knights of the Heint family.

At least those who protect their families in the territory should be proud.

“That’s why they couldn’t protect the lady.”

“That’s right.”

Some of the knights shook their heads and said, Jed agreed with that.

Such a ridiculous thing happened because the Aydin family knights were not disciplined.

For the knights of the Heint family, the abduction of the lady, which had happened a few days ago, was an area of incomprehension.

“By the way, what is that scene about?”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

Bernard replied. Lucipella was walking around, wading through the knights of the Aydin family who were training in the morning.

“How can you take a morning walk like that?”

Zed asked in bewilderment. Bernard shrugged his shoulders too.

Maybe she’s a cute little girl who wants to see the knights train.

But Zed looked at Lucifella as if he had never thought about it.

“I don’t understand, it must be chilly because it’s a winter morning”

Despite her white breath, Lucifella was walking around the training ground at a brisk pace.

Her dress draped over her body was a bit loose, so it was just right for the cold wind to blow through her.

But she didn’t care about the coolness and seemed to be lost in some serious thought.

Tsk, Zed approached Lucifella with clicking his tongue.

“What are you doing? A morning walk?”

Lucifella’s eyebrows, who looked blank at the words, were slightly frowned.

“It’s a physical training. Does this look like a walk?”

At those words, Zed tried hard not to want to laugh. How can just walking around the gymnasium become physical training? Even if you run around, it’s not enough.

No, because that small body can’t hold out if she run, was walk fast is the best she could do?

It was fun to see her working hard. No, to be honest, it even looked a little cute.

There’s no lady who exercises her physical strength. Still, self-discipline didn’t look bad.

“Yes, you are suffering. That’s good behavior.”

Despite Jed’s praise, for some reason, Lucipella walked past him without answering, crumpling her face even more. It was as if she had stepped on poop since the morning.

Zed wondered if he had said something wrong. If this continues, the conversation will end.

“Why are you training your stamina? Are your knights not reliable?”


Then Lucifella fixed her eyes on him.

“Since they are knights who couldn’t protect the lady, I can understand your doubts about that level. I don’t think the way you protect yourself is bad.”

Lucifella glared at him with a blatantly angry expression.

But Zed, preoccupied with continuing the conversation, failed to look Lucipella in the face, so he said something he should never say.

“If you have enough stamina, I’ll teach you a sword later. You’ll catch up yo those incompetent guys in no time.”

What Zed wanted to say here is that he was open enough to allow a woman to hold the sword, which was almost taboo for a woman to hold, and that he was kind enough to teach her himself, who has reached the pinnacle of Jansgar with the sword. 

In a way, anyone would welcome his words if they liked him, or at least if they were interested, because he could spend as much time teaching them the sword. Lucifella, who didn’t like him very much, would change her mind at this rate.

But Zed had to face an unexpected face.


He looked closely, no, he didn’t even bother to look closely, as if she had been insulted, she had an angry expression on her face.

Her lips were tightly closed as if they would never open again, and her eyes, which Jed thought were beautiful, were sparkling with anger.

Looking at her cold face, Zed’s mind was spinning at an unprecedented speed. 

What did he do wrong? Is she angry about something he just said?

Bernard and other Heint’s knights quickly stepped back when they saw Lucifella’s expression.

Because it seemed like a scene they shouldn’t have seen.

As the knights disappeared as if they were running away, Lucifella frowned and twisted her lips and said,

“Yes, yes, that’s great. You know how to wield a sword and you can teach me how to.”


“Don’t talk to me!”

She gritted her teeth and said. As she turned around, Zed hurriedly asked.

“Where are you going?”

“Where I can’t see your face.”

Lucifella chewed it out and left the training ground.

Zed looked stunned at the back of Lucifella, who had left. She looked angry at a glance.

In a rather embarrassing situation, Jed frowned.

“What did I do wrong?”

“I don’t know either.”

Bernard, who came to his side before he knew it, replied.

Why is she suddenly angry when he worry about her so much? Zed’s mood began to deteriorate as well.


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