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TVDIGAO Chapter 93


I shut my mouth for a moment. It was because I couldn’t deny it or say she was right. Moreover, I had already told him once that I couldn’t accept him.No matter how much I thought about it, Ian had no reason to be here.

“(Hmm, I think the question went too far. Then I won’t ask about this. Are you okay?)”

“(Yes, thank you.)”

As if Amaterine had read my mind, she moved on to another topic.

After a while, Kuren and Ian returned. Originally, I was going to spend all night talking with this couple. In the end, the plan fell through, and I decided to send Amaterin and Kuren. Amaterin and Kuren also willingly stood up, saying they would return tomorrow as if they had noticed that Ian and I had something to say.

After Amaterin and Kuren left and closed the door, I sighed very deeply. After drinking the tea earlier, I heated up the remaining water and made two cups of tea again. With that, I sat down face to face with a glass in front of Ian, who was sitting and waiting. After taking a sip of tea, I asked Ian.

“Alright, then I will listen to you. Tell me how you got here and what you really want to tell me.”

Ian, who was stubborn, took a little time and opened his mouth. “Actually, I didn’t leave as you said.”


You didn’t leave right away? That would have been dangerous. Even if the emperor wasn’t looking for him, Duke Rudbihi wouldn’t have left him alone.

“I spent about half a year dealing with the mission Lady mentioned.”

“…You knew you didn’t have to. You should have known I said that just for chit-chat.”

“…I wanted to do it.”

I sighed as I put down my cup at his words. Yes, even if I heard it right away, I had nothing to say because I said it myself.

“Okay. Thank you. For paying off someone else’s debt.”

“It was my job. Oh, I’ve also forwarded it to Lady Blake Ariandel. I was helped by Iskar, but he asked me to say thank you.”

“…I see. I’m glad you’re safe despite doing a few dangerous things. Then how did you find me?”

Ian drank tea and put it down. Come to think of it, Ian was much thinner than before. He had been slim before, but now his jaw looked so sharp.

“I was helped by the little Marchioness Chartero.”

“You mean Juri?”

“Yes, I was held captive for a while because she told me to complete the mission and tell her about Lady’s whereabouts. After that, she sought out all the places where she could help.”

“…So that’s how you come all the way here?”

Ian bowed his head.

I was the one who taught Riwendel to Juri, but… this place was a bit far from there, and there was no reason for Juri to search for me all the way to Riwendel. It wasn’t a distance from the empire that you can easily come and go. Why did Juri search for me enough to hold Ian captive?                                                                                                                            

“Then why did Juri search for me?”

“After the two drank the poison, the emperor summoned Duke Rudbihi, and the little Marchioness Chartero learned about the reason why Lady left.”

“You mean she knows all about my existence?”


“Then, is it because of the feeling of betrayal?”

“No. The little Marchioness is very worried about Lady. She also said she would be more than happy to help if Lady ever needed help.”

“Why is everyone…”

I was speechless. My head was throbbing, and I pressed down on my temples. Isn’t it right to be embarrassed?

Ian took something out of his pocket. It was like a round metal plate. “She told me that she had set up a branch of wine business by little Marchioness Chartero in the Riwendel, so Lady could come and visit anytime.”

“So you’re saying you’ve had such a hard time because of Juri?”

Ian hardened his face a moment at my word. From the outside, he seemed to have an expressionless face, but since we had been together for quite a while, I could tell his expression.

“Duke Rudbihi is still alive.”

I wasn’t so surprised. Because I already thought that he would survive. That’s why I sent the documents.

“…I thought so. The documents to deal with him have already been sent to the empire. So you don’t have to worry much about that part. I planned to clean it all away anyway. And he’s going to die from old age before long.”

“The Duke is looking for Lady.”

I frowned. He’s looking for me? That old man?

“Why? Does he want to get rid of me?”

“Since that incident, the emperor’s health has deteriorated a lot. So, currently, the crown prince is cleaning the mess on his behalf. I think that’s why the duke is trying to take advantage of Lady again. Because Lady is the one who saved the crown prince.”


I’m sick of it, really. Unconsciously, I swept my hair roughly in a fit of annoyance.

The reason why the emperor kept Duke Rudbihi alive was simple. He probably wanted to cover it up because he didn’t want to make it big. As Ian said, his deteriorating health was probably one of the big reasons.

I thought the empress would deal with him, but would it be useless for me to send the documents? Are they trying to use me again to treat the emperor’s illness? Or even for Valery? As soon as I thought like that, I felt something weighing on me. So another deep sigh came out.

“It seems that the duke believes Lady will be a great weakness to the crown prince.”

“…It’s not like that at all.”

“But the crown prince must be thinking so too.”

I chewed my lips at the remark. I couldn’t say what Ian said wasn’t true. Because I knew Valery probably thinks like that. Even if our relationship wasn’t deep, he used to move for me. I couldn’t believe I thought I had already left the nightmare.


“…That’s why I’m here to protect Lady. Everyone would be safe only when the crown prince safely ascended to the throne. This was also requested by little Marchioness Chartero. Shale Iskar also said the same thing.”

Everyone asked him to protect me. That’s why he came to protect me again.

“I must be a nuisance.”


“Everyone must have been worried about me. I had forgotten all about it.”

But it was fortunate that Valery didn’t know where I was.

“Do as you please.”

I couldn’t kick Ian out after all. It wasn’t because I was scared that Duke Rudbihi would eventually find and use me, but because if Valery found me, I would become his weakness. 

Ian seemed to have gotten the answer he wanted, and his hardened expression had disappeared.

“Thank you, Lady.”

“Can you make sure my whereabouts don’t get into Valery, no, the crown prince’s ear?”


“Tell Juri to make a promise too. The crown prince should never know that I’m here. Wait, it would be better to give news that I’m dead. At least for the crown prince.”

If possible, it would be better to tell Duke Rudbihi that I’m dead, but I couldn’t come up with that smart move.

“First of all, before coming here, Duke Rudbihi made traces of Lady elsewhere to prevent the crown prince from tracking Lady.”

“…What about you?”

“I get some help from Iskar. So Lady doesn’t have to worry about it right now. They say that the crown prince has changed a little.”


“That’s what little Marchioness Chartero said.”

It would have been better if Valery had changed. So, was I worried for nothing?

“…Well, then… there’s nothing to worry about.”

It made me uncomfortable somewhere, but I couldn’t find a particular reason.

“But you still can’t stay here. The cabin is too small, and as you can see, there’s no room.”

“I will take care of that.”

“This place isn’t friendly to strangers. For the time being, go to the inn downtown. I will ask Kuren to arrange a place for you to stay.”

“Lady doesn’t have to worry about it. I have talked about it with him earlier.”

I looked at Ian with absurd eyes. I hadn’t even given him permission, but he had already finished talking about staying here? In addition, he said that Kuren would soon provide a place for him to stay.

“Then, did you go out earlier to talk about finding a place to stay?”

“No. Lady’s friend wanted me to leave quickly. Because Lady seems to be troubled. That’s why I told him about it and asked him to let me stay until I persuaded Lady.”

“You become like that again.”

I stared at Ian and turned my head. “Ah, really, you’re the type that did something you shouldn’t have to do.”

Despite my criticism, Ian was the kind of person who would keep his head down in silence. 

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