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TVDIGAO Chapter 95


“I’m done.”

“Then let’s have lunch. Amaterin said that she and Kuren eat together outside. Because you’re here, she doesn’t have to care for me every day now. After eating, I have to go buy some groceries. I will do everything all by myself.”

“I will do that.”

“No. If you go, you might not even be able to calculate properly. You can come with me.”

Ian followed me to the cabin with a nod. It was well past two o’clock when we ate lunch. As the ingredients ran out, I only ate two pieces of bread with jam and milk powder.

I left Ian with the basket and went down, and Ian asked from behind.

“Doesn’t Lady want to go back?”



“I never thought about it. Wouldn’t there be a prison waiting for me? Even then, Her Majesty was showing her last consideration,” I said it like a joke.

Ian came closer. “I don’t think so.”

“I’m sure of it.”

“Is there anyone you want to see…?”

I paused at that question. He didn’t seem to talk about the empire on purpose even after living a few days here. His question bothered me again.  

“Umm… No one. I threw away everything because I was afraid it would be a waste of money. I don’t know if Shale is using the information I gave him well. Let’s hurry, the store closes at five o’clock here. Everyone goes to bed early in the evening.”

“Shale Iskar also said that Lady can contact him whenever you want.”

“Someday… there will be a day when I will do it. I don’t think there’s a need for him to help me with anything right now. So let’s just go shopping.”

Ian stopped talking as I spoke like that. I deliberately hurriedly entered the store, fearing that he would have another chance to have such a conversation again if there was an opportunity.

* * *

“He hasn’t slept for several days, and he’s been pushing himself. If something really goes wrong…”

“You know very well that he isn’t the person to stop when you told him so. Just hope that things will get better with time.”

“He even let me take a day off…”

“But I’m glad the prince helped him.”

After the emperor’s health deteriorated and he took a step back from work, the crown prince went crazy over his work. After a luncheon meeting with nobles, as always, the subordinates were worried about seeing the crown prince go straight to his office again.

Three nobles have already been purged. On the surface, it might seem like an act close to tyranny as it is meant to solidify one’s position following the generational change. However, in reality, it was a process of scraping out the rotten inside.

“Even so, Her Majesty is worried a lot—”

At that time, he suddenly stopped talking and bowed 90 degrees. Another subordinate who was talking with him also turned around and bowed in surprise.

“I see Your Highness the Prince.”

“Greetings, Your Highness.”

Delkian appeared.

“You’re working hard again today. Is he inside?”

“Yes, he is working.”

“I see.”

Delkian knocked on the door, not caring at all about the words. There was no answer from inside, but rather, he smiled at the subordinates and went inside. The subordinates sighed in relief, saying that was a rather fortunate event. Because at some point, it became something that always happened.

“Why don’t you take a break?” said Delkian while strode inside.

Valery had the same face as yesterday and didn’t reply. He is just a person who would take care of the overdue work in silence.

“Everyone out there is worried.”

Again, Valery remained silent. It was the same even if Delkian sighed openly.

Delkian did not regret handing over the crown prince to his younger brother even then and now. In the first place, that place suited his younger brother. But he didn’t mean to make his younger brother this messed up.

Delkian folded his arms discontentedly, leaned against the wall, and asked. “If that’s the case, why don’t you go and see her for a while?”

Then Valery, who hadn’t responded so far, put down his pen. “It’s not the time yet.”

Then Delkian frowned in frustration.  “You’re going to die of old age while waiting.”


It had already been about two months since Valery sent Ian Fidelike.

“You captured Duke Rudbihi anyway. What’s else do you wait for when he’s about to die?”

Now the game of power had already been reserved. The last remaining, Duke Rudbihi, escaped like a loach and was eventually deprived of everything from his family and imprisoned.

How long did he want Duke Rudbihi to be cornered like a rat, confiscated his property, and imprisoned him in Rudbihi’s mansion as if his blood was drying up day by day? Until the end, Duke Rudbihi talked about Carbella Rudbihi in front of the crown prince and tried to catch his weakness. However, documents arriving from an unknown sender a month ago were held in Valery’s hands, becoming a great weapon for the last blow, which made Rudbihi two days away from his execution.

There was no trace of the documents, but Valery was sure who the sender was. Because she was the only one who could do that.

Not long ago, news of her also came from Ian Fidelike. He said that she’s doing well, that she’s more comfortable than ever and seems to find her lost smile. It wasn’t enough for Valery even though Ian had sent the maximum number of characters that could be sent in a short time for a long distance with mana stones. He thought he would be relieved from her news, but it made him thirstier. But he needed to face a fear ahead.  


“Why?” Delkain responded affectionately, still with his arms crossed.

“Can I be forgiven?”

Delkian looked at his desperate younger brother. His younger brother had been running for one person so far, but why was he hesitating? Delkian didn’t want to say much, but eventually decided to bring it up.

“Lady Ariandel, no, Lady Carbella, I had met her the last time before she left.”


“It was a coincidence. No, it wasn’t a coincidence as I went on a raid. She came back to the place where she was staying for a while, as if she was about to leave after her last visit.”

Valerie rose slowly. Delkian continued. “I didn’t mean to catch her. I just stopped by for a while after clearing out the men in the Bei and saw her.”


“She wasn’t even surprised when she saw me. Like someone who gave up everything. She even told me a joke that I could catch her if it’s necessary.”

“…And then?”

“I didn’t catch her, so I asked if she had anything to tell before she left.”


“Then she said she didn’t want you to get hurt. She knew it wasn’t the fault of the emperor and empress, so she hopes you don’t bear the sin.”

At Delkian’s calm and low-pitched words, Valery stumbled on the desk. He looked like he was about to burst into tears.

“I didn’t hate her in the first place. And then she left. It’s already been more than a year.”

Delkian lifted his gaze and turned to Valery.

“Why did Brother…”

“Are you talking to me now? I was confused that I forgot about it. Because I didn’t know anything until it happened. I only knew that Lucellai Rudbihi was a villainess. And her daughter was the same.”


It was an undeniable fact. Because Valery was like that too.

“It suddenly came to my mind after I sorted it out to some extent. In the meantime, you already break down.”

“I’m not break down.”

Delkian laughed loudly. “Okay. Let’s say so. Anyway, I think of the young lady now and then. You didn’t know, but we were pretty close.”

It was intentionally to tease him, but to no avail. Feeling trivial, Delkian brought up the main topic. “His Majesty is looking for you. I can guess what he’s going to say.” He waved his hand and left, saying he would go first.

Valery, who was still standing at a distance like a scarecrow, walked slowly.

“Mother is sorry. Even if I turn back time, I will save you. No matter what, it’s because you’re my precious child.”


“But I would have found another way. Sacrificing someone’s life as the cost… would be something I wouldn’t do if I could turn back time. I’m sorry for letting you know that kind of pain and giving you such a burden. I will live with atonement for the rest of my life.”

The image of his mother, who was sobbing, was clear.

Even if Valery cleaned up everything, he was scared as time went by because his existence itself hurt Bella. But she worried about him until the end. Eventually, Valery slumped to his knees on the stop.

As expected, I need to see you…

Bella, I missed you so much. 

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