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TVDIGAO Chapter 69


And the moment I faced Blake Ariandel, the space changed. It was a room full of cherry wood with a red carpet. Excluding the wall with the door, it consisted of bookshelves filled with books up to the ceiling and smelled of heavy wood. The room was like a library.

“Is this your room?”

“Yes. I thought this would be better than a temporary hotel room.”

“Are you staying at the hotel?”

“Ah, temporarily.”

“What the, I don’t have to be curious about that.”

“That’s true. Have a seat.”

Blake Ariandel guided me to the sofa. The sofa was also dark brown, and the whole room was wood-colored… Before long, the servant knocked on the door and put the tea down.

“Let’s talk while drinking.”


Of course, I thought it was black tea and held a teacup, but there was a subtle scent.

“What amazing story do you have that you bring out this tea?”

“It’s just… I thought it would be better than nothing.”

It was herbal tea that you drank when you needed mental and physical stability. I was a little surprised by the unexpected consideration, but I decided not to pay much attention. Now I had drunk the tea, it was time to talk.

I took a deep breath and asked her. “How did you get that information? Where did you get that?”

“It wasn’t like I had a special way. It only costs a little money, time, and a little effort. You would have figured it out if Sister had made up your mind. She’s just someone Sister wouldn’t have looked for.”

I wouldn’t have looked for her. I couldn’t deny her words because it was true. No, I didn’t even think about looking for her information.

Rudbihi’s special secrets were hidden, and I didn’t know that my mother was trying to take revenge on the emperor and the empress and drag them down to the abyss. I was just simply focused on their relationship.  As she said, it was true that I didn’t think of looking for her information at all.

“That’s right.”

“Where should I start? To be honest, it took me more than two years to find all the information.”

“It took that long?”

“At first, I was curious about the people my father was dealing with before I knew Sister’s inside story, so I looked for them.”


“I found out after digging here and there as something kept coming out after I chased their tail. As I said, I was sick for quite a while and spent a long time at home.”

What is she trying to talk about? I knew for sure that this wasn’t going to end easily.

“So what Rudbihi’s secrets that you know?”

“Sister doesn’t seem to like it much when I talk in a roundabout way, so I will tell you right away.”

“Good idea.”

She said something I liked for the first time. She might have noticed it because I’d been tapping on the sofa, nervous without realizing it.

“Lucellai Rudbihi, until sister’s mother was driven out to the North, Duke Rudbihi’s family was quite loyal to the imperial family, right?”

“It was like that.”

“Duke Rudbihi seemed to have a good relationship with the previous emperor.”

It was something I knew at first glance. That was why Lucellai Rudbihi was driven to the north without dying. Even though Lucellai Rudbhi was a Rudbihi family member, she wasn’t entirely exterminated from that family. Of course, both her wings were plucked out. Still, she had some resources.

“How much do you know about Lucellai Rudbihi?”

“My mother? Why are you asking?”

“Do you know that she has a special power?”

I stared at her with my eyes wide open. She knew that much? Something that I haven’t concluded for sure?

“I guess you didn’t know. This isn’t what I found out while looking for Lucellai Rudbihi. I found out about the deal that has been going on with Duke Rudbihi and the previous emperor.”

“Deal? What deal?”

“I heard that they once saved the life of the current emperor. I’m sure about this as I have received testimony from people within the imperial family.”

I had no choice but to believe as if I was possessed because she was sure without any hesitation. Whether it was true or not, I could check it out later.

“Do you know anyone inside the imperial family?”

“Not all of them, but I’m a little close with the minister. Because when I was young, I followed him well.”

“…I didn’t know you had such a connection. Okay, tell me more.”

She hadn’t started the main story yet, but my hands were slightly sweaty. I sipped my tea and waited for her words.

“They say they used a special power to save the emperor’s life. They used the power of Rohana.”

“Rohana…? Then do you know what it is?”

“They are people who have special blood. I looked it up, and here there are such people like that. Do you want me to explain this more?”

I waved my hand.

“I know roughly, so you can talk briefly about it and move on.”

“Okay. The one who used Rohana’s power was Lucellai Rudbihi’s mother.”

