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WTKAL Chapter 28.2


Chapter 28: Misunderstanding and Understanding Part 2

The sound was quite loud enough to be heard outside the dining hall.

At Lucifella’s words, Zed, who was opening the door, stopped and turned.

Zed was even angrier at the words. For Zed, he had no choice but to believe that she was lying again.

How dare she shamelessly tell a lie right in front of me?

But when Zed saw Lucifella’s face, Zed made a puzzled expression. This is because Lucifella looked at himself as if he were pathetic. Is it really an illusion? Zed was thrown into confusion once again.

“Then why did you try to jump down the corridor of the imperial palace the other day? Isn’t it because of the crown prince?”


Lucifella could not answer the sudden question. Khalid, how would she says she lost her mind because she saw him?

‘That’s right.’

Zed’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw it. Lucifella was lost in thought. She pondered for a long time before finally asking.

“I’m curious, but why is it because of the crown prince that I tried to commit suicide again in the imperial palace?”


“That’s what it is. Maybe it’s because I want to die, or it’s because I’m really crazy. There are plenty of reasons to jump out of the palace, but why the crown prince?”

The question rather left Zed speechless.

Because it was so hard that she missed the crown prince, she tried to commit suicide. Don’t you have lingering feelings for him?

However, she held a grudge against the crown prince and hit his important part. Then what is it? Zed was thrown into confusion.

“Then why did you do that?”

“It is a personal matter.”

She said with a frown.

Zed was bewildered. It was because the fact that he was trying to convince himself with a shameless expression without saying the reason seemed real no matter how he looked at it. Lucifella was rather angry.

“How can you try to associate me with such a person? Aren’t you rude to me?”


Zed couldn’t bear to refute it because it was so correct. To think that Lucifella couldn’t forget the crown prince and used him. That was the beginning of all Zed’s thoughts.

After that, Lucifella, half-mad, kissed him and took care of Khalid, the knight of the crown prince, even though she came down to the estate and suffered such a thing.

But what if that’s a lie? What if the crown prince doesn’t care and Lucifella has something difficult to say?

“……Wasn’t he the crown prince?”

“I know you think so because of the past, but how pathetic did you think of me now? You’re ignoring me like an empty-headed person.”

When Lucifella spoke to Zed with a hurt face, Zed was embarrassed. He misunderstood and got angry at will.

“If I wanted to die, do I have to do it because of love? Is there nothing but love in your head? Even though I told you honestly, it was you who didn’t believe me.”

“No, that was before my men….”

Damn. He gritted his teeth as he recalled the pathetic article that was going to die to change his lover’s mind. It’s all because of him.

Zed cursed at that invisible subordinate.

“Then why do you take care of the Duke like that?”

“How many times do I tell you? He got hurt trying to save me. If so, would you just look at it and pass it over?”

Lucifella’s voice grew as if it were unfair.

Zed tried to answer ‘yes’ without realizing it, but it was a case limited to Khalid Louirk.

“I guess you were that kind of person.”


Zed’s voice shrank slightly.

It was absolutely right. No matter what orders unlucky Khalid received, he was wounded while saving Lucifella. There was no way Lucifella could overlook that.

He lost his mind because he gave it too thought. He wanted to go to the door right now and bang his head on the wall. What a stupid thing to do now.

But he tried to control his expression.

“I see.”


Persuasion and Conviction. A clear conclusion was reached between the two.

“But do you really have no regrets about the crown prince? Any lingering feelings?”

“No, no! And why is that so important to you?”

Zed, who had nothing to say, uttered anything that came to mind right away.

“Because I am the lady’s fiancé. It’s something to pay attention to.”

Perhaps the words were surprisingly persuasive, Lucifella nodded with a frown as if she were dissatisfied.

She accepted that she was his fiancé. Zed felt better about it.

She says she’s not like that, but she’s really not. Somehow, the uncomfortable feeling disappeared and Zed felt relieved.

“All right, then I think you know why I’m going to visit Duke Louirk. I’ll be back, so just eat breakfast.”

“I’ll follow you.”

Zed tried to walk toward her, but she raised her hand to block him.

“If something happens, the knights guarding the front will take care of it. If there’s something bigger, you’re there. At most, the butler prepared warm food, but isn’t it a waste if it cools down? Have a meal.”

Are you saying, “I still believe in you”? Obviously, that’s what it means. Zed sat quietly at the table at Lucifella’s words.

Then Zed crumpled his expression once again. He realized what he had done.

What is he doing now It was as if he had become a “bad” person who persistently doubted who his fiancée’s ex-lover.

Zed was a man who maintained a proper distance between people, was extremely reasonable and conceited, and he could not understand the flow of this stupid emotion.

Why is he in a good mood? Is he crazy? He was seriously troubled.


When Lucifella went to see Khalid, he was reading a book. The warm sunlight came into the room, and Khalid’s blue hair was shining.

His fingers, which held the book, looked white in contrast to the black cover.

At that scene, Lucifella took a deep breath.

Khalid was the same as before. He liked to practice the sword, but he also liked to read books. He was different from Estelle, who did not enjoy reading very much.

When Estelle, who came from swordsmanship training, visited Khalid’s room, Khalid was reading a book like that.

Looking at that figure, Khalid looked more like elegant royalty than a knight.

The time he spent concentrating on his book until he noticed her presence and met her gaze.

He was reading a book and she was looking at him. Although they are spending different times, that short time before the two people’s time is finally combined. Estelle loved that time.

Khalid soon closed the book and looked at Lucifella.


Lucifella felt like he would call her name right away.

“I knew you were coming.”

Khalid’s words brought her to her senses. Now she was Lucifella, not Estelle.

Estelle was killed by the man right in front of her. Repeating it to herself, she pressed down on her emotions.

“I came to see if the wound was okay.”

“You see, it hurts a little, but it’s enough to get you up. It wasn’t a fatal wound.”

Khalid put down the book he was reading. Then he leaned against the wall next to the bed and looked at Lucifella’s face.

“Why didn’t you come sooner? It was really boring to be locked up like this.”

“….Because I just woke up.”

“I see. Seeing you come here, you must be in good shape, right?”

Khalid looked out the window without saying anything.

She could see his back. Only then did Lucifella realize that his back was unfamiliar.

Khalid always made eye contact with Estelle, looking at her face. Beyond his broad shoulders, his short blue hair was visible.

His appearance hasn’t changed, but so much has changed. He looked back again and said.

“I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“Have you ever learned anything from the knights?”


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