“Her mother? Duchess Rudbihi?”


I pondered on that. It was a long time before I let out a groan.

“You mean my mother is out of wedlock?”

Blake Ariandel did not deny it. I chinned as if to keep talking.

“And she lost her power. It was because she used all her power for the current emperor. I don’t know what happened to Lucellai Rudbihi’s mother. I will look for her if I need it, but it will take some time.”

“…go on.”

“Duke Rudbihi received enormous wealth in return, and he was able to receive great power from the imperial family. And Lucellai Rudbihi… has that power.”

Is that why he was holding onto my mother somehow? I wasn’t too surprised, as I was almost certain that my mother had Rohana’s blood.

Then it would make sense for my mother to take revenge on the emperor and empress. I would have done the same. But I didn’t think there was any reason to go all the way to the empress.

“Wait a minute.”


What if Duke Rudbihi had even used my mother’s power? Will she die if she uses her power? Or is it not the time yet?

“No, please continue.”

I thought to myself and urged Blake Ariandel again.

“I can’t confirm if the current emperor knows how to do it. That’s all I’ve heard from him. After the emperor changed, Duke Rudbihi maintained a good relationship with the emperor. And it was said that there was a time when they got closer once more. I didn’t hear much about it.”

“If it’s time when they get closer once more. They might have gone through something similar.”

“…and one more time again.”

“One more time again? Twice?”

“I’m not sure, but I heard it was once when the second prince was born and about 15 years ago.”


“Yes. It was said that I almost lost my life shortly after I was born.”

“They couldn’t figure out the cause, so I stayed here with the Empress for a while.”

“It feels like a lie because Your Highness is healthy now.”

When I recalled that conversation, it fitted exactly with what Blake Ariandel had said.

“If I hadn’t woken up then, this place might have been my grave.”

“Your Highness held up well. Of course, Your Highness is healthy and must have woken up by any means.”

“Yes, I’m glad I held out well. Because I met you.”

“You’re consistent.”

If my mother used her power to save Valery, then she wanted revenge on him was natural.

“There are a lot of… safety devices.”

“It has protected my mother from someone.”

If it happened again one more time…

“Do you know anything else?”

“I don’t know if this refers to Sister, but I heard that Duke Rudbihi even tried to use Lucellai Rudbihi’s daughter. If it was Sister, maybe he was trying to sacrifice Sister too?”

“Sorry, but I don’t have that ability.”

Rather, it was a different ability.

“I know Sister has a special ability too.”

“…how did you know that?”

I lifted the cup again.

“I heard that Lucellai Rudbihi has another person with special abilities by her side. I didn’t hear their name, but they said they had a silver-haired… and very tall man. Oh my!”

At that moment, the strength of my fingers holding the teacup was released, and the teacup fell. The hot tea soaked my dress, and Blake Ariandel, startled, got up and brought a handkerchief to me.

“Are you okay?”

“Who? What kind of person?”

“You need to change your dress first. Did you burn yourself?”

Blake Ariandel quickly called her servant. I felt hot tea water permeating my legs, but I had to hear the important fact. 

“Tell me exactly what you just said again. Who is it?”

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  1. So confusing….

    Ok so Lucellai is the Duke’s daughter with a Rohana blood. She used her power to save the pervious Emperor’s life (sacrificing her own?). In exchange the Duke gain wealth and power.

    Lucellai has inherited her mothers power and was also used to save members of the royal family at least twice before. Once was probably saving the Empress and another was saving the second prince when he was an infant 15 years ago. Also so the Duke could be rewarded.

    Now Lucellai wants revenge. It sounds like the reason given in the novel of her being in love with the Emperor was just to cover this up? Or maybe she loved him when she was younger and that’s why she agreed to save his family members even if it harmed her life?

    I think what the end is saying is that Sir Shubart has powers to? That she is the daughter of Shubart and Lucellai? There was a previous chapter where the author specifically mentions that if someone is born from two tribes with power that they will only develop one of those powers. So maybe that means that Shubart has the imprint power? Perhaps they hid their daughter at an orphanage so that Duke would not take her and use her for her powers?

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